27 The Best Zoos in the Netherlands for zoo lover

In the event that you are in the Netherlands and keen on visiting a zoological nursery, this post might be helpful. I will acquaint you with 26 well known Dutch zoos, that all vary from one another.

Some of them simply center around monkeys, ocean animals, butterflies or a combination of creatures like vertebrates, fish, birds, reptiles, creatures of land and water or bugs. In Dutch, we call a large portion of the zoos: ‘dierentuinen’.

Artis Amsterdam

Address: Plantage Kerklaan 38-40, 1018 CZ Amsterdam

Artis is a zoo found near the focal point of Amsterdam with its lovely channels. Artis Amsterdam is one of the most established and biggest zoos in The Netherlands. Artis has in excess of 900 unique creature species, so you will have an adequate number of creatures to watch.

Artis is Amsterdam’s most famous fascination and invites more than 1 million guests/year. That ought to guarantee you that taking your family to Artis will be enjoyable.

  • Ticket prices:
  • Children (3-9 years) = € 20,50
  • Adults = € 24,00.

Apenheul In Apeldoorn

Address: J.C. Wilslaan 21, 7313 HK Apeldoorn

Apenheul is” the greatest outing among monkeys” and a zoo where you can stroll between the (more modest) monkeys. That is tomfoolery, and it is nothing unexpected that Apenheul is a top of the line fascination in The Netherlands.

It will be an extraordinary encounter for the kids (and the guardians). Try not to stress over security in light of the fact that the greater monkeys can’t walk uninhibitedly. I returned to Apenheul last year and cherished it. Very fascinating!

Aqua Zoo Leeuwarden In Leeuwarden

Address: De Groene Ster 2, 8926 XE Leeuwarden

Acqua Zoo Leeuwarden is a zoo in Leeuwarden that spotlights on creatures that live in or close to water. Nowadays they have a more extensive concentration and a more extensive assortment of creatures. They have likewise expanded their jungle gym offices since they have perceived that a blend of watching interesting creatures with a (huge) jungle gym is a wonderful mix for families with more youthful youngsters.

The way that the quantity of guests has multiplied throughout recent years means that Aqua Zoo Friesland has turned into an alluring choice for a day out with your loved ones.

  • Ticket prices:
  • Tickets (above 3 years) = € 17,95.

Blijdorp, The Most Popular Zoo in the Netherlands.

Address: Blijdorplaan 8, 3041 JG Rotterdam

Blijdorp in Rotterdam is the most well known zoo in the Netherlands, with more than 1,5 mln guests/year. We have portrayed Blijdorp in one more post as one of the top attractions of Rotterdam. You ought to investigate that post to find out about Blijdorp and different attractions in Rotterdam that might be a good time for your loved ones.

  • Ticket prices:
  • Children (3-11 years) = € 20,00
  • Adults = € 23,00.

Burgers’ Zoo, The Zoo Of Arnhem

Address: Antoon van Hooffplein 1, 6816 SH Arnhem

Burgers’ zoo is situated in Arnhem and is one of the country’s bigger zoos. Last year, I visited Burgers’ Zoo and was dazzled by the zoo’s size and plan. Notwithstanding, the most great and really special thing about Burgers’ Zoo is the biggest Butterfly Hall in Europe. That is very much an encounter.

The recreation area comprises of a few sections, the Safari part, the Bush part, the Dessert part, and a Sea part. Burgers’ zoo is a delightful present day zoo.

  • Ticket prices:
  • Children (4-9 years) = € 19,50
  • Adults = € 22,50.
  • You will get a € 1 discount per ticket if you order your tickets online.
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Amersfoort Zoo in Amersfoort

Address: Barchman Wuytierslaan 224 3819 AC Amersfoort

Amersfoort Zoo separates itself by permitting you to watch the creatures from a higher place and underneath. That is a fairly unique arrangement, and the children will cherish it. Another imaginative idea is the DinoPark, with models of dinosaurs at their unique size.

The house for creatures dynamic during the night is likewise a unique thought. This zoo additionally has a lot of jungle gyms for more youthful youngsters. Amersfoort Zoo is a phenomenal creative zoo.

  • Ticket prices:
  • Children (3-12 years) = € 20,00
  • Adults = € 24,00.

Dierenrijk In Nuenen

Address: Baroniehei 1, 5731 RG Mierlo

The zoo in Nuenen is an enchanting moderate size zoo in a green climate with a lot of opportunities for more youthful kids to play in the jungle gyms. This zoo has 96 unique creature species, including lions, elephants, and rhinoceros. There are numerous jungle gyms for more youthful youngsters to play in, and they finish it off with heaps of birds zooming around.

  • Ticket prices:
  • Tickets (3 years and older) = € 21,00.

Dolfinarium In Harderwijk

Address: Zuiderzeeboulevard 22, 3841 WB Harderwijk

Dolfinarium is an easily recognized name in the Netherlands and quite possibly of the most well known fascination in the country. I can strongly suggest the shows where dolphins play out a wide range of stunts.

As of late, an outside water park with loads of slides has been worked to show your abilities in the water. If it’s not too much trouble, actually take a look at ahead of time in the event that the water park is open since it is an outside water park and won’t be open throughout the entire year.

  • Ticket prices:
  • Tickets = € 28,50.

GaiaZOO In Kerkrade

Address: Gaiaboulevard 1, 6468 PH Kerkrade

Gaiazoo has been chosen multiple times by the general population as” the most lovely zoo in the Netherlands,” and that ought to let you know enough. This zoo has existed for a generally brief time frame (15 years), and the offices are new and extremely current.

GaiaZOO is a superb decision assuming that you stay in the southern piece of The Netherlands or come from Germany or Belgium. GaiaZOO is perhaps of the most thrilling zoo in The Netherlands and worth considering a day out with your loved ones.

  • Ticket prices:
  • Children (3-9 years) = € 20,50 
  • Adults = € 24,00.

Ouwehands Zoo In Rhenen

Address: Grebbeweg 111, 3911 AV Rhenen

Ouwehands Zoo is one of the more established moderate size zoos in the Netherlands. Ouwehands Zoo utilizes its Chinese goliath panda couple to separate itself from different zoos, and it has assembled a whole Chinese idea around these pandas.

Nonetheless, they bring significantly more to the table than only the pandas, and a ton of their contribution is likewise inside, which is certainly not a poorly conceived notion given the environment in The Netherlands.

  • Ticket prices:
  • Children (3-9 years) = € 23,00
  • Adults = € 25,00.
  • You will get a € 1 discount per ticket if you order your tickets online.

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Safaripark Beekse Bergen in Beekse Bergen

Address: Beekse Bergen 1, 5081 NJ Hilvarenbeek

Safaripark Beekse Bergen is quite possibly of the most extraordinary zoo in the Netherlands in light of the fact that the creatures are not living in confines but rather strolling around unreservedly. Worry don’t as well; it is protected the length of you submit to the recreation area’s guidelines.

You could rest between the creatures in light of the fact that the safari park has a retreat. We love the cabins between the treetops specifically. We track down this park and resort an interesting idea, and you can track down more data about it here.

  • Ticket prices:
  • Children (3-9 years) = € 22,50 
  • Adults = € 26,50.

ZooParc Overloon In Overloon

Address: Stevensbeekseweg 21, 5825 JB Overloon

Zoopark Overloon is a moderate size zoo situated in Overloon. ZooParc Overloon is based on the idea of going on an endeavor to make the visit to the zoo more courageous for kids. They have loads of jungle gyms to keep the kids occupied, and they are sensibly evaluated. That makes this zoo appealing for a day out with the family.

  • Ticket prices:
  • Ticket (3 years and older) = € 17,00.

Avifauna In Alphen A/D Rijn

Address: Hoorn 65, 2404 HG Alphen aan den Rijn

Avifauna is a bird park situated in Alphen a/d Rijn. Avifauna is, as the name says, a zoo zeroing in on birds. Other than the way that you can see many birds, this zoo likewise has many bird shows. The taking care of the birds is likewise a tomfoolery and famous action.

  • Ticket prices:
  • Children (3-12 years) = € 17,00
  • Adults = € 18,50.
  • You will get a € 1,50 discount per ticket if you order your tickets online.

Wildlands In Emmen.

Address: Raadhuisplein 99, 7811 AP Emmen

Wildlands is a zoo situated in Emmen. Wildlands is the biggest zoo in the north of the Netherlands. The zoo has as of late moved to another region outside the downtown area and has turned into a huge zoo.

The zoo is isolated into four unique pieces (of the world) to allow you to take a visit all over the planet. They additionally have extraordinary attractions like a safari truck, an indoor boat excursion, and, surprisingly, an exciting ride. These are superb increases to a zoo and make Wildlands an extraordinary zoo.

  • Ticket prices:
  • Children (3-9 years) = € 20,50
  • Adults = € 24,00.

Berkenhof Tropical Zoo

Address: Langeweegje 10-A, 4434 NE Kwadendamme

Berkenhof Tropical Zoo is an honor winning medium size zoo situated in Zeeland. Berkenhof is obviously arranged for those meeting the sea shores in Zeeland and searching for an option in contrast to the ocean side when the weather conditions may not be as exquisite.

Berkenhof Tropical Zoo is, of course, centered around exotic creatures. They likewise have a fossil mine, where mammoths and saber-toothed tigers should be visible. At long last, they have a dinosaur composition, where you can see models of a few dinosaurs.

  • Ticket prices:
  • Children (3-12 years) = € 10,50 
  • Adults = € 11,50.

BestZOO In Best

Address: Broekdijk 15, 5681 PG Best

BestZOO is a little comfortable zoo situated in Best. BestZOO values two uncommon creature species, the tamanduas and the wallaroos, found no place else in The Netherlands. Notwithstanding, BestZOO can more readily pride itself as an enchanting little zoo with a petting ranch, bunches of jungle gyms for small kids, and a sensible ticket cost.

  • Ticket prices:
  • Children (3-11 years) = € 9,75
  • Adults = € 11,50

De Oliemeulen in Tilburg

Address: Reitse Hoevenstraat 30, 5042 EH Tilburg

De Oliemeulen is a little zoo that began quite a while back as a reptile house, and reptiles are as yet a zoo’s concentration. There are day to day shows and exhibitions where the guests can contact creatures like snakes and insects (if they really feel compelled to). Little (non-hazardous) creatures stroll around openly, making De Oliemeulen a cordial, instructive, beguiling, and sensibly valued zoo.

  • Ticket prices:
  • Children (3-12 years) = € 11,00
  • Adults = € 12,00

DoeZoo in Leens

Address: Wierde 17, 9965 TA Leens

The Doezoo is based on the possibility that you ought to “do” something in a zoo as opposed to simply watching creatures. Subsequently, the visits are exceptionally valued, and guests can contact the creatures (if they truly feel compelled to do this).

There is likewise a petting zoo and jungle gyms for the more youthful kids. Add a sensible cost to this, and the whole family can have a beautiful evening with the children in this zoo.

  • Ticket prices:
  • Tickets (3 years and older)= € 7,50
biggest zoo in the netherlands

Eekhoorn Experience in Etten-Leur

Address: Bredaseweg 287, 4872 LA Etten-Leur

The Eekhoorn Express is a little park with 15 unique sorts of squirrels. The pleasant part is that you can take care of them with quality food that you can buy at an entirely sensible cost (€ 0,50/segment) in the recreation area. What compels the Eekhoorn Express alluring is that the expense of affirmation is unequivocally € 0 and that stopping is additionally free.

  • Ticket prices:
  • Tickets = € 0

Plaswijckpark In Rotterdam

Address: Ringdijk 20, 3053 KS Rotterdam

We portrayed Plaswijkparck in another post and propose you read the other post to get more data about Plaswijkparck. I like Plaswijckpark in light of the fact that it is a zoo joined with a jungle gym/fascination park. That is an ideal mix that has made Plaswijkparck an appealing objective for a vacation.

  • Ticket prices:
  • Tickets (2 years and older) = € 13,35.

Reptile House in Breda

Address: Aardenhoek 26a, 4817 NE Breda.

The Reptile House in Breda is a zoo committed to reptiles. There are numerous reptiles (snakes, reptiles, crocodiles), creatures of land and water (frogs, amphibians, lizards), and arthropods (bugs and scorpions). You can’t anticipate elephants, rhinos, monkeys, or stupendous lions. It is a generally little zoo contrasted with different zoos, however no zoo has a greater number of reptiles than the Reptile House in Breda.

  • Ticket prices:
  • Children (3-11 years) = € 7,50 
  • Adults = € 8,50. 

Seal Rehabilitation Center In Pietersburen

Address: Hoofdstraat 94a, 9968 AG Pieterburen

The Seal Rehabilitation Center in Pietersburen is another commonly recognized name in The Netherlands. Wiped out seals found in the Wadden Sea are treated here and gotten back to the Wadden Sea once relieved. Guests can see the seals and how the veterinarians are recuperating the creatures. Exceptionally instructive and without a doubt worth a visit in the event that you are visiting the Wadden Sea district.

  • Ticket prices:
  • Children (3-9 years) = € 6,00
  • Adults = € 9,00.

Sea Aquarium In Bergen Aan Zee

Address: Van der Wijckplein 16, 1865 AP Bergen aan Zee

The Sea Aquarium in Bergen aan Zee has been redesigned and extended as of late and is currently home to north of 300 different fish species. You can stroll over a scaffold over the piranhas and stand up close and personal with monster sharks and noxious lionfish. For those searching for a less courageous encounter, you can likewise watch the seals outside in their recently redesigned pool.

  • Ticket prices:
  • Children (3-12 years) = € 10,25 
  • Adults = € 14,75.

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Sea Life In Scheveningen

Address: Strandweg 13, 2586 JK DEN HAAG

Sea Life is a water zoo situated in Scheveningen in the core of the ocean side retreat. Ocean Life faces the ocean and is under brief’s stroll from the ocean side. That creates it a beautiful open door to visit Sea Life to stow away from the sun for a couple of hours or, entirely conceivable in The Netherlands, to stow away from the downpour.

  • Ticket prices:
  • Children (3-11 years) = € 11,25
  • Adults = € 15,25.

The Orchid Farm In Luttelgeest

Address: Oosterringweg 34, 8315 PV Luttelgeest

The Orchid Farm in Luttelgeest is altogether inside and comprises of a few nurseries. The nurseries are loaded with bright gardens, orchids, butterflies, and fish. The Orchid Farm is a beautiful and astonishing idea and merits thought as a family action.

  • Ticket prices:
  • Children ( 4-12 years) = € 8,50 
  • Adults = € 14,50.
  • You will get a € 0,50 discount per ticket if you order your tickets online.

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