250+ Unique Dutch names in the Netherlands – 2023

In the event that the Netherlands has enlivened you with its cheeses and blossoms and you wish to celebrate it with something novel, maybe you could utilize Dutch child names. Their popular painters and nature motivate most Dutch names.

Dutch names incorporate normal European names and extraordinary names propelled by the migrants of different countries.

These names portray the honorability, distinction, and strength the Dutch are known for. Peruse on to know the dutch names with implications and find the one you consider ideal for your child.

Dutch Names For Boys


Isaak is the Dutch variety of the well known Isaac. The Isaak with the ‘k’ is getting on well with the guardians. In the Old Testament, Isaac is the cherished child of Abraham and Sarah, for whom they held up 100 years.


Berend is a variety of the cool male name Bernard and signifies ‘courageous’. It infers a kid who might grow up to intrepid and dare.


Lars is the Dutch male variant of the female name Lara. The significance of Lars is ‘delegated with shrub’.


Here is one more well known Dutch name for you. It is motivated by the normal name of Saint Erasmus, the supporter holy person of the mariners. It’s accepted that Saint Elmo’s fire is the shine that goes with the release of power from objects during the tempests.


There couldn’t be an ideal option in contrast to Danielle than Danique. It signifies ‘morning star’. The name has lost some of its gloss, likely due to the hard consonants in it.


Markus is the Dutch variety for Mars, the name of the Roman lord of ripeness. Marquee would make a tomfoolery epithet for Markus.


Van is one of the most popular Dutch child names for young men. Van is identical to ‘de’ in the French names. It was likewise utilized as a family name prefix by the early American migrants.


Joost is an exceptional and unique Dutch child kid name. It is articulated ‘Yoost’. We believe it’s totally charming for a little fellow.


Coen is the more limited variant of the name Coenrad, the Dutch for Conrad. The significance of Coen is ‘striking counsel’. Certain individuals spell it Koen. Try not to mistake it for Cohen.


Espen is perhaps of the coolest Dutch name. The importance is ‘Bear of God’.


Diederik is the Dutch for Theodoric. The name is ideal for a certain kid who might feel OK with just being himself. The significance of Diederik is ‘leader of individuals’.


Andries is the Dutch adaptation of Andrew, which thus is the English type of the Greek name Andreas. The importance of Andries is ‘man’.


Floris is the Dutch male variant of Florence. It would sound perfect on a young man with tremendous plans as Floris signifies ‘prosperous’.


Hiddie is one of our number one Frisian names. It signifies ‘fight’.


Jacobus is the Dutch variety of the evergreen name Jacob. The significance of Jacobus is ‘defender’.


Jelle is the more limited, Dutch variety of the name William. We figure Jelle would work preferable as a moniker over a first name. The Dutch importance of Jelle is ‘penance’.


Kees is the Dutch adaptation of Cornelius and signifies ‘quiet’. This moniker has a specific appeal to it as it has an innovative association with the Dutch craftsman Kees van Dongen.

Dutch Names For Boys


Bas is the minor of Sebastian or Bastiaan. This name is stylish by its own doing in the Netherlands. It’s one of the main 10 names there, as a matter of fact. We figure it would work best as a direct, yet enchanting moniker. Baz is one more spelling variety of this name.


Abel, the Hebrew name of Adam and Eve’s more youthful child, is perhaps of the most natural name in the Netherlands. The name has a few encouraging implications: proficient, willing, skillful and prepared. One of those Biblical names are not tormented with abundance use.


This humble of Bartholomeus mirrors the cut and short style that is stylish in the Netherlands. Bartholomeus is one of the missionary names that have been undesirable for quite a while.


A variety of Shem, Sem is considerably more appealing and usable than its unique structure. Shem was the name of one of the children of Noah. It signifies ‘name’.


As you can derive from its starting point, Stijn is the Dutch short structure for Constantin and Augustin. This name is very famous in the Netherlands, yet is dark somewhere else, most likely due to spelling and elocution issues.


Thijs is the Dutch short type of Matthew, despite the fact that it sounds in no way like it. Matt Lauer’s child is named Thijs.


Sven is an appealing Dutch name with a blend of loot and strength. The name comes from the antiquated Swedish clan, the Saviars, who gave the name to Svealand, which later transformed into Sweden.


This name is famous by its own doing in Amsterdam. This name will make a charming short type of the exemplary name Timothy. The significance of Timo is ‘respecting God’.


Arnoud is the Dutch variation of the name Arnold. This name is well known among the Dutch, yet additionally with English and German talking networks.


This spelling variety of Rueben is more well known than the first. It signifies ‘view, a child’.


Gerrit, a variety of Gerhard, is borne by a few Old Master Painters. A somewhat hard name, yet all at once certainly usable.


The Latin name Fabian, signifying ‘bean producer’, is extremely well known in the Netherlands. It has major areas of strength for an association. Fabian was the name of Olivia’s worker in the Twelfth Night. It additionally showed up in Harry Potter.


Bram is the Dutch variety of Abraham and signifies ‘father of hoards’. We accept that Bram has a specific appeal and character for a one-syllable name. It might have begun as a minute of Abraham, yet is presently a free Dutch child kid name.


Boudewijin is the Dutch variety of the name Baldwin. This old name comes from the Old English name Bealdwine. Boudewijin signifies ‘daring’.


Christoffel is the Dutch for Christopher. It is an Old Greek name and signifies ‘bearing Christ’ or ‘follow the pioneer’.


The Dutch are specialists where it comes to making diminutives. Bartel is the short type of the Biblical name Bartholomew, which is gotten from an Aramaic word and signifies ‘having many wrinkles’.


Aart is one of the most imaginative Dutch child names. It is a short type of Arnold. Signifying ‘solid and strong’ both Aart and Arnold are normal in English and German talking universes.


Straightforward names have a particular allure, very much like Aya. The importance of this charming name is ‘bird’.


Adrianus is the Dutch variation of the name Adrian. It comes from the Latin name Hadrianus, and that signifies ‘from Hadria’. This name was very renowned in early Christianity. Six Popes were named Adrian, including the prestigious Adrian, the sixth.


This moniker starts in the Germanic language and signifies ‘aristocrat’. This manly name is utilized generally in the Netherlands and seldom in the US. So American guardians are getting an extraordinary name here.


It’s about time individuals quit partner this name with Dirk Diggler from the “Boogie Nights”. A significant number of you may not know, yet Dirk has a few imperial associations. The name was given to a few Counts of the Netherlands. The importance of Dirk is ‘leader of individuals’.


Aldert is the Dutch type of the name Adelhard, which is the German type of the English name Abelard. The significance of Aldert is ‘respectable or fearless’.


Ambroos is the Dutch variety of the well known name Ambrose. The first moniker comes from the word ‘ambrosios’, and that signifies ‘eternal’. Ambroos would make a fabulous name for any kid.


Sander is the Dutch minute of the name Alexander. It’s likewise a spelling variety of ‘Zander’ and ‘Xander’. The importance of Sander is ‘safeguard of humanity’.


Pim is a powerful child name and signifies ‘unflinching security’. It is one of the main 100 child names in the Netherlands, however not so notable external the country. Pim would sound perfect with any last name. You don’t have to abbreviate it for an epithet.


Like the majority of the one-syllable Dutch names, Cas is really strong. Despite the fact that Cas is the short type of Casper, you can utilize this name all alone as well. The importance of Cas is ‘supreme’.

Dutch Names For Girls


The well known Dutch supermodel, Doutzen Kroes acquainted this name with the Netherlands. The name is pretty much as breathtaking and stylish as its carrier. Doutzen gets our approval.


Additionally spelled as Fay, Faye seems like the cousin of May and Ray. In the year 2014, Faye leaped to the main 1000 child name list. Be that as it may, individuals presently use it more as a center name than the principal name. Morgan le Fay, the first carrier of this name, was a powerful magician in the Arthurian legends.


Fleur is a conventional blossom name that went into the English-talking world when John Galsworthy presented it to one of his characters. The name was likewise highlighted in Harry Potter. At present, Fleur is the twelfth most well known name in the Netherlands.


The name Famke entered the standard by means of the Dutch-conceived entertainer Famke Janssen. It implies a young lady. The name is recognizable in the adjoining portions of the Netherlands also.


Anneke is the Dutch rendition of the exemplary name Anna. This super ladylike name would suit your rich and agile young lady as its significance is ‘elegance’.


Here is one more Dutch variation of Anna. It would suit a brave and sweet young lady.


This is the best Dutch child young lady name. Evi is a short name and would make it simple for the children to get familiar with the spelling. In the event that you need a remarkable name for your girl, Evi would be great.


Cornelia is the female rendition of the name Cornelius. The name is Latin, however is broadly famous in the Netherlands. Do you have at least some idea how this name became well known? In old Rome, Cornelia was the paragon of a lady’s tendency, making it an extraordinary name with magnificent family.


Marit is a direct and strange child name, with an appealing Scandinavian pronunciation. The great name Marit was imperative in Norwegian culture. The name signifies ‘pearl’, however sounds much prettier.


Maud is the Dutch variety of Matilda. This fancy and mauve-colored name was generally well known with the Dutch nation quite a long time back, yet it isn’t highly heard at this point. A few guardians actually use it as a center name. Maude is one more spelling variety of Maud.


This vigorous and shimmery name has been filling in prominence after being affected by the Harry Potter character, Luna Lovegood. This name hopped 119 spots in only two years. Luna, the name of the Roman goddess, is expanding in fame in Europe. It’s now on the main 100 rundown in the Netherlands.


Noa is one of the most recognizable Biblical Dutch child names. This name is utilized in the Netherlands, yet all over Europe. It’s additionally one of the main 100 child names in Spain, and has now entered the US top 1000 also. The importance of Noa is ‘movement’.


Tess is a Dutch short type of Theresa. With a solid, Thomas Hardy support, Tess has a ton of solidarity, something more significant and first impression than the vast majority of the one-syllable Dutch child names. Another namesake is Tess Gerritsen, who was conceived Terry, yet changed her name when she started composing books.


Yara is an outlandish child name, signifying ‘little butterfly’. It’s the name of a delightful green-toned Brazilian goddess. We think it sounds a lot cooler and more one of a kind than Sara or Mara.


Hannie, the minor Dutch rendition of Johanna, alludes to the Dutch preference for the monikers taken from the center and the finish of the name. They have changed the end somewhat here, however it’s still quintessentially Dutch. The importance of Hannie is ’empathetic’.


Lieke is the Dutch short type of Angelica. The importance of Lieke is ‘other-worldly’.


Mary Lou is a mix of Mary and Lou and signifies ‘severe’. This enchanting and famous Dutch name has not yet headed out to the US. So American guardians ought to utilize this name before it becomes normal. Lou is the best epithet for Malou.

Dutch Names For Girls


Liv Tyler, the popular Hollywood entertainer, imbued life into this short, yet old Dutch child young lady name. Julian Moore chose this name for her little girl. Liv is continually on an ascent as it acquired 340 spots since the year 20 The significance of Liv is ‘life’.


Sanne, the Dutch small of Susanne, is a tremendously famous child young lady name in the Netherlands. However, it’s practically obscure in the Asian and American nations, making it an amazing possibility for guardians who are searching for a strange name.


Skylar is customarily a child kid name, yet it is involved more as a female name in the Netherlands. It’s an elective spelling for the exemplary name ‘Schuler’.


Adrie is a lovely and short name signifying ‘from the Adriatic’.


Amalia is a culturally diverse name heard all through Europe. The ongoing beneficiary of the privileged position of the Netherlands is Princess Catharina Amalia. This name signifies ‘work’.


Anneliese is the Dutch blend of Anna and Liese. It is an outdated name, however has a cutting edge appeal to it. It is at 510th spot right now on the child name list.


Beatrix is definitely not a Dutch name, however is utilized generally in the Netherlands. It signifies ‘she who gives joy’. This name is related with Beatrix Potter, maker of Peter Rabbit.


This Dutch name once had a place with the sorority circle of the 1970s and 1980s. It’s presently on the cart, with large number of guardians selecting it consistently.


You probably knew about the lovely Tulip Garden in Amsterdam. It is likewise quite possibly of the most surprising botanical name.


Wouldn’t you say Dael, the variety of the name Dale, sounds cooler than the last option? We accept that it’s the vowel exchanging that is giving this name a hippy look.


Aside from Tulip, Daffodil is likewise quite possibly of the most involved flower name in the Netherlands. It would make areas of strength for a, proclamation. For the epithet, you can utilize Daffy.


Doortje is the Dutch name for Dorothea. This heartfelt name has been out of this world for some time now. In this way, it will make an extraordinary pick for your little girl. Doortje signifies ‘endowment of God’.


Elsje is the Dutch variety of Elsa and signifies ‘vowed to God’. This name was lost in the limbo throughout recent decades, restored after the arrival of the film ‘Frozen’.


Grietje is the Dutch type of Greta, which is a minor of Margaret. It signifies ‘pearl’. Grietje sounds staggeringly fascinating


Eline is the Dutch variety of Eliane. This cadenced and lilting name is one of the quickest rising El – beginning names.


Aleid is the Dutch short type of Adelaide. It begins from a Germanic language and signifies ‘elegant and honorable’. This name was utilized for holy people and sovereignty over the entire course of time. In the event that you have a little girl named Adelaide, use Aleid as an epithet.


Could you at any point figure this one? We’re certain the greater part of you would flounder. Bente is the female type of Benedict in the Dutch language. It invokes the picture of a dauntless young lady who might try to make the world a superior spot. The importance of Bente is ‘courageous’.


Brechtje is the female variant of Brecht. Any child with this name would give pleasure to individuals around her.


Jade is a Spanish expression for the valuable green stone, yet it’s on the ascent as a child name in the Netherlands. The jewel is said to communicate lucidity, shrewdness, equity and humility, ideals that guardians need in their kids.


Assuming you love the name Isabella, yet don’t believe your girl should impart it to six different children in her school, then you can attempt Arabella. The name might sound new, yet it is genuinely considered normal in the Netherlands and the UK. It showed up in a few scholarly works, for example, Jude, the Obscure by Thomas Hardy and Tom Jones by Henry Fielding.


This one’s genuinely special and fascinating. Aleta is the Dutch type of Adelheid.


Despite the fact that Lara is the Russian minor of Larissa, it is exceptionally well known with the Dutch guardians. The name was promoted by the hot computer game person, Lara Croft. The significance of Lara is ‘stronghold’.


Ilse is the Dutch variety of the English name Ilsa. The name is on the ascent in the Netherlands, alongside its cousin, Elsa, all because of the vivified film Frozen. The significance of Ilse is ‘swore to God’.


Shelter is a Dutch name, signifying ‘port.’ This contemporary didn’t appear on the child name list until super mother Jessica Alba gave it to her girl. Shelter is a great ideals name, without having major areas of strength for an of a moniker like Heaven.


Gwen might have started as a short structure for Gwendolyn, however presently stands generally all alone. Gwen Stefani gave this name a lift in the US, yet additionally in Europe. The significance of Gwen is ‘white circle’.

Final Words

Naming your child can be one of the most interesting things during your nurturing venture. Guardians believe their children should have extraordinary names that stick out and sound exquisite. The Dutch child names gave in this rundown are ideal for satisfying your longing to have a unique name for your kid.

The majority of these names have been roused by the nature and culture of the Dutch, representing genuineness and valiance. Thus, since you have a helpful rundown with you, investigate the names and pick the one that interests you the most.

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