Top 15 Things You Didn’t Know About The CIA

You all know about the CIA but in today’s post 15 things you didn’t know about the CIA, you will find the answer to this question. We all know the answer to such a simple question as what is the job of a CIA agent but there are some facts that you must know.

If you read this post in its entirety then 15 things you didn’t know about the CIA will be able to know the answer to this question and also gain some experience.

If you’ve watched the Netflix miniseries wormwood you’ll remember the story of Frank Olson he fell to his death in 1953 from a new york hotel suicide was blamed but turns out Olson was covertly dosed with LSD by a colleague both men worked for the central intelligence agency as crazy as that sounds here are another 15 things you didn’t know about the CIA.

1. The CIA Reads More Than Five Million Tweets Per Day

First of all, start with the fact that you keep reading this post with your mind.

It’s not just Facebooked stalking you TechSpot calls them vengeful librarians which is an unusual description for a CIA agent but this specific department of the CIA reads your tweets all day long,

and honestly, they don’t care about your thoughts on Glenn close not winning an oscar or what you did for your mom on mother’s day on Sunday they’re trying to gauge people’s reactions to world events,

and you can bet it’s not just Twitter they’re scrolling all day long by keeping tabs on what’s being posted it gives the CIA a good idea of what’s happening IRL but what we’ll share next is something that is certainly not real as you’ll see with these mistaken identities.

2. The Starbucks Located at CIA Headquarters May Not Use Names for Orders

Aaron will not become air in Reese won’t be called brees or list won’t be spelled as Lisa because if it’s a grande being ordered at Starbucks at CIA headquarters you’ll not know who it belongs to the CIA Starbucks in Virginia even has a special name,

store number one according to the Washington post the top sellers at store number one are the lemon pound cake and vanilla lattes during the day and frappuccinos and double espressos at night store number one is one of the busiest in Virginia and employees may not write down CIA staff names on cups for obvious reasons.

3. The CIA has New Cloud Contracting Enterprises 

CIA agents might not be willing to divulge their information to Starbucks but they’ll be indulging all of their information in a multi-billion dollar cloud contract at the end of 2020 the CIA awarded its long-awaited commercial cloud enterprise or c2e contract to five companies,

amazon web services Microsoft google oracle and IBM according to the CIA has used amazon web services to supply their cloud computing needs since 2013 and this shift will mean they have a multi-cloud posture using the best cloud provider for specific areas of work the contract is speculated to be worth tens of billions of dollars over the next decade. 

4. The CIA Once Tried to Weaponize Lightning

Perhaps an agent was inspired by the queen’s bohemian rhapsody but thunderbolts of lightning turned out to be a little too frightening for the team in 1967. the idea was brought forward by a scientist whose name has since been redacted in the declassified document from the CIA’s archive according to Forbes,

the scientist proposed that the CIA harnessed the lightning and then used it to destroy a certain area without any evidence of what caused the lightning storm.

5. Former CIA Director Speaks About the Good and the Bad

Former CIA director John Brennan released his memoir in 2020 called undaunted in the book he writes about the things he regrets and the things he’s proud of he narrates the book himself on audible,

 after the attack, the CIA ran a rendition and interrogation program for suspected terrorists the interrogation included torture methods and Brennan said one of his biggest regrets was not trying to reduce the severity of some of those enhanced interrogation techniques as quoted in an interview with NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly.

6. Gina Haspel the First Woman CIA Director

On the last day of trump’s presidency, gina Haspel handed in her resignation as reported by Forbes according to Axios Trump spent his last year in office ruminating over Haspel and reportedly weighed firing her on multiple occasions for a perceived lack of loyalty,

Haspel had been with the intelligence agency for 36 years and held the post of director for almost three years as tweeted by the CIA workforce thanks director Haspel for her 36 years of dedicated service to the American people you’ve broken barriers and empowered the next generation of CIA officers,

there were reports and allegations that Haspel was involved in the CIA’s torture program and oversaw a CIA black site prison in Thailand.

7. How Woke is the CIA Really

Unless you’ve been living under you’ve no doubt seen the woke recruitment ad the torture controversy has nothing on the reaction that the new woke CIA is causing humans of CIA and highlights the Latina intelligence officer who says I’m a cisgender millennial who has been diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder this post has both the left and right infuriated albeit for different reasons mark polymer polish a former senior officer added that the CIA was not trying to wake but rather aiming at pushing diversity efforts according to

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8. Did the CIA Invent Bitcoin

This question has been asked a few times on quora and the replies are intriguing while most people argue that it wasn’t the CIA who invented bitcoin they do lean toward the NSA or national security agency being behind it as reported by

both the NSA and bitcoin share a secure hashing algorithm sha-256 satoshi Nakamoto allegedly means central intelligence cryptocurrency would benefit the deep state bitcoin could help the FBI catch criminals and when you hear our next story you might agree it’s not the CIA that started bitcoin. 

9. Former CIA Director Believes Bitcoin is too Transparent for Criminals

Many people believe that crypto is a breeding ground for criminals but former acting CIA director Michael Morell claims that criminals would not be able to use the bitcoin network as the transactions are too transparent,

according to an article by David b black, a Forbes contributor to the crypto council for innovation paid morel to make these claims so that companies dealing with crypto are not deemed part of any criminal dealings,

10. How Much Does a Highly Placed Spy Cost

A career as a spy sounds rather glam especially if you compare it to the spies you see in the movies they’re the ones with the briefcase stuff to cash passports and sleek gadgets they’re living it up in five-star hotels dining gambling and making out with their choice of the hottest men and women,

but in reality a spy is not nearly as glamorous and doesn’t earn nearly as much according to Asia Times there are only five known instances of Americans being paid about one million dollars to spy on their country over careers that in each case spanned two decades some notable spies include ultra games,

he was the son of a CIA analyst and joined the CIA as a low-level document analyst he volunteered to spy against the u.s to kgb agents and got paid fifty thousand dollars after that he went to Rome and between 1986 and 1989 he was paid roughly 1.8 million dollars to pass information onto soviet agents,

earl Pitts spied on the USA through the FBI for the soviet union and Russia and got paid 65 000 in 1995. Robert Hansen got fifty thousand dollars for handing over documents to the Russian foreign intelligence service.

11. Facebook Being Secretly Run by the CIA

When we’re not given all the information about anything it’s easy to speculate and make up theories about it and this is exactly what the onion did the onion is an American satirical digital media company and newspaper organization the onion reported,

that Facebook is a massive online surveillance initiative run by the CIA with Mark Zuckerberg as the lead agent of the program and in true onion style it was believed by many people what did ring true with their report was how easily we divulge all of our information on social media and how what we share is a dream come true for the CIA.

12. The CIA Adds a new Category to its World Factbook

On the CIA’s website, they’ve got their world factbook where they provide basic intelligence on many categories including history people government economy energy geography environment communications transportation military terrorism, and transnational issues for 266 world entities.

they recently included a new category environment some interesting facts they’ve added are more than 20 of the Solomon islands GDP comes from forestry revenues, Liechtenstein recycles nearly 65 of its municipal solid waste, and more than eighty percent of Comoros’s land area is used for agriculture it’s definitely worth a follow.

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13. The CIA is a Great Place to Find Love

And we don’t mean digitally a bonus about finding love with the CIA is you know the other person has had extensive background checks and they’ve got nothing to hide the cia has published a love at langley series on Instagram showcasing three couples from the CIA two couples met at the agency while one couple met just before the series is part of the humans of CIA series that we mentioned earlier.

14. The CIA Built a Catfish Robot Spy and Named him Charlie

He probably didn’t get paid either it was during the 90s and the CIA wanted to create an uncrewed underwater vehicle to study the feasibility of unmanned underwater vehicles and other aquatic robots technologies,

for the purpose of collecting intelligence according to to ensure nobody spotted their underwater vehicle, they designed it to look like a catfish, and charlie was born now whether charlie was successful in his endeavors is unbeknownst to us.

15. The CIA Released an Entire Collection of UFO-Related Documents 

If you’re keen to pursue all of the information the CIA has on anything ufo related you now can over 30 years of information of ufo records have been made available for you to download amongst the hoards of information you’ll find 2700 pages of ufo-related documents, but we won’t spoil your fun go download them at the black vault.

15 things you didn’t know about the CIA I hope you know the answer to this question because this post is made in very simple language. If you have difficulty understanding a point or need to add a point, let us know in the comment box.


Did you know the CIA’s first plot against Castro wasn’t aimed at Fidel in 1960 the CIA initially went after Raul Castro the CIA offered ten thousand dollars to Jose Raul Martinez the pilot taking Raul Castro to Prague to have a little accident,

but we know that Raul and Fidel lived a long life thereafter despite some bizarre assassination attempts including an exploding cigar hidden explosives inside a large seashell and a contaminated diving suit.

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