Best Internet Providers in the Netherlands (2023)

You can get web in the Netherlands by means of link ADSL/VDSL and fiber optics relying upon where you reside. The cost of the Internet bundle relies upon the choices you have picked (web speed, kind of association and area).

How to track down the best supplier on the off chance that you don’t communicate in Dutch? You can right-click anyplace on the page of the supplier with your mouse (assuming you are utilizing Google Chrome). A dropdown menu will show up with the text: “make an interpretation of this page to English”. This will make it simpler for you to settle on the best decision.

It very well may be very interesting to find the right internet services since there are a ton of choices available. We have chosen the best internet services in the Netherlands in view of the models underneath.

You can undoubtedly pursue your favored internet service on the web. We have recorded beneath the standards by which we have recorded a main 6 of the best internet services in the Netherlands.

Is it safe to say that you are an expat, wanting to re-situate to The Netherlands? Or on the other hand an understudy who intends to concentrate on in Holland at a Dutch college? This broad aide assists you with getting associated with the web while you stay in this lovely country.

Picking a web access supplier (ISP) can be precarious: there are a great deal of elements to consider, a few organizations with various web bundles to look at, and vast surveys to find out about each and every one.

On the off chance that you’ve as of late moved to the Netherlands and turn out to be in this boat, then you’re presumably beginning to feel slightly wrecked – and enticed to join with any of the biggest ISPs in the country to simply finish. It makes perfect sense to us.

Try not to surrender: getting associated with the web doesn’t need to be superfluously confounded. In this broad aide we give you all the data expected to pursue an educated decision for the web membership that best meets your requirements during your visit here.

About web in The Netherlands

Fast web access is far reaching in The Netherlands. The nation is thickly populated. In this way, laying landlines is moderately modest contrasted with different nations (which are less thickly populated). This makes it simple for network access suppliers to give fast landline web associations with essentially every home in the country.

Most Dutch individuals (in 2018: 98% of the population1) have a landline web association with their homes, close to a portable information membership for in a hurry. Disturbances in assistance are uncommon.

There can be a margin time because of support to the organization, however this will in general be in the daily hours. So no problem: you can rely on a steady web association when you are in NL.

Expenses of web in The Netherlands

Your month to month web cost relies upon the kind of membership and on the supplier you pick. For the most part, the expense of Dutch web isn’t high. For example, the least expensive web just membership costs € 31,- every month (Youfone), while the most costly decision costs you over € 60,- every month (Ziggo).

Note that these are totally unique web speeds (50 Mbps versus 500 Mbps). Additionally, the name of the ISP is of significance. Youfone is a genuine spending plan supplier, and that implies they hold back nothing. The client assistance is of less significance. In the interim, Ziggo offers web through the cajole cale, and is known for its steady velocities.

Normal web speed in The Netherlands

Normal web speed is 103 Mbps2. This makes The Netherlands part of the best 20 of nations on the planet with the quickest web associations.

Dutch legislative issues perceive the significance of a quick web association for each resident. Because of hostile to cutthroat guidelines, the public authority doesn’t have a lot of ability to work on the speed by laying landlines or offering administrations effectively.

The nearby ISPs need to do this. Fortunately, this is working out in a good way. There are not many homes with low web rates, and they are generally in the rustic region of The Netherlands. KPN is extending their fiber organizations, to offer these individuals quick web also.

There are no information limits for downloading and transferring while at the same time utilizing the landline. This is not the same as Belgium, for instance, where ISPs in all actuality do set information boundaries for landline web associations. There can be a fair use strategy in the agreement, however don’t stress over this.

Unhindered internet (EU rules, viable since april 2016) boycotts choking or leaning toward explicit kinds of information. The Netherlands was one of the trailblazers on the subject of internet fairness: currently in 2012 The Netherlands turned into the second country on the planet to authorize internet fairness by regulation, under the steady gaze of any European regulations made this the norm in the EU area3.

Landline web organizations and suppliers


There are three enormous organizations in the broadband market in The Netherlands. Previously state possessed KPN has the biggest DSL organization, in light of phone lines. The organization is likewise putting a ton in fiber organizations, which are as yet being introduced in a ton of spots in The Netherlands, particularly in the country regions.

The Vodafone/Ziggo organization (in the remainder of the article will be alluded to as ‘Ziggo’) is a consequence of a few consolidations and acquisitions of other digital television suppliers and has the biggest (cajole) link organization. There’s additionally T-Mobile, who is contending with KPN fiber, and is particularly dynamic in the greater Dutch urban areas.

Various more modest nearby organizations and neighborhood fiber collaborations assume a part just locally. Consequently, KPN, T-Mobile and Ziggo rule the market.

Virtual suppliers

A piece of the ISPs are virtual suppliers: they don’t possess an organization yet offer types of assistance over the open KPN DSL or fiber organization. In March 2022, it has been concluded that Ziggo is permitted to keep their link network shut, so (tragically) there is no contest on the link network4.

The fundamental suppliers are Ziggo and KPN in the Netherlands – which merits remembering. Yet, there’s something else to look over with regards to getting web in the Netherlands.

In any case, we should examine the greatest internet services of the Netherlands:


Ziggo is the biggest internet service in the Netherlands, giving digital TV, broadband Internet, and telephone utility to Dutch occupants. Ziggo is a moderately youthful organization and with the assistance of certain consolidations has now turned into the greatest and driving Internet supplier in the Netherlands.

It’s not really the least expensive one incidentally, but rather it is the one on which you get to watch Game of Thrones when it aires.


KPN is one of the biggest supplier of Internet access in the Netherlands overall and is referred to among Dutchies as the old state-claimed Telecom-organization. KPN offers quick Internet in an assortment of bundles, they likewise do TV.

KPN is notable inside the Netherlands for its high consumer loyalty rate and it is one of the most client accommodating organizations in the Netherlands with a ton of stores and areas in the Netherlands. They’re reasonably evaluated.


Tele2 is one of the more seasoned players available and overall is one of the less expensive Internet suppliers in the Netherlands. In the event that you are not a weighty Internet client, this could be the better choice for you. They’re additionally known for these humorous/out of control/irritating advertisements:

Last yet absolutely not least;


XS4ALL is one of the most established and most Dutch gatherings with regards to giving web in the Netherlands. They’re about client support! (thus, additionally not the least expensive supplier).

The following are several other internet services:


Telfort was a brand of Dutch portable telecom organization KPN.

It worked a GSM portable media communications administration in the Netherlands. It promoted itself similar to the least expensive choice accessible, and took a few measures to give the presence of being a straightforward administrator.

The organization was shaped in 1997 as a joint endeavor between British Telecommunications (BT) and Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways). In 2000, BT purchased out Nederlandse Spoorwegen’s shareholding.

The gathering turned out to be important for the BT Wireless business and after its side project as mmO2, became known as O2 Netherlands. Be that as it may, in 2003, O2 offered the organization to Greenfield Capital Partners. It then, at that point, returned to the Telfort name. In July 2005 Telfort was offered to phone organization KPN.

In October 2007, KPN, which had purchased the Dutch tasks of Tiscali a few months sooner, rebranded Tiscali’s Internet administrations as Telfort Internet. It has, from that point forward, extended its tasks to incorporate fixed telephone lines and computerized TV (IPTV) memberships.

In 2018, Telfort stopped existing as a different lawful element and turned into a brand name of KPN.

In January 2019, KPN reported that it would ultimately transition away from the Telfort brand and proceed with activities under the KPN brand. The Telfort brand stopped tolerating new clients on 1 May 2019. Existing portable clients were moved to the KPN brand in January 2020. Relocation of fixed-line VDSL clients began in September 2020.


T-Mobile Home Internet is an expanding offering from T-Mobile, available to more than 30 million households nationwide.

It’s fast, affordable home internet service that lets you do it all for just $50 a month with AutoPay, taxes and fees included for qualified accounts – a flat price, no annual contract and no data caps.

T-Mobile Home Internet service connects to the same great 4G LTE or 5G network T-Mobile smartphones run on, depending on signal availability at your eligible address.

You receive service through a 5G Gateway device (which combines the capabilities of a router and a modem), the Gateway device then converts the 5G signal to Wi-Fi, and provides a Wi-Fi signal accessible by all the devices in your home.

Easy, self-installation – set up in as little as 15 minutes.


Canal Digitaal’s 3-in-1 TV App gives you access to more than 60 TV channels, ESPN Complete and our extensive range of films and series for a fixed amount of € 14.95 per month. Watch live television up to 7 days ago or record programs.


Fiber Nederland is the fastest growing 100% Dutch en independent provider of internet, tv and calling. We are a young organization and free of external investors so we can make our own choices.

The whole day, we are working to provide our customers the best quality and service there is for the best price.

Online is complete, whatever package you choose. You always get reliable internet with super fast WiFi. Do you also include TV? Then you have more than 80 TV channels as standard – including ESPN Complete (4 channels) and a lot of films and series on demand. And all for the best price!

XS4ALL Internet B.V.

XS4ALL Internet B.V. is an Internet Service Provider that operates in the Netherlands. XS4ALL Internet B.V. was established in 1993 and is headquartered in Diemen, the Netherlands. XS4ALL Internet B.V. is known to be a a subsidiary of Royal KPN N.V.

They deliver not only Internet access but also television and telephony services created to meet the needs of individuals as well as small companies that operate in the Netherlands. Moreover, the company provides also additional services in a form of Web site/email services.


XS4ALL Internet B.V. is an Internet Service Provider that operates in the Netherlands so that they created special offers for all customers living in Netherlands. In their wide portfolio of products you may find Internet PRO + Internet On the Go plan

which includes Internet speeds of up to 500 Mbps for download and 500 Mbps for upload, 1GB of data allowance per month, free installation and Wi-fi check. Internet PRO + Internet On the Go has now a promotional price of USD 43.20 for each month for 6 months.

UPC Netherland B.V. (UPC Netherlands)

UPC Netherland B.V. (UPC Netherlands) is a telecommunications company that belongs to the UPC Group of telecommunications company. It is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The company was established in 1998.

They were closely cooperating with Ziggo and finally in 2015 they were phased out. Their first steps were related to cable TV provision, then analogue TV and at the very end (2008) their most popular service was Internet with speeds up to 200 Mbps.


UPC Netherland B.V. (UPC Netherlands) as a telecommunications company offer a wide scope of products and services to its individual and business customers across the Netherlands.

Internet Ziggo Max is one of several Internet access options that can deliver to you 200/20 Mbps of speeds, Wireless Internet option, WiFiSpots, and more. This tariff is designed to meet individual needs. It costs USD 38.34 a month for 3 months and then a regular price is USD 59.18 per month.

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