5 Best Highest Paying Business Majors 2022

5. International Business 

5 Best Highest Paying Business Majors, number five on the list which is international business so this is one that has been rising up the rankings for me okay the more i research it the more i look into what is happening in the world.

The more i realize that business is getting more and more global an international business is going to set you up to take advantage of this huge trend now when it comes to the statistics it is going to be the weakest out of the five on this list.

But it’s still not bad but one thing i will say about this one is obviously if you’re gonna be doing international business you’re gonna need to know the language and the customs of whatever countries you’re working with.

So this one does require some planning ahead but it can be a very solid option this is kind of my dark horse on the list i think this one could be even higher or it could end up being a lot lower depending on what happens.

4. Supply Chain Management

Next on the list coming in at number four is going to be supply chain management now this one has fantastic stats and it’s just one of those that’s extremely soli so all you got to do is just check those videos out the numbers are

Going to be very similar but yeah supply chain management extremely useful i mean getting something from point a to point b in an efficient manner where you’re not wasting any space you’re not wasting any time you’re not wasting any money is incredibly valuable talked about this before,

But some of the companies that are the most valuable companies in the world mastered supply chain management the perfect example is amazon i guess one of the downsides to this one is it’s probably not one of the more interesting ones on the list but if you’re somebody who’s into supply chain management if it fascinates you.

3. Finance

This could be a fantastic option next on the list number three is going to be finance and this degree specifically is one of those majors where it’s high risk but also high reward so you can make a ridiculous amount of money getting a finance degree.

If you go to the right college and then you end up getting the right jobs we’re talking millions and millions of dollars we had cash flooding from every direction but it’s also high risk because you’re not necessarily going to get into those jobs now finance as an industry is one of the best industries that you can go in it has a ton of opportunity but i will say that finance is a little bit less flexible than.

2. Accounting

The next one on the list which is why that one actually is a little better and that is number two which is accounting so accounting is very similar to finance a lot of the times they are going to be competing for the same jobs the only difference is accounting has a lot more flexibility so for instance there’s over a million accountants in the united states that means that there’s a ton of different specialties,

And so if you don’t like whatever accounting job you’re doing when you get the degree you can very easily switch into something else and it’s also easier for you to switch into other types of jobs as well outside of accounting,

So i’d say accounting is a degree that you go for if you’re not sure what you want to do and you just want to get a degree that’s really good and you can go in a lot of different directions but with that being said,

1. Management Information Systems

Number one on the list is going to be management information systems and this is a combination of business and technology this is a fantastic degree i’m the most bullish on this degree i think it’s going to be really good in the near future and it’s already pretty good.

Now technology is super hot right now and it’s probably going to be the hottest industry and probably the hottest set of careers in the next 40 years and then on top of that business is just a staple having a good business background is going to help you no matter what career path or industry,

You go into so management information systems fantastic extremely flexible you can go into all kinds of different business related careers as well as technology related careers just a super awesome option.

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