25 Best Free Music Download Websites For 2022

Always be careful when downloading copyrighted music to use it for your videos! Using royalty free music is always the best choice for that. 25 Best Free Music Download Websites (just replying to the users who commented they’re gonna use the downloaded music for their post) Or, when using SoundCloud, be sure to contact the author first 😉

1. iTunes

Believe it or not. Consistently, iTunes offers one free tune for download. In the event that you are now utilizing in iPod or another Apple item, this is a simple method for attempting new music for nothing.

2. Jamendo

Jamendo permits craftsmen to permit their tunes through Creative Commons and make them downloadable free of charge. Observe somebody you need to help? Jamendo likewise permits clients to (alternatively) give straightforwardly to their #1 craftsmen.

3. ccMixter

Is it true that you are into making – or simply shaking out to – remixes, tests, and concoctions? ccMixter offers huge loads of free tunes and remixes for download, all authorized under Creative Commons. DJs and artists can likewise get test packs and Capella tracks for nothing, then transfer their own manifestations to the site.

4. Yahoo! Music

Transfer famous melodies and music recordings for nothing on Yahoo’s Internet radio and music video webpage. MP3 downloads are accessible with paid memberships.

5. MP34U

Upheld by the Muzic organization, clients are the source of MP34U. Sources post their main tunes and you grab them with free, legitimate MP3 downloads.

6. Tastebuds

Tastebuds is a social site where individuals can present music on share. Despite the fact that there are social and dating parts, it can likewise be utilized as an asset for observing new music in light of groups you currently like.

7. Playlist.com

This site permits clients to stream independent playlists from their assortments, in addition, to impart melodies and playlists to companions.

8. Youtube

Youtube isn’t only for recordings. YouTubers have transferred tunes and collections and made playlists that are not difficult to stream. While numerous melody transfers are simply joined by collection workmanship or craftsman pictures, there are additionally official music recordings and new sets free from the Vevo channel.

9. Hype Machine

Publicity Machine totals a large number of melodies from everywhere the web that can be gushed for nothing and now and again downloaded free of charge also.

10. Free Albums Galore

Need to evaluate some new music however not certain what you’re searching for? This blogger accomplishes the work for you: he surveys new groups and gives direct connections to download their entire album(s) free and legitimately.

25 Best Free Music Download Websites

11. Stereogum

This music audit blog offers huge loads of free MP3s and select entire collections for download.

12. Archive.org

The Internet Archive is a web-based library that offers huge loads of free information, from text to pictures to chronicled sites, including many free melodies. Other well known sound downloads at the Internet Archive incorporate live collections and shows, book recordings and old public broadcasts.

13. MP3Raid

MP3Raid is a hunt aggregator that gets to a great many free, legitimate hotspots for downloadable music.


The International Music Score Library Project is an especially decent asset for traditional music. As a little something extra, assuming you play an instrument, you can once in a while track down free printed music and figure out how to play the music yourself.

15. Public Jukebox

Coordinated by the Library of Congress, National Jukebox is one more asset for streaming old style, ethnic, and strict music. Assuming you’re hoping to widen your melodic experience, there are additionally tracks of jazz, theater numbers, and in any event, warbling.

16. FMA

The Free Music Archive is only that: a free music chronicle. Clients can download melodies straightforwardly to an assortment of gadgets for simple access.

17. iT’S Free Downloads

Not any more baffling I-hunting! iTunes and iPod clients can jump on this site to go straightforwardly to the most recent free tracks on iTunes.

18. Epitonic

Epitonic offers free tunes by well known and arising non mainstream groups from everywhere the world. Full collections are accessible as paid downloads.

19. SoundClick

SoundClick is one of the most seasoned social music locales on the Web. Make a profile, associate with your number one craftsmen, and download huge loads of new music free of charge.

20. MP3.com

For the most part known for their huge paid music contributions, MP3.com likewise has a few downloadable jewels with the expectation of complimentary music searchers.

best free music download sites

21. Amazon MP3 Store

Amazon offers north of 1,000 free tunes for download at their MP3 store. Look at their highlighted free melody of the day, where they advance new music by anticipated groups.

22. Last.fm

Last.fm permits clients to pay attention to huge loads of free famous music, rate melodies and make and offer playlists. Make a free profile and get music proposals in view of you and your companions’ top picks.

23. Pandora

Pandora is a free real time Internet radio broadcast that is custom-made as you would prefer. Select a craftsman or tune to begin another station and Pandora will utilize the music genome venture to play tunes that are like your pick. Offer every melody a go-ahead or disapproval to additionally refine your station. Enlistment is free, and clients can make various stations for each temperament or event.

24. We7

Try not to mind sound advertisements? We7 offers a tremendous choice of free streaming tunes went before by short ads that help the expense of eminences and privileges the executives.

25. PureVolume

This well-known social music webpage permits premium craftsmen to interface with fans and deals with free melody downloads.

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