How to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram for Free 2023

There are a lot of Instagram users, so we follow each other on Instagram and often unfollow. This post will let you know how to know and check to hold me on Instagram. If you want to know the answer to this question, How to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram for Free 2023, keep reading this post.

Instagram is part of Facebook, Instagram is the world’s most popular photo-sharing platform with active users to billions. It’s a bit like social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp or Twitter.

There are many ways to find out if someone unfollows you on Instagram. All the methods will be discussed. Keep reading this post seriously.

  1. Manually checked
  2. Third-party apps
  3. Third-party websites
  4. Third-party extensions

How do you manually check Instagram Unfollowed?

After opening the Instagram account, by clicking on the option to check the followers, you can check the level of your followers and search by name.

In this case, if you have thousands or millions of followers, then this method is not for you because this method will take a lot of time.

This was the manual method then you are told how to check to unfollow in Instagram with the help of any app.

How to check Unfollowed through third-party apps?

After downloading any third-party app, you can easily check your Instagram followers. There are different types of apps like.


  • This app will always analyze your Instagram account and you will get notifications if any changes occur.
  • You can use this app on Android and iOS mobile.
  • To log in to this app you need to log in to your Instagram account.
  • When this app completes the analysis of your Instagram account then you will be able to access your log information.
  • This app has an option for Unfolloweds from where you can easily check Instagram Unfollowed.

Track followers, unfollowers, story viewers on Instagram and much more!

FollowMeter is the fastest and most accurate way to analyze your account.

Our powerful reports tracker allows you to access deep insights into your Instagram account, monitor your follower growth, story views and post’s performance.

We have all the features you love

(Some features are part of the Plus Subscription):

  • – Track unfollowers.
  • – Detect who is not following you back.
  • – See who views your stories the most.
  • – See who viewed your stories but is not a follower (For public accounts).
  • – See your top likers.
  • – See your secret admirers.
  • – Discover who your ghost followers are.
  • – Track who blocked your account.
  • – See which posts got the most engagement.
  • – Track your accounts engagement with our “Activity Meter”

You can keep wondering who unfollowed you or you can get Followmeter and check who it was right now. There are people who follow you, and once you follow back, they unfollow you. Followmeter will do all the hard work and notify you when someone unfollows you.

Join over 3 million users who trust our analytics platform to help them grow their social presence.

Some of the premium features require a subscription.

  • The app offers 3 different types of subscription options:
  • PLUS Monthly – $4.99 for 1 Month which renews monthly.
  • PLUS 6 Months – $17.99 for 6 Months which renews every 6 months.
  • PLUS Yearly – $24.99 for 1 Year which renews every year.

Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. The Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase and when the subscription renews, within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. You can manage app subscriptions in your iTunes Account settings to disable auto-renew, cancel, or upgrade.

How to check unfollowed Instagram with the help of a third-party website?

There is a website from which you can easily check.


Twitly provides you with answers to your commonly asked questions

Is it free of charge?
Yes, Twitly has been completely free of charge since 2010.

Is it safe?
Yes, Twitly is completely safe. It doesn’t log any of your login info. Entire session information of yours remain on your device.

Is there any limitation?
No, There is no limitation of Twitly application. However, there are some limitations dictated by Instagram and Twitter.

Does it share or like something from my account?
No, Twitly doesn’t share or like anything from your account. Since your entire login information remains on your device, no one can share or like anything but you.

Does it show who blocked me?
No, but we will show who blocked you with new version.

Do I get any notification when some stopped following me?
Yes, you may see who stopped following you by clicking notification tab.

Does it show who viewed my profile?
No, becuase it’s technically impossible. No application can show you that.

Does it show people I didn’t follow?
Yes, you may see the people you didn’t follow from your followers list.

How to check Instagram Unfolloweds with the help of an extension?

After installing the extension, you can easily check in a simple way.


Check who doesn’t follow you back!
Warning: userpics are temporarily unavailable due to struggle with Instagram restrictions.

They don’t let you know when somebody unfollows you on Instagram. Now you can see which friends removed you from their Insta following list.

This extension is a helper tool for Instagram that you can use for:
– checking Instagram followers to follows dashboard for your social account
– checking who doesn’t follow you back in response
– tracking new subscribers

– we currently can not handle accounts with large amount of followers (around 3000+), process will stuck in the middle of the scan. Fixing this is a work in progress for the next versions
– extension doesn’t ask you for your login/password pair. It just utilizes your current browser session
– no notification about new unfollow yet. Unfriend notify it also a feature in development

How this plugin exactly works:
– it runs through your social graрh building clear dashboard of follows and followers data

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