How to Improve Speaking and Writing Skills in English 2023

Hey, guys welcome to I’m gonna describe three situations and you’re gonna write down in comments below whether you’ve experienced them.

Situation 1

you come up with a phrase and it sounds super exciting but you think do native speakers actually say that does it really sound natural like would I be able to use it I have the situation all the time especially when I try to insert a word I’ve just heard or I’ve just learned something super-advanced something fancy and I insert that word I’m like should I say this out loud or it wouldn’t sound too American.

Situation 2

Have you ever wanted to have a place where you go and be like hey guys uh you’re all native speakers can you help me with this like when I was applying to American universities i needed someone to read my personal statements,

And I didn’t have such a place I just called my friend max in new york and I told him max you just have to check all my personal statements because that’s the only way for me to go to us so you have to help me so he read all of that but I need this help almost every single day and sometimes it’s not too important so I could call max all the time do you want to have this place where you go and ask native speakers for help let me know down in comments below.

Situation 3

Something super confusing you listen to a song from an American artist American singer and you’re like an awesome song I want to be able to sing along so what you do you go online you google the lyrics make sense but the way people pronounce the words and lyrics it just doesn’t make sense at all you don’t understand that they’re actually using those words.

Or they use words in such a context that you never learned at school let me know down in the comments below whether that sounds familiar today we’re going to talk about how you can improve speaking and writing skills in a single app.

The app is called high native and it is a platform where native speakers and language learners ask each other questions so, for example, I’m originally from Russia st Petersburg and I need help with my English so I can go on the platform and ask native speakers like

He does this sound natural or is this the right synonym that I’m using here how do you actually pronounce and use this word that I’ve just used and with this app you can learn expressions that are actually used by native speakers, not the expressions that you have in your textbook which are also great?

But we’ve learned that English in your textbook can be very very different from real English and this app is not only for English by the way it is for 113 different languages including Chinese Korean and Italian.

Now let me show you how you can register the app is available on both ios android and you can also use it on your desktop so let’s do it together go to the app store or google play download the app and we’ll register together let’s do it.

You can sign in with Google Twitter or Facebook or your email I’m gonna choose to sign up with google so once you sign up you can choose your native language okay I’m Russian and I want to learn English US American English and next you choose the level that you’re at they actually have four options beginner beginner-intermediate intermediate and advanced I’m advanced

And regardless of your level of English the app would be useful anyway actually I’m gonna choose intermediate just because I think it’s going to be more relatable for you I want you to kind of experience the experience you would have if you’re intermediate um I’m gonna agree to receive newsletters I always agree to newsletters if I like the company

Because I can always unsubscribe but I ended up with amazing curated newsletters from my favorite company so I do that now this app has a lot of different features and they’re gonna walk you through everything.

Let’s say you wanna ask something so click ask and here you can choose what type of question you’re gonna ask like how do you say this does this sound natural please show me example sentences with something what does this mean you can use all templates except does this sound natural and foreign language diary for free oh by the way you can also upgrade your account for free for seven days.

try all the options so you can figure out whether you need a premium version or you’re good with a free account to upgrade your account you go to your account and here you can choose premium to subscribe if you want to do so.

english writing practice app

Now let’s ask some questions first let’s see how we can improve writing with this app what is the difference and as you can see here there is like a template so as I said earlier if you’re a beginner in the language you can still use this app.

Let’s go back to the question what is the difference between okay and okie dokie here you can prioritize your questions if you don’t want to wait for an answer but I click post and while we’re waiting let’s ask another question what does this mean play by ear now while we’re waiting for the answers let’s see how we can improve speaking with this app.

As you know i have a whole series of what native speakers do with their tongues and mouth just to confuse us non-native speakers and the way they sound I’m kidding but anyways the way people pronounce some words can be completely different from what we learn and this is where the app comes handy.

Now let’s check my pronunciation let’s go to how is my pronunciation I’m gonna say a phrase like beautiful computer remember what we learned is when you have in the middle of a word it actually needs to be pronounced as d beautiful beautiful computer okay and

Now you can write where you said beautiful computer and you can also ask how to pronounce the sentence I would have told him if I saw him when native speakers speak fast instead of would have should have they say woulda sure etc.

And we’ll see what kind of answers we get because again native speakers here don’t have to speak fast so they might speak in a traditional way but we’ll see okay I already got one notification to let’s see what it is got an answer to the question what it means to play by ear

In everyday conversations, something like less played by ear usually means seeing how things go at the time and planning around that at the moment as opposed to planning far ahead in music is generally when you play to learn a piece of composition without sheet music hope this helps.

This person even gave me different meanings of play by ear I normally use play by ear when I’m not sure what time like I’m scheduling lunch with someone and I’ll be like okay let’s play by ear tomorrow because I don’t know what time lily’s gonna fall asleep and once she

best app to improve english writing skills

Falls asleep we can grab lunch okay let’s say thank you so all these types of questions you can ask for free using high native but I also wanted to ask a premium question um so I’m gonna do this with the premium limited format let’s ask this question does it sound natural like I always have this problem uh let’s ask I am fond of film videos the options here are natural a

Little unnatural I don’t understand you let me know first does this sounds natural I am fond of film videos so okay so I intentionally made a mistake here, of course, I would say I am fond of filming videos even using the spawn dove is a little old fashioned.

But anyways grammatically it’s correct okay I got some answers here’s the answer to does it sound natural it sounds a little unnatural and yes they’re correcting me I’m fond of seeing films videos movies I love like enjoy seeing I’m one of her let’s see what they said about my pronunciation here

And I also got an answer to the question about the difference between okay and okay dokey okey-dokey is very very informative and one would only be used casually yeah I agree for example you would never reply okie dokie to a work email or to your professor you could use it when replying to a friend over text instead of using okay

With high native, there is no option to dm people every interaction takes place in this format where you ask a question you get a reply that means people are using this app for studying not for dating

So as you saw with this app you can improve speaking and writing you actually can improve listening because you can listen to people’s replies and reading because you’re reading their replies which is pretty cool.

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