Hotstar VIP vs Premium vs Free Find Out The 100% Real Truth

Hotstar Free vs Vip vs Premium

We know more or less about Hotstar. If you have any questions about Hotstar VIP vs Premium, keep reading this post and you will get answers.

Now the demand for hotstar is increasing.

Hotstar popularity has been growing ever since Disney and Hotstar merged.

Because all Disney content is getting into Hotstar.

This means that you are getting all the contacts of Hotstar and all the contacts of Disney Plus together.

Hotstar has three plans.

  1. Disney Plus Hotstar Free
  2. Disney Plus Hotstar VIP
  3. Disney Plus Hotstar Premium.

If you also want to know about Hotstar VIP vs Premium then this post is for you.

Hotstar has two subscription plans.

And there is a free plan

which is better vip or premium

Disney plus hotstar free

Hotstar has a lot of content that you can waze completely free.

You will get lots of movies, web series, TV series, cartoon stories, videos, etc. for free.

But you can’t watch live here.

This is not possible if you want to watch the IPL game live.

You will not find these serials in Hotstar for free.

You will not be able to watch First Day First Show, which means if a serial or movie is launched, you will not be able to watch it first.

After a few months, if Hotstar thinks that the movie is free, then you can watch it for free.

And many times it also happens that you will never see that movie for free.

You will not get movies in different languages, you will not get Bengali, English, Tamil, Telugu, dubbed.

You can play movies in only one language.

You will not see Disney Plus original content.

You will be shown ads on Disney Plus Hotstar Free Account. That is not ad-free.

You will get the video in sd quality.

But you can’t play video in hd or 4k resolution.

Do not get audio quality Dolby.

You will get normal audio quality.

If you occasionally like to watch movies or watch series or cartoons etc.

Then you can use Disney Plus Hotstar Free Account.

Because even though it is free, there is a lot of content, everything from movies.

Which you can’t finish seeing.

If you have done this post patiently

Then you have a lot of ideas. Then you can easily know about Hotstar VIP and Premium plans.

Hotstar is more popular with people for what

Because you can watch the IPL game live in Hotstar.

Now if you want to watch IPL game on mobile then it is possible only in Hotstar.

If you want to watch IPL game live then you have to take Hotstar VIP Plan .

Moreover if you take Hotstar Premium subscription then Hotstar VIP will get all the content.

So between the two plans you can watch live IPL.

If you want to take Hotstar VIP subscription you have to take it for one year.

Also if you want to take Hotstar Premium subscription you can take it for one year or one month.

With Hotstar VIP Plan you will get everything from movies in different languages.

In Hotstar VIP, you will get movies in multiple languages ​​starting from Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu.

You can watch Unlimited Sports Live in Hotstar VIP subscription.

But you can watch live on a single device.

You will get special contents and various serials on Hotstar.

You will get new Indian movies.

Get Disney Plus Movie, Hollywood Movie, Bollywood Movie, Kids Content on Hotstar VIP.

Must see Ed in Hotstar VIP. In other words, Hotstar VIP plan is not ad free.

You can use the Hotstar VIP account on a single device.

Video quality will be HD.

There will be sound quality Dolby.

What features do you get if you subscribe to Hotstar Premium?

Features of Hotstar VIP Subscription:

All the features you will get in Hotstar Premium.

Moreover you will get movie web series in different languages.

You will also get the original content of Disney Plus.

For example, all the series of Avenger will be available in English.

You will also get unlimited sports channels.

Which allows you to watch live.

The best feature of Hotstar Premium is that you can use your Hotstar Premium account on both devices.

That means two people can take a Hotstar Premium subscription together.

You will also get Hotstar own or special content.

You will get everything from all Hollywood English movie series cartoons.

You will not see any ad in Hotstar Premium, which means that Hotstar Premium is ad-free.

You can watch 4k quality videos in Hotstar Premium Plan.

sd, hd, 4k Get videos in all resolutions.

You will get the quality of Dolby Sound.

If you can speak English or understand English then Hotstar Premium Plan is for you.

And if you want to watch movies or series in Hindi or Bengali Tamil Telugu then Hotstar VIP Planti is for you.

Also if you like to watch movies in high quality then Hotstar Premium plan should be taken.

After reading this post you will decide which plan is best for you.

There may also be various updates in the future between Hotstar VIP Plan and Premium Plan.

Before subscribing every time, you have to go to the official page of Hotstar to see if the price is running or what new features have been added.

Also the number one feature in Hotstar which is

You will see First Day First Show.

You will get the first day first show of all the movies or series that are available in Hotstar.

In this case, whether you take a Hotstar VIP subscription or a premium subscription, you will get this fun opportunity between the two plans.

Hotstar Vip vs Premium

How to Share Hotstar VIP If you don’t know the answer to this question, find out.

Hotstar has two plans, one VIP and the other premium.

VIP can play on a single device and Hotstar Premium can play on two devices.

But you can share Hotstar two plans on multiple devices.

What is the difference between premium and VIP?

If you want to know what is the difference between Hotstar Premium and VIP.

There are different types of differences between the two.

VIP account can be shared on one device.

Premium accounts can be shared on two devices.

Hotstar VIP subscriptions are required for one year.

You will get Hotstar Premium options for every month or every year.

Hotstar VIP subscription costs less.

Hotstar premium costs more. Hotstar VIP takes one month at a premium of one year money.

Hotstar VIP will not get 4k content.

You will get Hotstar Premium 4k content.

Hotstar VIP will not get movies in English.

Hotstar Premium will get all the movies in English.

Is Hotstar VIP included in Hotstar premium?

If you subscribe to Hotstar Premium, you will get all Hotstar VIP content.

All the features that are available with Hotstar VIP subscription.

Movies and series in live IPL, Hindi, Bangla, etc.

You will also get all the features that are available in Hotstar VIP if you take Hotstar Premium subscription.

Can Hotstar VIP be upgraded to premium?

What to do if you have a Hotstar VIP subscription and you want to get a Hotstar Premium subscription for any reason.

If you think that Hotstar VIP subscription will cost you less money while taking premium subscription then you are wrong.

You will have to pay a new Hotstar Premium subscription fee.

That means you have to pay the full amount when you go to take Hotstar Premium subscription from Hotstar VIP.

How can I upgrade my Hotstar VIP to Premium for free?

Hotstar has taken VIP subscription and you are wondering how to get Hotstar Premium subscription for free.

This is never possible.

Because Hotstar has officially informed.

If you have a Hotstar VIP account subscription, you may want to take a Hotstar Premium subscription.

Then you have to get the full amount.

How can I watch Hotstar premium with VIP account?

If you have a Hotstar VIP subscription, you will never get the benefit of Hotstar Premium.

In that case there is another post on how you can share Hotstar Premium account on multiple devices.

And if you want to share the Hotstar VIP account across multiple devices, there are other posts.

Hotstar premium vs vip

There are many differences between Hotstar Premium and Hotstar VIP.

Hotstar also has free content that you can waze completely free.

But if you want to take Hotstar Premium or VIP subscription, you have to pay for each month or year.

Hotstar Premium allows you to subscribe for each month and for each year.

Hotstar VIP subscriptions are only present for one year.

It is a different matter if any updates are available in the future.

All the contacts you can get in Hotstar VIP are at Hotstar Premium.

This means that if you subscribe to Hotstar Premium, you don’t have to subscribe to Hotstar VIP separately.

Hotstar VIP account can only be used on one device This is the worst aspect of Hotstar.

But if you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can share the account on multiple devices.

Hotstar Premium Plan can be shared on two devices.

Hotstar Premium will get various new content including English language.

If you want to know what features are available if you take Amazon Prime subscription or how to share on multiple devices in Amazon Prime account.

There are other posts on those topics. You can read those posts after reading this post in its entirety.

Also if you have subscribed to any platform and you want to know what content is available there then you must let us know in the comment box.

premium vs vip hotstar

hotstar vip vs premium cost

Hotstar has two plans, one is Hotstar VIP and the other is Hotstar Premium.

Hotstar has another plan that is completely free

Disney Plus Hotstar Free where you can get lots of movies.

If you want to know more details, the answer is given at the top of this post. If you read the whole post, you will not have any question in your mind.

You can take Hotstar VIP subscription for one year and there is no other option.

If you want to take Hotstar Premium subscription then there are two options one is you can take subscription every month and you can take subscription for every year.

Hotstar VIP has to pay Rs 399 per year.

And the premium has to be paid at the rate 1499 per year.

If you want to take Hotstar Premium subscription for one month, you have to pay 299 rupees.

The two can subscribe together at the Hotstar Premium account.

Because Hotstar Premium account can be used on two devices.

disney + hotstar vip vs premium

If you are after this complete post about Disney Plus Hotstar VIP Versus Premium then you can have no more questions.

Hotstar VIP Hotstar Premium has all the questions answered.

If you have any more questions, please let us know in the comments.

The answer to this question will be added in this post for your convenience.

Depending on the type of content you like, you may need to subscribe to Hotstar VIP or Premium.


In the end it can be said, likes to watch IPL.

If you like the Hollywood Avenger series then you can choose any one of the hotstar plans.

If you watch movies from time to time, Hotstar has lots of movies that you can watch for free.

The first thing you need to think about is what kind of movie you like to watch and on what platform that movie is.

Amazon Prime Netflix also has a variety of ott platforms that are very good.

If you want to see the series of your choice, first do a Google search on which platform the series is.

This way you can subscribe to any platform.

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