5 High Income Skills That You Need to Learn for 2022

5 High Income Skills That You Need to Learn, So chances are the reason you clicked on this post is because you’re interested in learning a high income skill something that’s going to make you a lot of money we’re talking at least six figures a year and,

I remember a few years ago looking this up on blog and trying to find high paying skills and i was a little disappointed because a lot of the posts would say stuff like learn how to tell stories and don’t get me wrong here like storytelling is a pretty valuable skill and,

Technically i did just tell you a story but if you send out your resume to a bunch of companies and you tell them you took a course in storytelling or you’re a good storyteller or you got a storytelling degree chances are not a lot of them are going to be interested.

Because the truth is nobody is going to hire you for storytelling it’s one of those skills that amplifies the skills that you already have you have to have some kind of base skill and this is what a lot of blog gurus won’t tell you is many of the people who make a hundred thousand dollars plus a year you know six figures a year 10k a month.

Whatever you want to call it started off with a base skill something practical to get their foot in the door once they had those base skills down later on they figured out how to leverage amplify and basically just level up those skills so that they could make a lot more and a lot of the time these gurus forget,

Where they came from they forget their base and they try to sell you some kind of get rich quick skill because it’s a lot easier to sell a two thousand dollar course that way now luckily i did extensive research on what types of skills business owners and,

Hiring managers are looking for out there aka what types of skills are in high demand and this is not me spreading misinformation this is proven scientific facts that are peer reviewed by an imaginary committee that may or may not be inside of my brain that’s right been getting a little bit lonely in quarantine lately and,

Today i’m going to be dropping some truth bombs so if you learn some of these skills they are incredibly valuable and just one of these skills on their own can pretty easily get you to 10k a month or 100,000 a year whatever your goal is we’re talking about directly making you money companies are thirsty for people who have these skills and,

If you try to launch it it’s just gonna you know go like this and then fly into the side of a mountain however if you build that base you build that platform and then put the rocket on top of it it’s just gonna go straight up once you’ve got those base skills down it’ll be so much easier to learn a skill like marketing blog posts etc and that’ll make it very easy for you to launch your rocket straight into orbit so.


Number five on the list is going to be sales and i know what you’re thinking most of my audience are introverts i’m an introvert as well and sales probably scares the heck out of you and like i

Said i’m an introvert as well but i’m extremely thankful that when i was younger i had the courage to get a sales job because the skills i learned from that job have improved pretty much every aspect of my life i can tell you it was one of the best decisions of my life and i feel.

So much gratitude to the universe that one of my dad’s friends encouraged me to go for one of these jobs and you’d be surprised but some of the best salesmen i know especially real estate agents are surprisingly introverts there’s a lot of advantages to being an introvert that i won’t get into in this post.

Now in terms of the actual skill itself there’s a ton of different sales related jobs you can go into just about any industry or work for any business but one of them that i’m going to focus on here is going to be life insurance sales and,

If you look at the zip recruiter skills index you’ll see that life insurance sales has a score of 78 out of 100 which is really good now one thing i always say is you know any sales job is great but if you can get a sales job in an industry where there’s a lot of opportunity that’s going to be even better and,

Iife insurance sales i mean if you look at the cost per click for instance on google adsense you’ll see it is absolutely ridiculous it’s like 55 yes that means every single time you click one of those ads that you see scrolling down google if it has to do with life insurance it costs the company 55 and,

That doesn’t matter whether you buy it or not and to be fair there are a lot of sketchy people who try to sell life insurance to people who don’t need it most people would be perfectly fine just getting term insurance instead of the much more expensive life insurance but, of course a lot of these salesmen will try to sell you on the whole life but that’s besides the point because,

Number one job that almost every billionaire has had is a sales job so no matter what career path you’re going down i highly recommend that you get a sales job at some point because it will enrich your life in ways that you can’t even imagine it will help you financially, but it also has helped me to be a better health care professional help me to be a better communicator and yes it will probably help you talking to girls as well so there’s a lot of bonuses.

Math-Related Skills

Next on the list we’re going to be talking about math-related skills and i know this can be extremely confusing for some people and it can make other people want to fall asleep,

But the truth is if you are somebody who’s good at math or you like math there is going to be a ton of opportunity out there for you so there’s a lot of different math related skills of course but according to the zip recruiter skills index analytical skills comes in ranking 86 out of 100 which is excellent.

Now of course understanding basic mathematics is pretty much necessary for being an adult even better if you understand how to budget and kind of plan things out however understanding more complicated mathematics is even better because if you think about it math is sort of like the language of the universe it’s a logical representation of reality and,

It’s kind of like the building blocks of how you understand nature so a better way of thinking about mathematics is how to solve logical problems rather than just crunching numbers however i will say that some of the math related degrees at least the

Stuff that you learn in school isn’t necessarily going to be directly applicable to many of the careers out there so sometimes it might be a little bit difficult for you to get your first job but once you get your foot in the door you get some job experience you should be good to go and a lot of the time people who have math skills will end up working in technology.

Business Related Skills

Next on the list we’re going to be talking about business related skills and specifically i’m going to be focusing on management and leadership now we’ve all seen these click bait thumbnails about teenagers making 50,000 a month and,

Of course they are going to be selling some kind of program so they can teach you how to do it too and these are usually going to be for skills like drop shipping day trading or some other type of get rich quick scheme.

So there is a lot of bad information out there but a lot of the time you are going to find that there is a grain of truth in many of the things that they say business skills are extremely valuable and they can lead you to wild success even at an early age sometimes,

So i looked it up and here are a few of the most valuable business related skills that you can learn according to the zip recruiter skills index business process management scores 86 out of 100 and project planning scores 86 out of 100 as well now it’s hard to call business a skill just because of the fact that so many different skills fall under the umbrella term of business and,

It’s more of a skill set if anything but if you look at the ones that specifically make really good money it always goes back to management and leadership when you look at the careers that make the most money you’re going to see that managers and chief executives make up a significant amount of the top 99th percentile,

As well as 90th percentile now the 99th percentile is 207 thousand dollars and above and the 90th is 103,000 to 207,000. and if you look up census data on how much people make with different degrees you’re going to see that people with all degrees in all different types of professions make around 2.4 million dollars over a lifetime.

But if they go into management they make significantly more at around 3.2 million and of course if you are able to start your own successful business that would be even higher than just about what any career out there could pay you and the great thing about business skills is they’re useful in just about any industry any company and,

Any profession out there they transfer really well and they also combine well with all other types of skills if you have really good business skills you can become an entrepreneur and start a successful business in just about anything from art to post games to pretty much.

Whatever you could think of but on this list i’m mostly focusing on skills that lead you to directly making money aka business owners and hiring managers are thirsty for these skills they’re looking for people that have these types of skill sets and a lot of the time,

If you start your own business it will take you years of working on it and you’ll probably fail a few times before you find success and so for that reason when it comes to getting a job when it comes to skills that will directly lead you to making money i did have two others that ranked a little bit higher on this list but,

Keep in mind that time plus skills like educating yourself like you’re doing right now equals value and also keep in mind that having high income skills in my opinion is even more important than having a high income job because anybody can get lucky and,

Maybe they know somebody and they get them into a really good job but if you have high income skills pretty much every company out there is going to want to hire you and then you’re going to have as many options as you want when it comes to jobs or maybe you want to start a business on the side so you don’t have to worry

Health Related Skills

Number two on the list is going to be health related skills and you’re probably a little bit surprised to see this one here now this is the one that i chose as my profession and there’s a story behind this that i’ve never actually told when i was younger my dad had a heart attack and,

This basically sparked a fascination in me and all kinds of things to do with medical specifically i was fascinated with the medications that he was taking that were keeping him alive and because of this fascination i got really interested in how drugs worked on the body and how the body worked on drugs and,

I became really passionate about becoming a pharmacist so ever since i was a teenager it was my dream to become a pharmacist and i did end up achieving that goal and to make a long story short you should never go for a skill just because it pays well you want to make sure that it’s something that interests you there’s something that maybe you’re a little bit talented at and,

There’s demand on the market for it and also something that you enjoy but basically your future starts today not tomorrow try a bunch of stuff especially if you’re young watching this figure out what you actually enjoy doing and,

Then just do it now when it comes to skills health related skills were pretty much everywhere at the top of the list and just to give a few examples basic life support came in at 87 out of 100 patient care was 86 and health insurance was 84 out of 100.

If you look at bls health care related occupations are growing faster than any other type of career out there at 15 percent over the next 10 years on top of that health care related occupations make about 68 69 000 a year which is nearly double the median annual wage for all types of occupations out there and,

I think one of the big selling points when it comes to health care related careers is they’re relatively future proof i mean if you think about it there’s a lot of health care related careers out there that it pretty much doesn’t matter what ends up happening in the world.

People will always need other people to take care of them if they get sick so it’s an extremely safe job and on top of being extremely safe it’s also growing much faster than average even faster than the next one on the list which is technology.

Technology Related Skills

Number one on the list might be a little bit of a meme on this website at this point but it’s going to be technology related skills and it’s simply because of the fact that it’s pretty much the hottest thing right now.

If you take a skill like sales or marketing it’s pretty much going to be good no matter what period of time you’re in you know whether it’s a thousand years ago or a thousand years in the future it’s always going to be a relatively valuable skill however technology related skills and specifically computer programming,

And coding is extremely valuable right now there is so much opportunity in technology it’s advancing ridiculously fast and there’s simply not enough people who have these skills now if you look at technology related occupations as a whole it’s growing at about 11 over the next 10 years which is the second highest out of all different types of occupations only,

Behind health however the median annual wage is quite a bit higher than health at around 88 000 a year and this median annual wage blows every other type of occupation out of the water it’s not even close if you look at the skills index again eight out of the top 15 on this list are all technology related skills.

You’ve got software engineering net programming skills software deployment application development web services skills information technology software development and python programming skills yeah totally just ridiculous wait what what’s that,

Oh i’m getting a phone call from the judges that’s right it’s locked in and confirmed. ladies and gentlemen this is the number one type of skill and it’s not just technology related jobs specifically even just working in the tech industry a lot of the jobs you can get there are going to pay quite a bit better than average,

So an example of this is let’s say you work as a salesman if you work in the technology industry chances are you’re probably going to get paid quite a bit more than the average salesman and software development computer programming coding all that sort of thing it is super hot right now and,

If you can have that skill and then add something else on top of it i mean it’s going to be difficult to not become a millionaire you can make a ridiculous amount of money you have amazing benefits you get stock incentives and bonuses it’s totally ridiculous you see posts on blog of people who make over 500,000 a year and,

It’s not just the almighty tech lead himself you can also look at sites like levels.fyi where people freely post how much they’re making and different types of jobs all across the country and sometimes even all across the world every like 30 minutes or.

So someone is gonna have a new job posting and i don’t think i’ve ever seen someone say that they’re making less than a hundred thousand dollars so if you’re looking at just one skill one skill and that’s what this post is all about that can consistently get you to six figures it’s gotta be learning,

How to code sure there’s other skills that can get you to six figures as well they might require a little bit of luck and they might even be able to scale higher right like you know if you get really good at sales or marketing maybe you can make millions of dollars a year when you start your own business.

But if you’re looking at one skill that just about anybody can learn that companies are just like frothing at the mouth to hire people for it’s coding it’s tech and then if you stack multiple skills oh man it’s pretty much free real estate so just as a bonus let’s talk about a few that i thought were really good that didn’t quite make the list and,

Some of these were pretty surprising to me and they’re probably going to surprise you as well and the first one i want to talk about is going to be trucking so trucking actually scored 81 out of 100 on this list which is fantastic especially considering the fact that you pretty much don’t have to have any education you just have to be certified,

So a lot of the time if you want to become a trucker you can do it within like three months now obviously there’s going to be some downsides to this one but when it comes to how much you can make based off of how much education or how long it’s going to take you to make that money it’s hard to beat trucking,

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