150+ Free QQ Accounts Username and Password List 2023

Hello everyone. I’m going to provide you free QQ accounts and passwords that are 100% functional today.

Not able to register for a QQ account? We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry. For you to easily access one of the world’s largest social media platforms, we have provided a number of QQ free accounts and passwords in this post.

The free QQ accounts we’ve compiled in this page are accessible to everyone, whether they are Chinese or from anywhere else in the world.

In order to play games like PUBG Mobile, Game for Peace, Honor of Kings, etc. and communicate with millions of people in a variety of ways, get ready if you have the QQ software loaded on your device.

A free QQ account and password are required in order to use QQ. Additionally, once you join QQ, you’ll get full access to not only play games but also communicate with more than 800 million individuals through a single app.

Wait! How precisely do you utilise these free QQ accounts and passwords to log in and use the programme in English? Let’s dissect it by reading this essay.

What is China’s QQ App?

Tencent Holdings Ltd., a Chinese multinational technology and entertainment giant, developed Tencent QQ or QQ, an instant messaging software programme and online site.

On February 10th, 1999, it was originally made available under the moniker OICQ and exclusively supported Chinese.

But as time went on, more features were introduced, including chat rooms, games, custom avatars, online storage, and online dating services.

This entails that among many other things, you may talk with your buddies and exchange files, photographs, and places. You may also doodle online, check the news, form chat groups, conduct phone or video chats, and invite friends at no cost.

Installing the app on your Android or iOS device or going to the QQ website are both options for using the service. There are no costs for accessing the service’s basic functions, and registration is free.

Is QQ Secure?

Both the QQ app and its website are legitimate and entirely secure to use. Without any concerns, you may use the software after installing it directly from the Play Store or App Store.

To improve reputation checks and validation, we advise you to complete email verification on each user account.

Free QQ Accounts & Passwords

QQ is now accessible as a multi-tasking programme both inside and outside of China with a freeware licence.

The QQ app is quite simple to use once you get it installed, but in order to eliminate the adverts and restrictions imposed by the free version, you’ll need to log in using the free QQ usernames and passwords you’ll find below.

This implies that if you log in to QQ using one of the free QQ accounts listed below, you’ll also have premium access to services that require payments, including as music, gaming, and shopping.

As an illustration, QQ Music VIP and QQ Music Luxury are free.

Get to the list now and choose one free QQ account and password to access it from anywhere in the world.

How do free QQ accounts and passwords work?

As said, Tencent Holdings Ltd.’s QQ is a free multitasking programme. You need a QQ account, which is free, along with registration in China, Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan in order to get started with it.

Free QQ logins that actually work are the ones we’ve included in this post; they provide you access to QQ for logging in.

The ideal way to start using QQ for free without paying for free QQ accounts is if you don’t want to give QQ your personal information.

All of these are cost-free and functional outside of China. You must have a free QQ account if you want to play online games.

However, the issue is that Tencent has ceased upgrading the programme to the newest version, making the foreign version of QQ unavailable. So, if you’re seeking to start using QQ but live outside of China, install QQ APK and then join in to QQ using one of the free QQ accounts listed below.

List of free QQ usernames and passwords

Which QQ game is your favourite? Game for Peace, Honor of Kings, or PUBG Mobile? Whatever the case, here is the location to access QQ if you’re looking to sign up for it without providing a phone number.

In this area, we’ve included a list of a number of free QQ accounts that are active both inside and outside of China. You are not need to pay anything in order to login in using free QQ accounts.

You may obtain them for nothing and take advantage of the hassle-free access to several services on a single platform.

But if you choose not to install QQ APK, be sure to speak Chinese because the most recent version of the official QQ software isn’t accessible outside of China.

In order to obtain a free QQ account and password, please perform a self-check.

These free QQ accounts are all active and available for usage. No validation is necessary. Install the QQ app or go to the QQ website, then enter the credentials you have copied from the list below.

Get one free QQ account right now by acting quickly.

Accounts and Passwords for QQ Premium

This is the location you’re searching for if you’re not interested in paying for QQ. We’ve included a few free QQ accounts in this area that function both inside and outside of China and provide you access to premium services without having to pay.

This entails that you may use QQ’s online ordering system for free, get VIP and upscale music access, and receive many other advantages.

You are correct in what you heard. After logging in to QQ, you’ll have access to a wide range of advantages. You may also play PUBG Mobile, Game for Peace, and Honor of Kings without any restrictions by logging into QQ with any of the following QQ premium accounts and passwords if you’re a gamer wanting to dominate online.

A platform for multitasking is QQ. It has more than 800 million users worldwide. Some people use it to interact and talk with friends, family, and other people; others use it to shop online for deals; and the remaining users utilise the site to play games that go beyond what is allowed.

This is the location that best suits you if you fall under the gaming category. The advantages you’re seeking for are all included in the QQ premium accounts and passwords.

With these QQ premium free accounts and passwords, you may use QQ without issue from anywhere in the globe, including China, without having to pay anybody.

Grab a free QQ premium account and password from the list below, then use it to interact with people, play games, listen to music, and place orders online without any limitations.

Username Password
ogradix4  pivayswo
gardanpoll  leonardo94
deadsimal  ipcava163
gargiravel mixal100
stayvag optidan4918
pimcavgo difesivax
rahbella  powkto2981
anylabela9 edgfelam78
candowagom psjtk5803

Accounts & Modded Passwords for QQ

QQ Free Account

Is the QQ app offered in your nation? No! Chinese people may download QQ through the Play Store and the App Store. However, if you reside outside of China, the international QQ app, which was formally introduced in prior years, is currently inactive.

Updates have been discontinued, and Tencent has taken the app off of official sources. The worldwide QQ version is still maintained by several third-party sites, nevertheless. Wait! We don’t advise you to do that. Of course, you dislike that previous iteration as well.

Anyway, if you’re here to try something new, download the most recent version of the QQ mod APK from any reputable third-party website and install it before logging in using the free QQ modified usernames and passwords listed below.

The QQ mod APK is free of ads and provides all the premium features without requiring payment to use the service. You may purchase online and avoid paying delivery fees, receive discounts based on the amount of your basket, enjoy VIP/Luxury access to music, and many more freebies.

Additionally, if you frequently make or receive calls, you can make limitless video calls to anybody, including your pals. Play every kind of mini-game that is offered in the app.

So, act quickly to obtain one free QQ account from the list below and sign in to QQ mod APK before someone else takes advantage of this offer.

All have recently been verified to function. The list does not contain any phoney QQ free accounts. If, however, there are no free functioning QQ accounts available at the time of your visit, please contact us using the comment box below.

Username  Password
drantofma001 evtopex496
dilimavax032 Mpsk8467
darkgonbima  492694810
ciftilivact Emxak461S
slifteneyil6  miltivan567
stribaysx23  TmintGnp8
darikoluma bunvilgan578
carnfinilak58  ebtorpixma
filintimang6  abpotomax96
epitamint492  p4i7mxLK
darkblono  cirtinbaPs
granfolxem46 top4926m
offenblack77  4967395354

Accounts & Passwords from the Hacked QQ

Do the free QQ accounts and passwords you found on the websites you visited so far actually work? No! You won’t be let down by us, so don’t worry.

For individuals who are unable to register a QQ account, we have provided a number of hacked QQ accounts and passwords in this area. Let’s first understand what these QQ premium hack accounts are before checking the list.

The hacked QQ accounts and passwords we’ve included in this area may all be used for free, but each and every QQ premium hack account is one that has already been used, meaning that all of these hacked QQ accounts were obtained from people who had already been using them.

Concerning the account’s safety and security, don’t worry. Each QQ premium hack account was updated by our staff before being included to this page.

so that you won’t run into any issues while using the following compromised QQ usernames and passwords. Wait! What advantages do these compromised QQ accounts and passwords offer? Let’s investigate.

If you enjoy playing games, you may access all of the free games on QQ by logging in with any QQ premium hack account. Additionally, if you enjoy music, you can acquire VIP access for nothing. Finally, neither the online version nor the app include any advertisements.

This QQ premium hack list was created since most people seeking for free QQ accounts aren’t interested in utilising these compromised accounts. They make no effort to figure out what these compromised QQ accounts are.

This implies that if you work on these stolen QQ passwords and accounts, you’ll undoubtedly acquire one free QQ account.

So, keep your calm and utilise these compromised QQ usernames and passwords to access the service without fear.

Username Password
ligarova59  dabgs852m
danivagsa  edovig31l
bingopus  grohums294
gurabinn  sanfilysk59
ezgravbi  fiytaysk68
changell82 pilhcahnk
devip1123 trabsyvoga
alohach776  phorscenk99
bigsporre  4264643

QQ Premium Accounts and Passwords that Are Valid

Due to its rigorous requirements, opening a new Tencent QQ account is not that simple. Wish you well with it. In contrast to chatting and other services, QQ is mostly utilised for playing games like PUBG Mobile, Game for Peace, and Honor of Kings.

And when we talk about the multilingual, worldwide version, it is not currently in use. Therefore, the only way for you to access this multitasking function is through the Chinese version of the programme.

The legitimate QQ accounts and passwords mentioned in this area will give you what you’re seeking for if you’re here to start using it after multiple attempts at signing in failed.

These advantages might pertain to everything, including gaming, music, and shopping. Don’t ignore this area if you’re seeking for free QQ accounts that are secure and reliable. Our staff has confirmed and validated each of these legitimate QQ premium accounts.

So that you don’t have to worry about these free QQ accounts and passwords being genuine. None need to be verified because they are all secure.

To sign in to the QQ app or website, you may easily access the list and copy the logins. However, if there aren’t any active QQ free accounts available when you arrive, try the lists above or leave a remark below.

If you input your email, we’ll either inform you or update the list.

Username Password
darkblono  cirtinbaPs
sdilimavax032 Mpsk8467
sfilintimang6 abpotomax96
sslifteneyil6 miltivan567
sgranfolxem46 top4926m
sciftilivact Emxak461S
darikoluma bunvilgan578
sdrantofma001 evtopex496
soffenblack77 4967395354
carnfinilak58  ebtorpixma
sepitamint492 p4i7mxLK
sdarkgonbima stribaysx23
492694810 TmintGnp8

 Note: These free QQ accounts may only be used once. Don’t change usernames or passwords after logging in to QQ as well, so that everyone may use QQ without encountering any login issues.

How to Receive QQ Free of Charge

Tencent’s multitasking platform QQ is available without charge. However, in order to access all of its insider information, one must have some cash on hand to pay for the many commodities that can be bought inside the programme, such as QQ coins and avatar-related stuff.

However, if you don’t want to pay for such in-app content, you may still acquire those advantages for free by using the following techniques.

Let’s have a look at them and utilise all of the QQ’s built-in features without any limitations.

Apply QQ Mod APK.

One of the greatest methods to stop making payments A modified APK is, in fact, an unapproved version of the original programme. It is accessible in the most recent versions and was maintained by external websites.

Download the most recent QQ mod APK and install it on your smartphone to remove adverts and access all of QQ’s internal information. You may do this from any reputable third-party source.

However, you must use an Android device in order to utilise QQ mod APK. The installation process is not difficult. Start the procedure after enabling “Unknown Sources” in the device’s settings if you have the QQ mod APK file saved there.

After installing QQ mod APK on your device, complete app setup by granting all required permissions.

Enjoy utilising QQ from this point forward to play games without boundaries whenever and wherever you want in a language that seems natural to you.

The app has the same security features as the official one and is entirely free of advertisements.

Free QQ Account for One

This is the next-best option for eliminating payments in QQ. This is the second method to access QQ for free if you’re seeking for a way to do so.

We have a tonne of free QQ accounts and passwords, as you can see in the listings above. Try your hardest to obtain one free QQ account on this article or someplace else if utilising the QQ mod APK is not something you’re interested in.

Free QQ accounts may assist with using the service and offer all the features, including stuff for the avatar and QQ Coins, among many other things.

In order to avoid using the approach described above, make sure you obtain a free functional QQ account from one of the listings given above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the QQ app free to use?

Yes, the Tencent QQ app’s basic version may be used for free. To utilise the service, you are not need to pay anything. To get started, download the app or go to the website and sign up.

Is QQ a Chinese application?

Yes, it is the solution. Tencent Holdings Ltd. created the Chinese programme QQ on February 10, 1999, using Chinese as the only language.

How to create a QQ account without a phone number?

For verification purposes, a cell phone is required to open a QQ account. Use a virtual number in place of your mobile number if you don’t want to register for QQ without entering your mobile number.

To create one and begin using QQ, you may utilise services like exotel, Knowlarity, etc.

The Article’s Conclusion

One of the top multitasking applications on the market now is QQ in Chinese. It has a number of services built in, from commerce to entertainment, linking individuals to play games.

If you’re a Chinese or foreigner who wants to join the top instant messaging service in the world, just go through the list of free QQ accounts we’ve provided in this article.

Our free QQ accounts function anywhere in the world, no matter where you are. The worldwide version, however, is not operational. Try QQ mod APK instead to get a whole new experience.

I hope you’ll find this content useful and tell your friends about it. Please leave a remark below if you have any questions or stories.

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