Amazon Photos gets free Unlimited Photo Storage 2023

what is amazon photos?

I discovered an option that allows you to automatically share your images and store them and has a backup of your photos and your videos and it’s 100% free. if you want to know what that is don’t worry I got you to let me show you what you need to know.

Amazon what comes to mind most people will think of that online retailer you order something two days later it arrives that you have Amazon Prime. well, that exact same retailer has a product called Amazon photos.

Is Amazon photo storage really unlimited?

Being along meeting to discuss that name so what is Amazon photos well essentially it allows each Amazon account holder where the service is available to upload five gigabytes of photos and videos onto that server in full resolution, not a scale down not a compressed version but in full resolution.

Now if you have Amazon Prime you get a limited story there is still a limit on videos to five gigs but if you want more you simply upgrade and I think it’s under $20 to get you a hundred gigs of space the other advantages of having a prime account over a regular account is that any prime account holders,

Can you share Amazon photos?

They also get enhanced searches and you get the family vault where you can invite five family members so they get unlimited storage as well in fact let me show you how this all comes together.

Right let’s start with the easy one first which is the Amazon automatic backup of your videos and your pictures on your computer, you can either choose the little QuickStart option or you can select a specific folder that you want to constantly backup or you can select a specific path.

So let me show you I’m going to select a folder my video folder confirms the destination it says right when now the change is going to be uploaded well I want them immediately and I click on the save button and that’s it from this point anything that I dropped into that folder which is a video or a photo will automatically be backed up to the cloud.

How do I use Amazon photo app?

So this is what the app looks like on Google pixel for the Android phone they’ve also got one for the iPhones as well now in here you’ve got a bunch of options firstly obviously you’ve got your gallery wrap this is gonna show you what it has been backed up to the cloud and what hasn’t been backed up but it’ll sound simple but the search is really really awesome.

So it shows you things like photos of people’s places but looks at things you can say hey show me only photos that have got sunglasses in them for example.

It starts to recognize objects within your actual photos allowing you to really really zoom in on that good search now to back things up you can select things like individual photos so here we go up selected one and they just click on the upload button at the top and there it goes you’ll see a little circle at the bottom right of the photo with a little tick mark saying that that has now been uploaded.

Right if you look on the bottom right-hand side click on more and then click on settings you will see an option called AutoSave click on that and when you enable that every time you snap a photo or shoot a video color it will automatically be uploaded to your Amazon photos storage.

Just a big warning here if you enable family vault it means that your photos will automatically be uploaded and people within your family group that you’ve shared this word will be able to see each and every one of those photos.

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Now every time you enable one of them it’s gonna tell you are you absolutely sure so at home think wisely and this is the web interface so let’s upload some stuff click on add click on upload folder select followed you what upload click on upload it will ask you to confirm click on upload again three uploads and will start to upload your photos.

Once that’s done you’re able to view your photos differently depending on if you want to see many big small-large etc on your screen on the left-hand side this is where your filters come into play and again let’s just select I’m something like sunglasses that I am and then it will go through it and then it will have a bunch of pictures with us wearing sunglasses so you can see it does a fairly good job at identifying glasses in the pictures.

Let’s do something else like hats ok well these are the pictures of people with hats pretty freaky if you think about it but it’s really cool at the same time ok let’s see what else we can do so let me find a picture ok so this year was their mister sourav himself,

if I want to open up that image I’ve got a bunch of options that I can do so top right-hand side I can give it stars as my favorites I can zoom in I’ve got some information about this particular image where was it taken when was it taken and when we close that another option is the sharing functionality which is pretty darn good.

So I can share it with my friends my family whoever I may want I think to do it with a link or I can invite them to be part of my family vault or an email or a Facebook we’re not the usual ability to share steps now when you go and edit your photo it does give you limited functionality,

but you know it’s good enough for supposed to make a quick edit on the fly bunch of things that you can kind of play with If you want to give your image that extra bit of possessing before the world gets to see it.

Ok so these are the cool people from VidCon that is sourav that is Erin that’s there there’s Jack from so what I want to do is I want to group them all together so I highlight them you’ll see a new menu bar pops up at the top I can add to the album I can download I can share I can order prints I can hide I can edit the date and time we would fresh.

Let’s choose edit to elbow and then create my VidCon 2019 out next up we got places which are obvious as the name implies all the photos that were taken add a specific place okay grips them all together so you can drill down into that area and see what you snapped and where stories are

okay, I don’t think I’ve used my stories once you can explore that but sharing is where it’s all of this is why this app is really really rad you don’t have to email your family photos anymore you can simply create a group I wanna call it my exploring USA pictures and now all I’m gonna do is share this link with my family and they could see what we’re up to without me having to individually send photos to anyone anymore what I won.

Conclusion: Hopefully I was able to add a little value to your important time. If you’ve read this post in its entirety, no more questions about Amazon Photos. Also if you want to know about Amazon Photos vs Google Photos then there are other posts you must read. Also, share this post with you all. Give everyone a chance to know about Amazon Photos. Many thanks for reading this post in its entirety.

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