how to share Hotstar premium membership? (100% working easy method)

How to share Hotstar premium account

Now everyone is running different types of web series or movies online but the problem is that if we want to watch movies or web series online, we have to pay an amount every year or every month so how to share Hotstar premium membership?
Now if your family doesn’t have a platform subscription, you can share from there. There are plenty of online platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar Premium these days but you never know how to share that account. If you have read this post in its entirety, you will know how to share Hotstar Premium with your friends or your family members.

How to share Hotstar VIP with friends

If you want to know how many people you can share your Hotstar VIP account with. I have written another post for this, you can see it by clicking on the link below. If you want to share a Hotstar VIP account with someone in your family or with your friends, there are several ways in which this process is legal. Click here

How to share Hotstar id and password

If you do not have a Hotstar Premium subscription. With the user ID and password you have, you can share it with your friends or family. And if you don’t follow some rules here, your account is likely to be banned.

How to share Hotstar VIP

*If you watch a video on Hotstar, a movie, or a web series, then your friend or someone you have shared your VIP account with should not see the same thing. If someone watches the movie of that name, then there is a possibility that your account will be banned.
Maybe then your account will not be anything but in the future, your account may be damaged.* If you want to share differently from the Hotstar VIP account, which means you want to share in another illegal way, you can lose it from your account because it is going out of the Hotstar VIP transition condition. Your account will not be banned.
Best if you’re sharing a Hotstar VIP account. It is better not to use it when he will use it. You gave the person you are sharing a time that you told him to use for 1 hour 2 hours. Then you used your account again.
The trams and conditions of the Hotstar will also be fine. There will never be any fear of your account becoming a band. I hope you understand that how to share Hotstar premium membership.


Hotstar VIP can be used in how many devices

You can share from multiple Hotstar VIP accounts to multiple devices. For example, suppose you can share on your mobile, you can share on the computer, laptop, tab, smart TV, etc. You can keep as many devices as you want to be connected to your account. That means you can log in. But there are also some trams and conditions that you need to know. If you want to know if there is a link at the top of this post you can click on the link.

How to share Hotstar VIP account with friends

If you want to share with your friends from your Hotstar VIP account, the first thing to do is. You need to share your ID password with your friend, which means you have downloaded the Hotstar app on your friend’s mobile. After downloading, you need to log in with your ID while logging in. If you are logged in with your mobile number, you will need to verify that OTP will come to your number. Once verified, your friend will be able to use your VIP account.

How to share disney+ Hotstar VIP account

It’s easy to share a Disney Plus Hotstar VIP account. All you have to do is verify your number. But the real question is when you share your account with someone, will you be able to use it again? If you don’t know about this then read this post in full.

How can I share my Hotstar VIP account?

The Hotstar VIP account can be shared in a variety of ways. The easiest way is to log in with an ID password. There are also different methods. You can share your account via a link. You can set the timer on that link. The link will work according to your time. It can be half an hour or an hour. You can set the timer as you wish. The link will no longer work after the time is up.

How many devices can use Hotstar premium

If you also want to know how many people you can share your Hotstar Premium account with then you are at the right place. If you have completed this post then you probably won’t have any more problems. If there is a problem, you must ask your question in the comment box. We are always there for you.

Hotstar was free from the beginning. Suddenly, various plans for Hotstar were made. For example, Hotstar has two plans, VIP and Premium. Another plan that has no name provides you some free content if you download it from the Hotstar app. If you take the Hotstar VIP plan then you can watch different types of movies starting from IPL. Hotstar VIP is one of the various plans of Hotstar.

Yes if you take a Hotstar Premium subscription then you will get to see all the contacts of Hotstar VIP. Hotstar currently has two plans, one is Hotstar VIP and the other is Hotstar Premium. The two plans have different benefits.

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