10 Highest Paying Jobs That Let You Travel The World 2022

10 Highest Paying Jobs That Let You Travel The World, So when I was younger I was kind of an introvert and I didn’t really want to travel the world that much to be honest with you I’ve only been to one country outside the united states which is Canada and then the pandemic happened.

The truth is i think a lot of people took traveling for granted they thought that they could always just do it sometime down the line and that’s not necessarily true this past year has made me realize that i really do want to travel and,

It’s something that i want to do before i get too old to enjoy it and I have been getting a ton of requests to make this post so I’m thinking that you might have the same feeling as well so in this post i’m going to be talking about real jobs that pay you to travel the world.

Holiday Work Visas

All right so number one on the list you’ve probably heard about this it’s going to be holiday work visas so this is basically just like a temporary visa that allows you to work a normal job in whatever country you’re staying in so,

It’s basically like you’re getting partially paid to vacation is it possible to learn this power,

Now sometimes they’ll help you find a job sometimes you’re going to kind of be on your own and there’s other websites that have covered this extensively here on blog so i won’t go into it very much and most of the time the jobs you’re going to get are going to be relatively low paying,

Just because the employer knows that you’re going to be leaving in a few months and so they don’t want to spend all that time and effort to train you so some countries that are really well known for doing this are going to be south korea and australia for instance,

So let’s say you go to south korea for instance you get a tutoring job that pays around twenty to thirty dollars an hour which is enough for you to live off of and you’re going to be in a part of the world where it’s very easy for you to fly to other countries and,

Visit them you could also go to australia for instance and find a job that makes maybe twenty to thirty dollars an hour maximum but you get to live in freaking australia which is awesome and it’s also a great location to travel to other parts of the world as well,

So this allows you to travel and go to parts of the world that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise even if you don’t have very much money and so can be a great option for some people however this is probably not going to be a long-term solution it’s more something that you’d maybe do for a few months or a few years at most.

Freelance Work

Next on the list we are going to be talking about freelance work oh man do you know how many freelance jobs i’ve had to do in my life to get where i am now so freelance work is basically where you do gigs for whatever type of skill you have so for instance someone might hire you to design their website and,

They might pay you a few thousand dollars for your work but this could be any number of different skills there are lots of gigs out there where you can get paid over a hundred dollars an hour for your work and there are a ton of different sites out there you can do gigs on one of the best ones is going to be upwork.com.

So if you either have a skill that’s already marketable or you find one that’s really rare that not that many people are good at you can go on this website post your gig and you will have people contact you once you feel really confident about that you can go off and travel.

So sometimes these gigs will be very niche so one example i saw a few years ago that was really good was there is this uh software service called click funnels that a lot of internet marketers use and if you are good at programming that software service and navigating it they’ll pay you really good money for that like 30 to 50 an hour sometimes,

Another really good one is obviously going to be different types of programming skills depending on what language or framework you know you can get paid 50 plus dollars an hour very easily sometimes over a hundred.

Opening Your Own Business

Now number three is going to be opening your own business now this isn’t going to be one where you can just apply for and you got the job and this one is kind of obvious and it’s not technically a job but it’s going to give you a great chance to be able to travel the world at a young age and,

Honestly there are a lot of benefits to having a normal 9-5 job but for some types of people having a normal job would be a nightmare and it’s a real problem modern problems require modern solutions now usually with a business a lot of the time it is going to take a while to get the ball rolling but,

Once you get it rolling especially if it’s an online business this will give you tons of opportunity to travel around the world so for instance you can start your own website start your own service become a consultant create a software app technically you could start a physical business as well and,

Then just sort of run it turn key like hire a manager to run it for you but that’s probably going to be quite a bit more difficult but keep in mind that starting your own business is going to be kind of like playing with fire it’s high risk but also high reward

Your Normal Job But Work Remotely

Number four on the list is going to be your normal job but instead of going to an office you work remotely now a lot of people want to start a business so they can travel the world and work remotely but the problem with starting a business is it’s very difficult your chances of success are low and it usually is going to take quite a while but,

What if i told you that there’s a shortcut a cheat code that only big brain people know about well if there’s anything that we’ve learned in the year of 2020 there are a ton of jobs out there that can actually be done remotely you don’t have to go into an office to do them or at the very least 80 percent of it can be done from home.

Now some of you are probably thinking there’s no way that my job can be done remotely i’m the exception to the rule but i’m telling you right now there’s probably some way that at least a significant amount of your job can be done from home or maybe traveling the world or,

If it can’t be done then at the very least you could probably transfer to another job that’s very similar to yours that can be so even as a healthcare worker for instance you’d think maybe there’s no way that job can be done remotely but,

I have a very good friend who actually switched over to a remote version of the job she was doing she’s a pharmacist as well and she got paid almost as much she only had to take a small pay cut and on top of that i’ll never forget this computer programmer that i met in las vegas who had this just nicest gig i’ve ever seen it really changed the way that i thought about work in general,

He was basically a database architect that got paid to work about 10 hours a week usually and he made over 200,000 a year i would run into him at McDonald’s and different coffee shops around las vegas when i was studying in pharmacy school and,

We would always chit chat it was a really cool guy and he basically had the freedom to travel anywhere he wanted to and do anything that he wanted to and all he had to do was work around 10 hours a week on average anyways again programming skills are great here there’s other skills that are going to be much more better suited for remote work and,

So it’s definitely worth it to check out some of my other posts because i’ve talked about this extensively.

Military And Specifically Joining The Navy

Next on the list is one that you might not have thought would be on this list and that is going to be military and specifically joining the navy now of course this is going to depend on where you get stationed and,

What you’re doing you might get stationed on a ship for instance that travels all over the world or maybe you don’t get stationed on a ship but every few years you’re going to be moving around to different locations and you can technically do this with any of the military branches,

But the one where you’re going to be most likely to get stationed on a ship or an aircraft carrier that travels all over is going to be the navy now of course you’re going to want to have a plan going in here there’s certain types of jobs where you’re much more likely to get stationed on a ship than others, so you’re gonna wanna do your research with this but yeah the military can be a great option for getting to travel around the world.

Becoming A Youtuber

Number six might make you laugh but i’m gonna say it becoming a youtuber is actually a fantastic way to travel the world i was not expecting that and here’s why when you’re a blogr you can actually get a lot of your trips sponsored that’s right whenever you’re watching one of your favorite blogrs and,

They’re doing some kind of cool trip where they’re vlogging along the way and they’re kind of just taking you with them there is a secret reason why they’re doing that actually there’s several secret reasons i mean don’t get me wrong vlogging is fun and,

All but a lot of the time if you’re gonna go on vacation you probably just want to relax but for one a lot of the time you can actually get parts of your trip sponsored so let’s say you’re going to a really fancy restaurant or you’re going to stay at this hotel they will actually comp all of that as long as you mention it in the post and,

 travelling jobs for females

Then on top of that many of the travel expenses you can actually write off on your taxes because of the fact that you are technically making it for blog now this is especially true if you are a travel vlogger these people will get crazy tax benefits just because of the fact that they’re taking posts along the way and that’s technically how they make their money but,

Even if they are not a travel vlogger just including a short clip that you put in one of your blog posts sometimes is enough to write that off as a tax benefit that’s right you are getting paid to travel so you get to write most of it off for free,

Now this is going to depend on a lot of different things like the country you live in the state you live in etc so make sure that you consult a licensed tax professional and it really pays to have a camera and know how to use it and i don’t want to brag or anything but,

I’ve probably gotten to the point on this website where i could just travel full-time and live off of the income that i make from this website alone just from the adsense so this can be a great option for the right person at the right time but i do have to warn you just like most things that are worth it it is going to take some time to build up a website like,

This so keep that in mind it’ll likely take you several years before you’re making a full-time income but it will definitely be worth it.

Teaching English Abroad

Number seven on the list is going to be teaching english abroad so you could go to a country like china or south korea where there is a lot of kind of wealthy families that want their kids not only to know how to speak english but,

They want to know certain dialects right so there’s american english and there’s british english and there are differences there so they not only want their kids to be fluent in writing and reading english but they also want them to be able to speak it in a fluent way to americans for instance and,

So this one is especially good if you’re smart and you know multiple languages unlike me ooh self burn those are rare and a lot of the time it’s less of you know teaching people the basics of english and more of just having a conversation with them,

Now this one is getting relatively saturated especially depending on where you go there’s a lot of people who kind of figured out that this is a great way to make money and so there are many people doing this and depending on where you go it might be pretty saturated but, it can be a great option for the right person.

Somebody That Travels For a Living

Next number eight on the list is going to be somebody that travels for a living like a pilot or a flight attendant there are many different careers out there that travel for a living and it’s not just you know flying type careers you could also work on a ship for instance,

And in many of these careers you’ll be able to go all around the world and sometimes you’ll get to spend a few days at a time in different locations just to sample them out and try them and with airlines for instance if you’re smart about it you can strategically plan your trips,

So that you get to spend a few days maybe your weekend for instance some place that you would like to maybe live in the future you get to test it out and it’s almost like getting paid to vacation there for a few days on top of that many airlines are going to offer steeply discounted,

Or just completely free flights to all kinds of different places in the world if you work for them.

Travel Nurses

Next we’re going to be talking about travel nurses now nursing is one of those professions i’ve mentioned many times on this website that is really good not only just when you look at it at a base level you know you get paid really well but,

It’s also extremely flexible so honestly i’m talking about travel nurses here but there’s a lot of other types of healthcare professions where you can also travel as well so there are many places sometimes this is going to be within the united states and,

Sometimes even worldwide that are gonna need extra help from healthcare professionals so basically you would sign up with an agency and they would tell you what places are in need of extra help and you would travel to those places and,

 highest paying travel jobs

Maybe you’d stay for a few weeks or a few months sometimes even longer than that and you would get to explore in your free time so you’d spend a little bit of time there and then if you started to get tired of it you could just go to a different location and,

Then you get to know that place as well and this is just a great way for you to figure out what types of places you actually enjoy being in and on top of that a lot of the time these professions where you have to travel are going to get paid really well, because there are some places that really need people who have these skills.

Tutoring For A Family That Moves Abroad

Number 10 on the list is going to be tutoring for a family that moves abroad a lot of wealthy families actually travel to different countries throughout the year so they might spend three months here three months there three months there and,

Then three months in another place now instead of constantly moving their children from school to school a lot of them choose to basically homeschool them and they’re going to hire a tutor for that now this is one of those jobs where you would be moving with the family wherever they go but,

You’d probably get to live in very nice places throughout the world and vacation with the family as well sometimes so that is a plus side to this one but let’s be realistic here not everyone is going to want to do this and so instead of doing that you can also tutor online,

Now it probably won’t be as well paying and it’s going to be a little bit more difficult to get a gig like that but if you tutor online that can be a great option especially if you have something that you are specifically really good at i remember i used to tutor for a test called,

The pcap this is basically the pharmacy school admissions exam and i did really well on it and so a lot of people wanted to know how i studied for it and i basically just shared my method for studying and what resources i used i eventually got to the point,

Where i was charging over a hundred dollars an hour tutoring for the pcat now of course i wasn’t getting a ton of people who are asking me for this but it was really good side hustle money especially for a college kid if you haven’t done it already go ahead.

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