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What are you when it comes to music? A creator or a listener. If you have an answer to this question, proceed to a platform that services both. This post will inform you about an open worldwide community known as SoundCloud.

Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss founded an online audio distribution and music sharing service in 2007. It is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, and serves approximately 175 million people worldwide.

If they hold the rights, SoundCloud users can stream, upload, promote, and distribute audio of any genre, including pop, hip-hop, rap, electronic, rock, techno, classical, jazz, and podcasts.

SoundCloud Go, SoundCloud Go+, and SoundCloud Pro Unlimited are free and premium memberships available for mobiles, PCs, and Xbox devices. The features and limitations that benefit authors and listeners will be unlocked depending on the bundle.

SoundCloud is equipped with all the features that promote the users’ creative work in its vast community to provide users with the finest listening experience and help them explore their uploads to reach the greatest number of listeners in the shortest amount of time.

This cloud platform, which has over 30 million producers and 275 million tracks, provides numerous audio qualities by transcoding MP3 files from 128kbit/s to 256kbit/s and supports AIFF, WAV, FLAC, ALAC, OGG, MP2, MP3, AAC, AMR, and WMA files.

So, regardless of who you are or what gadget you possess, go online and search for tunes that exist nowhere else, then push the play button to experience the beat of drums and the tone of your favourite performers.

However, if you want to go premium in this popular cloud platform without making any purchases or submitting any of your information, check out the free SoundCloud usernames and passwords listed below and join in to the platform using these SoundCloud free accounts.

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What exactly is SoundCloud?

What exactly is SoundCloud?


It is a cloud-based audio distribution and music sharing service founded in 2007 by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss for both creators and consumers. The site currently has 76 million active monthly users and over 275 million tracks.

Creators can post all forms of music, connect with their followers, share, like, comment, and follow their favourite artists, discover new music, and reach an audience in real-time.

Whether you have a free or premium membership, SoundCloud allows you to find music from all around the world in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish.

Its massive collection contains a staggering number of tracks and the top hits from all music genres, including pop, hip-hop, rap, electronic, rock, techno, classical, jazz, and podcasts. Furthermore, once a new track is available, SoundCloud never fails to include it.

Stick around to learn more about this streaming service and to gather SoundCloud premium accounts. If you want to go premium on SoundCloud, keep reading.

  • SoundCloud for Audiences

To listen to or download your favourite songs, melodies, and sounds from its database of tens of millions of tracks, follow the steps outlined in this article on how to use SoundCloud.

  • Download the SoundCloud app from the Play Store or App Store, or go to the SoundCloud website.
  • When you arrive to the site, establish an account by entering your email address and password, or sign in using Google or Facebook.
  • Finish by changing your profile, username, profile URL, and writing something about yourself.
  • When all of the modifications are complete, select the Home tab to return to the explore page.
  • Choose a genre/trending option, or use the search field to enter the name of the tune you want to hear.
  • To make a playlist, hit the ‘More’ button and then add the track by selecting ‘Add to Playlist’.
  • That’s all. The chosen track will be added to the list. More from the artist can be found by clicking on the ‘Follow’ button situated under the artist’s name to receive their reports immediately on the stream page.
  • SoundCloud for Artists

The platform provides everything you need to get your uploads to every corner of the globe. Follow this step-by-step instruction on how to use SoundCloud as a creator to explore yourself in SoundCloud.

  • To begin, go to SoundCloud’s official website and sign up with your email address, Google account, or Facebook account.
  • Click the Upload button next to your profile icon to upload your audio.
  • Upload the tracks and albums you wish to listen to on the following page.
  • Drag and drop the files into the upload box or manually add them.
  • Once your files have been added, check the playlist option and configure privacy by selecting public or private.
  • You’re finished. The files you want to upload to SoundCloud will be done so. Keep track of it and respond to users when they listen to or like your work to reach a larger audience.

To learn how to engage on SoundCloud, go to the platform and read the creator’s guide for complete instructions.

Please keep in mind that SoundCloud monitors your content for any copyright breaches, which is against the rules of service. As a result, do not upload work that does not belong to you.

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SoundCloud functions

SoundCloud provides everything beyond the users’ requirements for listening to their favourite music and assisting producers in exploring their work, and the services it gives are extraordinary.

From audio quality to quantity, cheap plans to personalised content, explore what SoundCloud has to offer that no other audio streaming service on the market does.

Listen to unlimited audio without having to sign up for a premium membership.

By joining with SoundCloud, you can upload up to 180 minutes of audio to your profile.

It accepts a variety of file formats, including AIFF, WAV, FLAC, ALAC, OGG, MP2, MP3, AAC, AMR, and WMA.

Depending on the premium purchases, you can stream at speeds ranging from 128kbit/s to 256kbit/s.

English, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish are supported languages.

The service is available on mobile devices, desktop computers, and Xbox devices.

Its open worldwide network allows you to stream, create playlists, download, share, and discover new music.

Browse through over 275 million tracks from genres such as pop, hip-hop, rap, electronic, rock, techno, classical, jazz, and podcasts.

  • Download music and listen to them when you’re not connected to the internet.
  • It makes recommendations depending on your preferences.
  • Connect in real time with artists and listeners.
  • Follow curators’ communities, like, comment, and repost in order to increase their reach.
  • SoundCloud’s Go, Go+, and Pro plans are ad-free.
  • The free trial period lasts for 30 days.
  • All subscription tiers give you access to SoundCloud’s entire collection.

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SoundCloud Plans and Prices

SoundCloud has diversified its membership plans into numerous sorts in order to provide the finest streaming experience to both listeners and creators who visit SoundCloud to listen to their favourite tracks and explore their audio.

As a result, choose the plans detailed below based on your requirements.

  • Unlimited SoundCloud Pro:

It is the plan that comes after the basic one and includes unlimited upload time, access to advanced audio insights, track replacement without losing stats, real-time uploads, 3 free masters, profile and URL customization, public stats control, direct messaging, comment turnoff, notifications, unlimited track downloads, and many other monetization and fan support features. To receive all of these perks, make a monthly payment of $16 from your PayPal account.

  • Repost on SoundCloud

This strategy is intended for creators. This package costs $2.5 per month and allows you to commercialise the material, distribute your music to all major platforms, advertise your tracks, monetize it, get quick responses, and many other features to help your content reach the most users globally.

List of Free SoundCloud Accounts and Passwords

You’ve now read everything there is to know about SoundCloud, its features, and the subscription modifications for each plan.

Whether you’re a listener or a composer, if you enjoy SoundCloud to boost your favourite music, or if you’ve decided to explore your audio in SoundCloud, keep reading to acquire several SoundCloud free accounts and passwords from the lists below.

All of these working SoundCloud accounts allow you to bypass the log-in process and save time. Some of these SoundCloud free accounts are obtained from genuine users, while others are sponsored.

So you no longer need to be concerned. Browse the lists and get the premium benefits without having to provide your account information.

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Premium SoundCloud Accounts

Premium SoundCloud Accounts


As previously stated, the paid plans SoundCloud Go and SoundCloud Go+ are not available in all countries, although SoundCloud Pro Unlimited and Repost are.

The following SoundCloud premium accounts provide you access to any of the above-mentioned plans, including SoundCloud Go and Go+.

So, create a SoundCloud free account and password, then join in to the platform to use the services you want without having to pay anything.

If the account you are logged into does not fulfil your requirements, log out and try logging in with another SoundCloud free account and password from the list below. All have been confirmed and are free to use.

So, take a chance and sign up for a SoundCloud premium account as a composer or listener.

Email Password
[email protected] 12345678910
[email protected] yusuf2005
[email protected] 9499535568
[email protected] drobtk29
[email protected] goha4905
[email protected]mail.com whatthefuck102
[email protected] perez2003
[email protected] 3569851426
[email protected] 123456789
[email protected] 55major55
[email protected] 64851325454
[email protected] warofwar584
[email protected] agit2131
[email protected] linda5526321145
[email protected] 0234587412abc
[email protected] 619619619
[email protected] vipcocacc
[email protected] prouser659
[email protected] 8645384558st
[email protected] 1234fizz
[email protected] as154223as2
[email protected] as522a822s
[email protected] as852as121s
[email protected] as85211as
[email protected] as82111as
[email protected] as522as11
[email protected] as8211as1
[email protected] as855r11s
[email protected] as85221a
[email protected] as5211as
[email protected] as8522as
[email protected] as5222asaa
[email protected] a5222sacas
[email protected] 82as622sa

SoundCloud Accounts for Free

Every year, not only SoundCloud, but also the majority of streaming service accounts and passwords, are compromised. These compromised SoundCloud premium hacked accounts and passwords are extremely unusual.

But, to let you enjoy SoundCloud with all of its capabilities enabled, we’ve gathered a collection of hacked SoundCloud accounts and passwords that have been changed to strong passwords for further security. All of them are safe to use.

Use the service to its maximum potential with these SoundCloud premium hacked accounts and passwords.

Whether you’re a creator or a listener, you can use any function available on SoundCloud without limitations, including unlimited upload time and creator rewards.

So go through these hacked SoundCloud accounts and choose one with a strong password to join in to the platform.

Email Password
[email protected] ranGteyla
[email protected] 2383586546
[email protected] pungicka692
[email protected] meandarCC
[email protected] dawogando47
[email protected] 164942655
[email protected] pilmayela232
[email protected] 47936587694
[email protected] evballyt964
[email protected] Zalgihax58
[email protected] entabibap
[email protected] camtantin54

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SoundCloud Accounts and Passwords

Do you know what mod accounts are? Modified means changed. Modded accounts are unofficial accounts that differ from the originals because they are given and maintained by third-party developers in violation of the terms of service.

SoundCloud modded accounts best suit SoundCloud mod apk, which is an unofficial version of the original. You can get the mod apk from a variety of third-party websites and sign in using the modded SoundCloud accounts listed below.

In general, mod apks enable most of the premium features, but if you want to enjoy SoundCloud to its maximum potential, use these modded SoundCloud accounts to receive all the perks of the SoundCloud Pro Unlimited plan, repost, Go, and Go+.

Email Password
[email protected] rasgihihpt
[email protected] 69621520
[email protected] Wonanmock
[email protected] isvayh423
[email protected] pWOAMkmzk
[email protected] itrivalkga59
[email protected] exvachimo92
[email protected] pcminonkwall
[email protected] anovLGP
[email protected] rasgihihpt
[email protected] 69621520
[email protected] Wonanmock

SoundCloud Accounts That Are Real

If privacy and security are important to you, continue reading to find and download some legitimate SoundCloud accounts for logging into the platform, as well as sharing these legitimate SoundCloud accounts with your friends directly or through social media networks.

All of these accounts are safe, secure, and completely free to use. None of the free SoundCloud accounts are obtained from third-party websites. So you don’t have to be concerned about security.

If you’re a creator, these legitimate SoundCloud accounts allow you to use premium features to engage audiences and monetise your content, while nothing is disabled for listeners.

So, select a genuine SoundCloud free account and password from the list below and enjoy unlimited listening on this renowned audio site.

Email Password
[email protected] isvayh423
[email protected] pWOAMkmzk
[email protected] itrivalkga59
[email protected] exvachimo92
[email protected] pcminonkwall
[email protected] anovLGP
[email protected] ranGteyla
[email protected] 2383586546
[email protected] pungicka692
fadna_pasksoun[email protected] meandarCC
[email protected] dawogando47
[email protected] 164942655
[email protected] pilmayela232
[email protected] 47936587694

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How to Get SoundCloud for Free

There are other complex techniques available on the internet that allow you to use SoundCloud premium for free, but most of them did not work every time you checked in.

If you’re looking for the best ways to acquire SoundCloud for free, go no further than the options listed here.

Trial Period

It’s hardly a novel way to entertain, but unlike any other audio streaming service on the market, SoundCloud offers a 30-day (1-month) trial period. This is one of the greatest and most popular methods of using the service for free.

If you want to try out all of the premium features at once, choose one of the plans and make a purchase.

The first 30 days are not counted, and all features are available to listeners. Cancel the subscription at the end of the month and receive a refund once the money is credited back to your bank.

This solution, however, only works once with the logins you’ve provided. Use your friends’ logins for several goods.

Make use of free SoundCloud accounts.

When you locate the perfect platform, this strategy works brilliantly. You may have gleaned what free SoundCloud accounts are from the preceding sentences.

You can use the SoundCloud free accounts given above or go to other platforms that offer working SoundCloud accounts.

As a result, you will be able to enjoy all of the services without giving any personal information.

If you were unable to discover a working account on any of the pages, go to websites that generate free accounts for every stemming service. Look for SoundCloud, complete the steps, and create a free SoundCloud account and password.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I Upload SoundCloud Audio Files?

If you want to post your work as a creator, go to the SoundCloud official website and sign in with your email/Facebook/Google account. Then, below your profile icon, click the Upload option.

Upload the tracks and albums you wish to listen to on the following page. Drag and drop the files into the upload box or manually add them. Once your files have been added, check the playlist option and configure privacy by selecting public or private.

What exactly is SoundCloud Repost?

It is a unique plan for creators. This plan, which costs $2.5 per month, allows creators sell their material, distribute music to all major platforms, promote tracks, monetise it, and many more tools will be available to assist their content reach the most users globally.

How Do I Make a SoundCloud Playlist?

SoundCloud playlists are simple to make. To begin, select the tune you want to listen to. Then, click the ‘More’ button and select the ‘Add to Playlist’ option. That’s all. The chosen song will be added to the Playlist.

What Streaming Quality and Formats Does SoundCloud Support?

SoundCloud offers a variety of audio qualities by converting MP3 files from 128kbit/s to 256kbit/s, and the file formats supported include AIFF, WAV, FLAC, ALAC, OGG, MP2, MP3, AAC, AMR, and WMA.

You must upgrade to SoundCloud Pro Unlimited to listen to your favourite music in high quality.

Is it compatible with offline mode?

Yes, SoundCloud allows for offline listening. Browse and download your favourites while connected to the internet to experience it. When you’re not connected to the internet, you can listen to the downloaded tunes within the app.

What Kinds of Audio Can Be Uploaded?

SoundCloud allows you to stream, upload, promote, and share audio of any genre, including pop, hip-hop, rap, electronic, rock, techno, classical, jazz, DJs, and podcasts, if you hold the rights. As a result, do not upload work that does not belong to you.

Is it possible to use SoundCloud on a Mac?

Yes, the service is available on mobile devices (Android and iOS), desktop computers (Windows, Mac, and Linux), and Xbox consoles.

What Languages Does It Support?

SoundCloud is currently available in the following languages: English, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish. More will be added in the near future.

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To summarise the article:

Stop using services that are simply designed to stream music and display advertisements. Switch to SoundCloud if you’re a listener or creator to discover your material as well as browse and listen to tens of millions of songs, albums, melodies, and many more from your favourite artists, as it contains over 275 million+ tracks from all genres.

So, if you enjoy listening to music on a daily basis, use the free SoundCloud accounts provided in this post and upgrade to premium to enjoy an ad-free interface and other perks.

You should now have a good understanding of SoundCloud and how to get SoundCloud for free. If you enjoyed this page, please bookmark it and share it with your friends. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments area.

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