Top 34 Health Insurance Companies In The Netherlands

The most outstanding feature of the Dutch medical system that I as an American expat have noticed is that the Dutch system is focused on preventative care. At age 75, I receive quarterly examinations for diabetes and blood pressure, biannual dermatology exams,

bimonthly teeth exams and cleanings from both a general care dentist and a periodontist, and every two years a colon cancer test sponsored by the Dutch government. Yes, it requires a lot of trips to the doctor, but they are inexpensive (usually 30EUR or so),

and I’m confident of my excellent health condition. In contrast, my brother who lived in the US died of colon cancer after ten years of painful chemotherapy. Had he had this level of preventative care, he might still be alive.

Top Health Insurance Companies In The Netherlands

I think most of it is just the general difference between European/ public service based v American/ profit oriented& customer based approach towards health and medical stuff. Based on my experience with UK and Czech system they arent so different in most cases and in their attitude and treatment of patients from what i hear about the Dutch one

1. OZ Zorgverzekeraar

Since January first 2008, OZ Zorgverzekeraar has gone on under the name of CZ. Along these lines, the OZ Zorgverzekeraar vanished as a brand name.

2. OZF Zorgverzekering

OZF developed from the wellbeing asset of AkzoNobel. With 40 representatives, OZF is working freely inside the Achmea bunch starting around 2005. OZF is a non-benefit medical coverage organization.

3. PNO Ziektekosten

PNO Ziektekosten is a health care coverage organization which works in the media business. Since January 1, 2010 PNO teams up with ONVZ Zorgverzekeraar from Houten. Subsequently PNO has two tends to now, the old in Hilversum and the ONVZ office in Houten.

4. Salland verzekeringen

Salland verzekeringen from Deventer is a somewhat little organization with a territorial methodology with an essential spotlight on the East piece of the Netherlands.

5. Stad Holland Verzekeraar

Stad Holland Verzekeraar, the previous SR-Zorgverzekeraar, is a free, little insurance agency from Schiedam. Stad Holland teams up with DSW medical coverages.

6. Trias Zorgverzekeraar

Trias is essential for UVIT, the umbrella association consistis of: Univé-VGZ-IZA-Trias. Trias has administration stores in Dordrecht, Gorinchem, Gouda, Sliedrecht and Woerden.

7. UMC Zorgverzekeraar

UMC has practical experience in representatives of the University Medical Center and was laid out in 2006. UMC is important for UVIT.

8. Univé Zorgverzekeraar

Univé is essential for UVIT, alongside VGZ, IZA and Trias. Univé is a non-benefit insurance agency and has three fundamental workplaces in Assen, Arnhem and Alkmaar. Moreover there are 150 local workplaces also.


The UVIT is a health care coverage organization that main comprises of non-benefit wellbeing guarantors. The UVIT name comprises of the primary letters of its individuals (Univé, VGZ, IZA, Trias).

10. VGZ Zorgverzekeraar

VGZ is part of UVIT and has 12 insurance offices, which are mainly situated in the south of the Netherlands.

11. Zilveren Kruis Achmea

Zilveren Kruis Achmea is part of Achmea together with Agis, Avero Achmea, Interpolis and FBTO.

12. Zorgverzekeraar Cares Gouda

The Goudse protections was established in Gouda in 1924 and consistently had areas of strength for a direction. These days Zorgverzekeraar Cares Gouda is essential for UVIT.

13. Zorgverzekeraar Zorg en Zekerheid

Zorg en Zekerheid is a territorial insurance agency that works from its central command in Leiden (South-Holland). Zorg en Zekerheid is a non-benefit insurance agency.

14. Achmea Zorg

Achmea, established in 1811, is important for Eureko, the biggest protection organization in the Netherlands. Because of various consolidations and joint efforts, Achmea formed into an organization with 22,000 representatives.

15. Agis Zorgverzekeringen

Agis is a key part in the Dutch market with 1.23 million policyholders. In January of 2008, Agis converged with Achmea.

16. Amersfoortse Zorgverzekeringen

The Amersfoortse is a medical coverage supplier had practical experience in business visionaries. Beginning around 1997, the organization is important for ASR Insurance.

17. Anderzorg

Anderzorg is one more piece of Menzis, and positions itself by hindering with prizes.

Taking out protection is done altogether through the web with Anderzorg. Likewise, asking protection inquiries is just conceivable through the web.

18. Avéro Achmea

Avéro Achmea is important for the general organization Achmea. Initially the organization zeroed in on the interests of ranchers. Avéro converged with Achmea in 1992.

19. Azivo Zorgverzekeraar

Azivo is a free insurance agency from The Hague and has been dynamic available for a long time. With two workplaces in The Hague and one in Zoetermeer, Azivo is unequivocally addressed in the area of the Hague.

20. AZVZ

The AZVZ (General Health Insurance for Marines) is a charitable health care coverage supplier who centers around laborers in the sea area. Under the mark of the Maritime Society, AZVZ teams up with a wellbeing back up plan from Leiden, specifically Zorg en Zekerheid.

21. Confior

As of the first of January 2009, all clients who recently were safeguarded with Confior are presently protected with Menzis. The brand Confior vanished from the market.

22. CZ

CZ is a significant public player with 3 million policyholders. CZ central command is situated in Tilburg. Furthermore, there are workplaces situated in Sittard, Goes and Breda.

23. The Friesland Zorgverzekeraar

Initially, the Friesland Zorgverzekeraar used to be the wellbeing back up plan for the area of Friesland. Today, an autonomous organization works in the Netherlands. The Friesland Zorgverzekeraar addresses itself through assistance stores in Friesland, Groningen, yet in addition on the Frisian islands.

24. Delta Lloyd Zorgverzekering

Delta Lloyd is perhaps of the greatest organization in the Netherlands that has practical experience in monetary administrations and works together with CZ in regards to health care coverage bundles. For taking out protection with Delta Lloyd, you can contact a monetary counsel in your space.

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25. DSW

DSW is a somewhat little insurance agency that offers a fundamental health care coverage bundle and two strengthening protection bundles.

26. FBTO

FBTO is a monetary administrations supplier established in 1956 as Friese Boeren en Tuinders Onderlinge. Today FBTO is essential for Achmea.

27. Fortis

Fortis, is important for the ASR Insurance Group since 21 November 2008, and is possessed by the Dutch state.

28. Groene Land Achmea

Groene Land Achmea is situated in Zwolle. The forerunner of Groene Land, the General Health Fund, was established in 1898. After a few consolidations, incorporating with the Regional Health Insurance Zwolle, the Groene Land is presently important for Achmea.

29. Interpolis Zorgverzekeringen

Interpolis began from countless agrarian insurance agency and banks which converged with Interpolis in 1969.

30. IZA Zorgverzekeraar

Beginning around 2006 IZA turned out to be important for UVIT. UVIT comprises of a few insurance agency like: VGZ, Trias, Univé (and IZA). In 2015 IZA Zorgverzekeraar converged with VGZ.

31. IZZ Zorgverzekeraar

IZZ is a wellbeing guarantor that spotlights on workers with medical services callings and their families. The leading group of the establishment behind IZZ comprises of delegates of CAO gatherings, for example, the Dutch Association of Hospitals and the Association Doctors stations.

32. Menzis

Menzis was established in january of 2006, following a consolidation between Amicon, Geové and NVS protections. Menzis has 17 help stores situated all through the Netherlands.

33. OHRA

OHRA is important for Delta Lloyd. As of the first of january 2008, all health care coverage related exercises are executed by CZ.

34. ONVZ Zorgverzekeraar

The contraction ONVZ represents National Mutual Insurance against Hospital costs. The organization was established in 1933 and is a non-benefit medical coverage organization.

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