Top Online Electronics and Gadgets Stores in the Netherlands

In the event that you are searching for a specific brand of electronic contraption and need the best arrangement for it, you need to visit a shopping site which manages such gadgets.

These shopping locales furnish you with broad data relating to the component and particular of each and every device accessible, making it exceptionally simple to think about between two models prior to making your buy. You don’t need to visit different display areas to figure out the highlights of an item. You should simply visit these shopping locales, read audits, think about costs, and make your buy.

Toward the finish of the 1970s, individuals purchase another TV from the expert exchange, a gramophone record from the record store and a clothes washer from the white merchandise dealer. Restricted decision and moderately excessive costs were the thing to get done. The four German originators behind MediaMarkt thought all was good and well in 1979 to switch that and shake around the market.

Their thought: many marked items at the most reduced cost in huge stores, with eye-discovering promoting and another pioneering corporate culture, where the representative was offered more liability and development chances than was normal at that point. Considering a certain something: forever be client situated.

MediaMarkt has made the first uber hardware retailer (miniature informatics, sight and sound, CD, DVD, video, howdy fi, photograph, telecom and family hardware) where the client is totally unburdened: tremendous decision, master counsel, the most recent contraptions and brand items from top quality at the least cost ensured, all under one rooftop. No big surprise this idea immediately turned into a tremendous achievement.

Extension follows rapidly, first in Germany, yet soon likewise in the remainder of Europe. In November 1999, the primary MediaMarkt branch is opened in the Netherlands. The Netherlands currently has 49 MediaMarkt stores, remembering Tech Village for Rotterdam: a definitive encounter store where, in addition to other things, 31 top brands introduce themselves in their own shop-in-shop where clients can encounter their most recent devices and items.

MediaMarkt has now developed into the biggest gadgets retailer in Europe for certain 900 stores and in excess of 38,000 workers in 12 European nations. Consistently, in excess of 100 million individuals in the Netherlands track down MediaMarkt, in stores or on the web.

The client first – Smartbar administrations

MediaMarkt is as yet fostering the first client guarantee from a long time back, in accordance with the desires of the present clients. Alleviating the client’s concerns by giving solid counsel on the decision of electronic gear is principal. However, our administration goes farther than buying the right item.

For instance, the client can anticipate different additional administrations from us at the Smartbar in the store. Our remarkable TV alignment administration guarantees a definitive review insight and reserve funds on the energy utilization of the adjusted TV.

What’s more, notwithstanding master counsel in the store about buying the right cell phone, there is an exceptionally extensive variety of telephone plans. With the Smartbar, these can be shut right away and assist with canning likewise be made in moving photographs, phone numbers and different information from the old to the new telephone.

In any event, while buying a PC or tablet, the client is totally unburdened by the Smartbar. The product can be introduced and the item can be brought back home right away, prepared to utilize, or conveyed at the time wanted by the client.

However, protection can likewise be taken out straightforwardly at the Smartbar, so you can partake in the bought item with practically no concerns. What’s more, if the screen of the cell phone or tablet breaks, MediaMarkt offers a 48-hour administration with free bring delivering back.

At long last, even at our Smartbar, our master representatives can check whether your ongoing energy contract actually suits you well or whether you can save money on it.

The following stage in client experience – Omnichannel

MediaMarkt has now become into the biggest hardware chain, yet additionally the main web-based gadgets provider in Europe. This permits the client to pick how, when and where the item is bought and conveyed.

With this omnichannel recommendation, MediaMarkt consistently incorporates actual stores, B-to-B deals and the web-based store, offering clients adequate choices while buying an item. As well as customarily purchasing an item and taking it with you in the store,

it is likewise conceivable to arrange an item on the web and get it in the store that very day or after a day (click&collect administration), request it on the web and get the item in four hours or less. time, that very day or on the day mentioned by the client.

So, MediaMarkt offers clients the upside of all day, every day web based shopping, yet in addition the valuable chance to encounter the item for themselves in the store, with individual exhortation from one of our master deals staff.

Make it conceivable with MediaMarkt!

Distrelec is a main internet based item and specialist organization to upkeep experts.

Established a long time back in Switzerland, Distrelec centers around hardware, mechanization and estimation innovation. We are addressed by auxiliaries in excess of 15 nations and supply our clients all through Europe rapidly and dependably.

Find Distrelec

As a high-administration merchant with north of 45 years’ insight, we’ve found opportunity to figure out what our clients need and can offer an extensive variety of top brand choices with incredible stock accessibility. With more than 30,000 items added consistently,

we can give parts to each spending plan and application necessity. With an emphasis on offering the best worth, we even have our own image – RND – to guarantee our clients can profit from great at low costs with regards to their fundamental undertakings. Also, our long periods of involvement have prompted deep rooted planned operations that permit us to convey to you in record time.

Conveying what you want, when you want it

While building our extensive item portfolio, our master group of buying and item chiefs pick just those brands and items that can offer the best quality to our clients. Depend on our broad experience and advantage from a hand-picked choice of parts

and items that can uphold your pivotal ventures. We’re on top of client needs and proposition facilitated site conveyance to limit free time. Besides, our master neighborhood groups of deals and specialized help are there to help.

Megagadgets represents considerable authority in the retail, conveyance and offer of contraptions and other new items. We are continuously searching for the freshest, most pleasant, most insane and most insane devices and gifts.

We travel all around the world to track down these items. For the individuals who didn’t have the foggiest idea yet, contraptions are fun devices from each cost range. Extremely good to purchase for yourself, yet in addition to give as a gift to companions or family!

Emoticon cushions, decent for your bed or sofa. Whatsapp cushions!


MegaGadgets began in 2004 with a store in Leiden and has extended over the course of the years into a fruitful store, an enormous webshop, establishment organizations and shop-in-shop ideas. This makes Megagadgets the market chief in the device world.

Present status of being

MegaGadgets is at present the biggest and most renowned device shop in the Netherlands. With a group of 10 individuals, we are dynamic all through Europe. MegaGadgets owes its quick development and great name to, in addition to other things, the quest for wonderful client assistance, the business-to-business prospects, the assurance of quick conveyance and the receptiveness to participation.


MegaGadgets has developed an immense scope of in excess of 1,000 items throughout the long term. MegaGadgets supplies B2B to discount clients, retailers, sites and shops. This concerns gift and contraption shops, limited time gifts and toy shops. Is it true that you are likewise inspired by B2B buys? Mail to [email protected]


Megagadgets likewise does limited time contraptions. Would you like to give pleasant limited time gifts with prints to your clients or representatives? Kindly contact our outreach group: [email protected]


We are free on Monday to Friday from 09:00 – 17:00.

Do you have any inquiries or remarks? Then you can send a ticket by means of the helpdesk in your MegaGadgets account.

Netherlands  Electronics Online Stores

Wantohave is a webshop for something good and most up to date inventive devices.

In our reach you will find: LED T-shirt, LED bands, LED Hat, LED Glasses, LED skirt, LED vehicle inside lighting and substantially more. Likewise numerous decent devices for the home, for example, bureau lighting and pleasant RGB Spots with controller or a glowing shower head.

Novel contraptions for yourself or to astound another person. Our gift assortments have numerous contraptions for all target gatherings!

Ubuy has transformed the web based business world in 2012, as a cross-line shopping stage serving in excess of 180 nations.

Through its site and application, Ubuy gives more than 100 million pristine, remarkable items from the best global brands in the US, the UK, and different nations.

Ubuy empowers consistent and bound installment techniques as well as quicker checkouts while intensifying the customer’s insight. As an International Shopping entryway, we bring quality items from extravagance brands to clients’ doorsteps from around the world with the help of the most believed messenger accomplices in the business.

It’s been an astounding excursion that we are as yet intending to happen with. Most asked how we’ve developed so rapidly; It is a seriously straightforward inquiry to respond to. We have consistently put our clients as our primary goal.

Center around guaranteeing that clients get the best and maybe most reasonable items available. We deal with it by using our extensive planned operations organizations. One more significant component behind our prosperity is our after-deal support group that deals with clients’ necessities and requests are met. Inside, we consider this our super califragilistic expialidocious reasoning

As another uprising worldwide shopping stage Ubuy is continuously anticipating acquiring another point of view while safeguarding its fundamental beliefs.

Coolblue is in excess of an online business organization. We construct complete answers for our clients with our supporting foundation. We do this in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, on the web and in our 20 actual stores.

All that we do at Coolblue, we do in light of our 2 objectives: to be a commendable organization in the field of client arranged business venture and to add esteem. The two objectives are similarly significant and practically speaking we see that they support one another.

To accomplish our objectives, we measure everything, in light of the fact that really at that time might we at any point comprehend and surpass the assumptions for our clients. We map the effect of each fundamental driver of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization (EBITDA) through esteem trees.

This approach permits us to improve each step of our item processes, either by adding esteem or by lessening costs. While upgrading NPS and EBITDA might appear to be inconsistent objectives, they really support one another. At the end of the day, satisfying clients not just prompts clients returning and prescribing us to other people, it is much of the time the most savvy way on a functional level.


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