Disney Hotstar Membership Cancellation ( 2 easy Method )

 how to cancel Hotstar subscription 

You can easily cancel the membership in Hotstar. For this, you need a computer or laptop or mobile.  In this post, you can learn about Disney Hotstar membership cancellation.
Nowadays the use of OTT platforms is increasing rapidly in India. OTT platforms of various names are present in India.  One of which is the Disney Plus Hotstar. Earlier it was just Hotstar name but now it has partnered with Disney to change its name.

You can subscribe here for one month or for three months or for one year. But the problem is that you have taken the subscription and how you want to cancel it for any reason. If you want to cancel the Amazon Prime membership, click on the link below to find out. Amazon prime membership cancel


hotstar premium subscription cancel

There are two ways you can cancel your membership:

1: Method

You must first find the Settings option in the Hotstar app or on the website.

Then you have to find the My Account option. There you will be given different types of options such as
Suppose- upgraded premium
Cancel membership
log out
Logout all devices

You need to click on the cancel membership option here.

Then if you click the cancel subscription option inside the edit subscription option, your membership will be canceled.

2: Method

You can also do this method from any device like mobile, computer, or laptop. The bank account link you have in Hotstar. 
Or delete the ATM card link or credit card link. In other words, if you have added it to your bank account and delete it from that account with Hotstar, then you don’t have to do anything else.
 Your subscription will be canceled automatically.

If you still have a problem, watch this video and your problem will be solved.



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