Best Entry Level Jobs That Pay Well 2022

2022 Best Entry Level Jobs That Pay Well suck first of all you need two years of experience and just to get one most of them aren’t very high paying and you end up doing the grunt work that nobody else wants to do let’s be honest you’re at the bottom of the totem pole and you are living in suckville population you.

But there are some jobs out there where entry level not only will get you paid really well but there’s also high demand and you might even have a good time and in this post that’s exactly what we’re going to be going over today and by the end of the post you’re going to have a great idea of what entry-level jobs are good.

Database Administrator

the first one on the list is going to be database administrator now database administers are basically going to help store retrieve and organize data and if you remember i’ve talked about this in some of my other posts about how data is basically the most valuable commodity available it’s even more valuable,

than gold or oil and if you think about it this makes total sense if a company knows that you are in the market to buy a pair of 100 shoes for instance that means that you are probably somewhere between 100 and 300 times more likely to buy those shoes when they show you an ad versus somebody who’s not in the market to buy the shoes and,

so that means one dollar in marketing budget is going somewhere between 100 and 300 times further now that’s kind of an extreme example but even if you’re just twice as likely to buy something it’s still going to be worth it now on top of managing the databases.

they also make sure that they are safe from breaches and database administrators can work in all kinds of different industries from healthcare to sales to marketing to finance and they usually hold a bachelor’s degree in either computer science,

or another technology degree like information technology management now they make around 93 000 a year and because of the fact that it’s so hot you will very quickly be able to get to that level the job growth over the next 10 years is around 10 percent which is much faster than average as well.

Web Developer / Web Designer

the next one on the list is going to be a web developer web designer and web developers are of course going to be creating websites usually using html or javascript they’re also going to be debugging and testing websites.

now one cool thing about web development is a lot of the time you don’t actually have to get a bachelor’s degree in order to get into it a lot of the time an associate’s degree is fine in some cases you can just get a certification in order to start in web development and you can get paid around

73,000 a year now on top of that the job growth here is going to be around 8 over the next 10 years which is good.

Industrial Engineer

next one on the list is going to be an industrial engineer and this is basically the combination of logistics and engineering so basically like supply chain management and engineering combined it’s a great combination of business and engineering skills,

and industrial engineers are going to monitor create and examine a process within a business that creates a product or a service and they’re going to make sure that the process is efficient as possible and the product is as good as possible,

and on top of that they are going to design control systems to monitor the efficiency and the quality of the product now for that they’re going to be making around 88,000 a year and this is another one where you would actually get a bachelor’s degree.

you’d most likely get an industrial engineering degree and this is one of my favorite careers out there i think it’s a fantastic combination of business and engineering i think it’s underrated this one’s also growing at 10 over the next 10 years which is great as well.


next on the list is going to be a nurse and they make around 75,000 a year and in this particular case we’re going to be talking about an rn or registered nurse now usually depending on the program this is going to take somewhere between three to four years in order for you to become an rn,

and i think everybody is familiar with nurses they do pretty much everything in the hospital they are the backbone of the health care system they are responsible for recording patients symptoms and checking their medical history helping to check patients vital signs they’re going to be analyzing results performing diagnostic tests,

then they’re also helping with administering medication and they even help with procedures nurses do so much in the hospital there’s always shortages and they are completely vital to the health care system now on top of that there is millions of different nursing jobs hundreds of different specialties,

and so it’s pretty much impossible that you’re not going to be able to find a job that fits your personality really well and if that wasn’t enough there’s also a ton of room for vertical growth so for instance you know you’ve got rn that’s kind of like a four-year degree,

or so you can also get a master’s degree which would be nurse practitioner or you can even become a doctorate in nursing all of these of course will teach you new skills and you’ll be making more money and moving up the chain.

now on top of that if you want to go more of a business route first of all you could start your own business or you could move up the ladder in hospitals a lot of the time you will find that you know presidents vice presidents managing directors for instance will be nurses and that makes sense because nobody knows a hospital as well as a nurse so great career to get into great choice the.

Environmental Health And Safety Engineer

next one is going to be two different careers where they’re kind of just doing the same job or very similar jobs and that’s going to be an environmental health and safety engineer and then a built environmental specialist though they make around a hundred and thirteen thousand dollars a year and every time you step into a building.

you’re actually putting your life on the line for not only the people who designed the building but also the people who maintain it so a couple obvious examples is let’s say there’s an earthquake there are ways of designing the building to maximize,

Entry level jobs Atlanta

your chances of survival same thing with a fire you know if a fire starts you want fire alarms to go off and water to start spraying into the building even if you’re on the top floor you want there to be an opportunity for you to you know go out a fire exit,

you also want to make sure that the air you’re breathing is clean you know if there’s somebody who’s in the next room and they have some kind of rare virus or rare bacteria you don’t want that virus or bacteria to be in the air that you’re breathing,

and i’m just really touching the surface of all the different things that you look into with these careers very important careers a lot of the time you’re going to be working for government agencies and not only will you be doing inspections and making sure everything’s safe,

but in a lot of cases you’ll actually help people to design buildings that are even more safe so really cool career another great one to look into and the.


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Software Engineering

next one on the list is going to be one that a lot of people know i talk about on this website and that is software engineering so with this one you’re gonna make around a hundred and ten thousand dollars a year and technically software engineering is different than software development however in a lot of businesses they’re gonna essentially be doing the same thing,

but technically speaking a software engineer would almost be like an architect that designs the house whereas the software developer would be the one who actually builds it out so the software engineer designs,

the framework that they you know the big picture that they want to be coded and the software developer actually does the code now as a software engineer you’d probably be working in a small team you’d be working with different programmers and,

other people who are working on a project i’ve gone over this one a ton in other posts so i think you guys get the idea here just a super super valuable skill to have but anyways the.

Systems Engineer

next one on the list is going to be a systems engineer and remember when i said the industrial engineer was basically like you know supply chain management or logistics mixed with engineering well systems engineering is very similar to that but,

it’s more like project management mixed with engineering so you’re sort of going to be overseeing a project and you kind of have to be a jack of all trades right so you have to know a little bit about everything,

so for instance if you were overseeing the creation of a ufo in a company right you’re overseeing the creation of the ufo there would be chemical engineers nuclear engineers for the crystals that you put in there right you’d also have mechanical engineers electrical engineers you would have computer engineers to put the hardware in there that the aliens use and,

the systems engineer would be kind of looking at everything at a high level making sure everything integrates together and making sure the system works as a whole now this is incredibly valuable not very many people can do systems engineering and,

i’m going to be honest with you this is probably the hardest one to get into at an entry level however if you can get into it at an entry level if you’re like a genius this can be a fantastic career and i’m very bullish on this career i think it’s going to be more and more valuable into the future and you will of course be making well over 80 000 a year doing systems engineering.

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