Top 10 Highest-Paid Celebrity on Instagram 2023

If you have used Instagram or Instagram then you must know that stomach promotion is done on Instagram and also the product is dropped with the help of Instagram. If you don’t know-how, then in the comment box, another post will be made for you.

 In today’s post you will find out the highest-paid celebrity on Instagram The names of the celebrities mentioned in this post may be known to all of them but you may not know about the highest-paid celebrity on Instagram.

10. Neymar Da Silva Santos Junior

you could just call him Neymar this 28-year-old Brazilian soccer player who has almost 143 million followers on his account he joined his first football club when he was seven years old and just seven years later.

he was asked to join real Madrid father to nine-year-old Davi Luca de silva Santos supporter of Brazilian pop music owner yacht fleet of luxury cars two Guinness world records,

and a comic book made in his honor this soccer star gets paid up to seven hundred and four thousand dollars per sponsored post and he’s definitely not faking that one. 

9. Taylor Swift

there’s no blank space at number nine on our highest-earning Instagrammers of the list as Taylor swift earned up to 722 thousand dollars per sponsored post.

with 141 million followers any content posted by Taytay is sure to get the traffic that big brands are looking for funny to think if she didn’t make it as a singer Taylor swift would have loved to pursue a career in advertising.

and this role would have been reversed she’d be approaching big names to get them to advertise her client’s brands in her own words Taylor swift said I’ve always strived to be successful, not famous and she’s lived up to her own expectations. 

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8. Justin Bieber

not only is he famous for managing to solve a Rubik’s cube in less than two minutes he’s also not so lonely at number eight on our highest paid Instagrammers of 2020 list with over 151 million followers.

Justin Bieber has some serious advertising clout which is why he earns the big bucks of $747000 per sponsored post now coming up next let’s see if you can figure out who it is before we tell you her middle name is Gisele.

she added a word to the English dictionary and the number four plays an important part of her life we’re sure you know by now it’s number seven Beyonce Knowles number four didn’t quite follow through for her on the highest-paid Instagram influencers list but she’s sitting quite comfortably at. 

7. Beyonce Knowles

with 156 million followers and earning $770,000 per paid post her middle name is Giselle she added the word bootylicious to the Oxford English dictionary,

and the number four is important to her because her mom’s birthday is January 4th she got married on April 4th she celebrates her birthday on the 4th of September and jay-z’s birthday is December 4th she also called her fourth studio album for may the 4th be with her. 

6. Selena Gomez

this talented all-rounder is sitting pretty at number six with 195 million followers on her Instagram account and earnings of up to $848,000 per sponsored post her latest project Selena and chef have already been signed on for a second season.

her favorite holiday this year thanksgiving Selena aired a special episode alongside the next food network star champ rt taqueria virtually of course.

to teach us how to make tandoori butter turkey breast with some tasty side dishes what we love about this series is it’s unscripted and each episode focuses on a different food charity. 

5. Ariana Grande

we have some good news and it’s interestingly connected with Beyonce’s number four on the 4th of December Mariah Carey Jennifer Hudson and Ariana Grande released a song just in time for Christmas called oh Santa.

Ariana Grande was number two among the highest-paid influencers on Instagram in 2019 but dropped this year to number five she makes around 853,000 per sponsored post which goes on to reach her 207 million followers.

4. Kim Kardashian

it’s been a battle between Kim and kylie for ages to see who makes it to 200 million followers and we can confirm kylie has surpassed Kim who sits around 192 million followers.

but it hasn’t affected her money-making abilities she earns roughly $858,000 per sponsored post all that extra cash has certainly come in handy with million-dollar birthday celebrations taking place in Tahiti.

her little vintage Gucci dress set her back over 8,000 and that was just one of many glamorous outfits she wore over her birthday getaway and honestly, you only turn 40 once might as well splurge.

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3. Cristiano Ronaldo

we’re in our top three highest-earning Instagram influencers and Cristiano Ronaldo claims the spot with earnings of 889 thousand dollars per sponsored post reaching 242.6 million followers.

Herbalife has seen great success with their partnership with the athlete with a recent post garnering 4 million views on its first day of being published he’s also recently made headlines for achieving another world record Ronaldo was in the 101st win for his country.

which had him overtake Spain legend Xavi becoming the player with the third-most international victories ever.

2. Kylie Jenner

the battle to reach over 200 million Instagram followers is done and dusted as kylie Jenner has claimed victory over her sister Kim 201 million followers means that kylie has some serious reach when she posts a sponsored ad earning her $986,000 each time.

you might have noticed that kylie was m.i.a during Kim kay’s birthday celebrations and that’s because she opted to spend time in Houston with her baby daddy Travis Scott and two-year-old stormy.

1. Dwayne Johnson 

he’s stealing all the limelight on Instagram and for good reason, Dwayne johnson is on fire we literally can’t get enough of this guy and it shows as he has 204 million followers on Instagram and earns 1 million $15,000 per sponsored post.

did you know that Dwayne johnson was the third most backed person for the 2020 us election he didn’t run obviously but who knows maybe he’ll run in the next USA election?

Highest-paid celebrity on Instagram You got the answer to this question. There is a question for you, you must know in the comment box which of the names of the celebrities in this post you did not know. There is also another bonus for your convenience.

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