15+ Best Jobs That Allow You to Travel the World

If you are looking for the answer to this question Best Jobs That Allow You to Travel the World then you have come to the right place and if you like to travel, that means you like to go to new places. It is never possible for one person to travel everywhere in this vast world. But there are a number of jobs that can help you get around the world. If you want to complete this post then you will know the best jobs that allow you to travel the world.

most of us dream of travel of chasing the endless summer can you imagine being paid to do this we can which is why we’ve compiled a list of the 15+ Best Jobs That Allow You to Travel the World.

1. Travel Nurse

($60,000 – $120,000 / year)

It is difficult to say when our body will be good and when it will be bad. 15 best jobs that allow you to travel the world This is one of the 15 jobs that allow you to travel around the world.

If you think about it everywhere you go there are nurses and medics stadiums cruise ships live events NGOs disaster zones and resorts being a traveling nurse can really offer you an opportunity to see the world as you relocate every 13 to 26 weeks on the average contract.

The shift schedules allow you a lot of time off to travel or take a few weeks after one contract and explore before moving on to your next location while it can be emotionally taxing if you’re involved in relief aid you can always take a little break in between and treat some sunburns and seasickness on a cruise ship for a few months.

2. Virtual Recruiter

$36,000+ Commission a month think of this as a global matchmaker you’ll find the perfect talent to suit the job opening known as career curators recruitment advisors and talent magnets virtual recruiters work from anywhere and can serve customers anywhere on the planet.

you’ll be most successful if you pick a niche area and stick with it and spend your time getting to know all the industry players and building connections tools like LinkedIn and glassdoor will be your stomping ground 

and you’ll be pro at efficient zoom meetings and assessing piles of resumes what’s more the bonuses are great and all you need to get started is a laptop and internet access so you can work anytime and anywhere even on a cruise ship.

3. Working for the United Nations

(67,000 – $123,000 / year)

Believe it or not, you don’t need to be a senior politician or an expert on international relations to work for the un there are plenty of opportunities in all industries the UNA is a massive employer and runs projects all over the globe.

so they need a huge number of skills from it to hr you can jump on their employment opportunities website and browse by location and industry once you’ve done all the relevant security clearances and have the first role you can look to relocate within the organization and work all over the place.

4. Geopolitical Analyst

($51,000 – $92,000 / year)

If you have a degree in anything from law to engineering finance to mining you can take your career on the road as a geopolitical analyst it does help to have a post-grad degree in politics and economics but with this powerful combination you’re an asset to a multinational company or any business with interests or assets in foreign countries,

They will generally have an office in any of these countries and need geopolitical analysts to help them understand any risks or security threats to their investments in that country you’ll be spending anything from months to years in one region and from that base probably enjoy quite a bit of regional travel.

5. Foreign Affairs Diplomat

($30,000 – $ 80,000 / year )

From eighteen-month to five-year contracts you could base yourself in countries around the world while representing your country as a diplomat the salaries vary widely depending on the country you live in but then again so do the responsibilities.

A US diplomat is quite a tall order and the role is intense but for a smaller country based in a more remote region, it could be just a few events and attending a meeting once in a while however in other regions you might be involved in economic policymaking or even peacekeeping efforts.

6. Construction Manager

($86,000 – $ 100,200) 

If you’re lucky enough to be in construction and work for one of the large construction firms you could have the opportunity to apply for work on overseas projects the pay is top drawer plus for the inconvenience of travel many firms offer per diem and relocation benefits

 and it’s not only top management roles that allow you to travel in the construction industry plenty of lower-level jobs could give you a foot in the door to travel with construction work as many companies relocate their own support staff for larger projects as well.

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7. Technology Evangelist

($56 – $120,000 a year)

Don’t head off to bible school just yet this one is not for a religious experience a technology evangelist is the person responsible for bringing awareness and winning mass audiences over to new technology or platforms think of adobe or windows launching a new product or software the technology evangelist will be sent around the globe to promote this through roadshows media interviews events or demonstrations.

you’re halfway there if you have a technical skill like architecture design or programming that uses specialized software or hardware then brush up your sales and marketing skills and you could excel in this field and convert new users as you travel the world.

8. Luxury Retail Buyer 

($60,000 – $104,000 / year)

If you have a shopping habit your finances can’t keep up with then a career in fashion buying is a dream come true it’s not all runways and fashion weeks but there’s plenty of that too.

You’ll attend trace shows and conferences all about the future of fashion what to expect next season and how to get your hands on it from there it involves having a keen eye for data.

Knowing what sells and what doesn’t and picking the perfect price points for your market once you’ve built up a reliable list of vendors you’ll be able to buy buy buy as you fill the decision seat of what makes it into the store and what doesn’t.

9. Athletic Recruiter

($50,000 – $80,000 / year)

Every human being should do sports because we all know that playing sports keeps the body healthy but you have to do sports in a way that allows you to travel around the world. You have to win every game which means if you can win every game starting from school life then you must do this job.

Professional sports is big business and sourcing talents is a highly competitive market if you’ve had experience as a professional athlete or have a successful coaching career and are ready to spread your wings then becoming an athletic recruiter could fit like a glove.

The annual salary might not be a major drawcard but there are incentives and bonuses if you score a touchdown you’ll be responsible for attending high school college or regional sports fixtures globally and eyeing out the next Ronaldo or Messi.

10. Oil Rig Worker

($60,000 – $150,000 / year )

Oil and gas are generally mined in remote or offshore locations this means that if you’re in the industry you can count on plenty of travel in your career the salaries are in the upper regions because the industry demands a lot of high-skilled staff from geologists to engineers.

Unfortunately, you’ll be working in some pretty remote or ocean-bound rig locations but there are longer off periods where you’ll have the opportunity to explore the region you’re working in or fly home if you prefer.

11. Forest Firefighter

($50,000 – $80,000 / year)

Firefighters aren’t often thought of as a traveling position but there is a need for experienced first responders to forest fires around the world apart from seeing the world the perks include food and lodging where you’re posted on assignment,

and the pay isn’t bad either considering you work six months on six months off so it offers plenty of time to see the world while you’re off duty but like any firefighting job there are strict standards of fitness and the ability to work long hours in really tough conditions but for many people, the time off makes it worth the heat.

12. Archaeologist

($58,000 to $78,000 / year )

Uncover the world in a completely different way as an archaeologist you could be the first person to see the next major tourist attraction if you join a local archaeological dig anywhere in the world all across the globe archaeology teams are digging away to find evidence of ancient civilizations 

and species that used to walk the planet not all of these are outback posts some teams are uncovering ancient trash piles in big cities like London or getting below the surface of the La Brea tar pits in Los Angeles.

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13. Cruise Ship Professionals

($45.000 – $100,000 / year)

Plus living not all positions on cruise ships are waiters cleaners and entertainers there are plenty of high-paying professional roles too we already mentioned medical staff then there are i.t specialists engineers safety officers,

and accountants all making sure it’s smooth sailing take some time off from your city job and hop aboard a cruise ship and see the world for a season or two all meals and accommodation are included.

14. Travel Rider

($54,000 – $94,000 / year)

It’s a competitive market but travel writing is a great way to bring home the bacon while sampling breakfast buffets and beds across the globe if you have a way with words and can easily decipher the next hot travel spot then you could do well as a freelance writer.

There are a few golden opportunities to write full-time for a single publication but these are rare for the most part you’ll be pitching stories to various publications and selling your articles one by one.

There are also sites where you can respond to assignments requesting freelance travel writers to complete a specific review as you’re most likely freelancing the income varies based on the frequency you’re published but often travel costs are paid for or at the very least it’s a tax deduction so it’s a win-win.

15. Airline Pilot

($100,000 to $208,000 / year)

Not all pilots are ferrying tourists and business people around the world on commercial flights there’s a whole world of opportunity for airline pilots and in terms of salaries, the sky’s the limit you could join military service and fly for your country’s army join relief efforts and deliver aid and volunteers in times of crisis.

there are animal relocation pilots or pilots that spot poachers for living flying schools and experienced pilots to pass on their skills to students the film industry requires specialized pilots that can fly according to the camera angle and perform stunts that are needed and then there’s always work for air freight pilots ferrying cargo around the globe,

and then there are private planes which are on the rise and each one needs a pilot ready to take off at moments to notice you get the picture the options are endless and so are the locations where you can work.


you don’t have to apply for a job in a specific country to be able to work and travel there are plenty of remote working opportunities for digital nomad positions as they’re known not all of them pay super well,

but some of the better-paying gigs include computer programming web developers and app and game developers then there are virtual assistants medical transcriptionists translators and travel agents that can all be done while you hit the open road.

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