Is a Political Science Degree Worth It? (2022)

Is a political science degree worth it is it worth going forty thousand dollars in debt and spending four years of your life to get this degree that’s what we’re going to be talking about today and let’s jump right into it first of all

What Is Political Science?

Political science is going to be studying all of the various branches of government from the local level all the way to the top level they’re also going to be studying social cultural and economic factors that tend to drive policy as well as behavior and,

This is one of the most popular degrees here in the united states around 33,000 people graduate with a bachelor’s every year now some career paths you might go down are becoming a political scientist public relations specialist or fundraising manager.


Now we’re going to talk about four important factors that go into evaluating a college degree and whether it’s worth it whether it’s worth that forty thousand dollars in student loan debt and the first one is going to be earning potential or salary,

So with this degree you would expect to make around 47,000 a year starting out and 89,000 in mid-career pay you can compare that to a high and a low earning degree and you’ll see that it’s kind of average maybe slightly on the higher side of average for a liberal arts degree.

Now as a political scientist you would make around 122,000 a year however generally speaking you’re gonna have to have at least a master’s degree if you became a public relations specialist you’d make around 61,000 a year or 29 an hour and,

If you became a fundraising manager you could make 116,000 or 55 an hour although this is going to require quite a bit of experience so you can see that a lot of these careers pay pretty well now when you look at this degree over a lifetime social science degrees,

Earn around 2.5 million compared to 2.4 million for all degrees in all career paths keep in mind that this is kind of like the last 40 years or so so you know maybe 40 years from now this could be completely different but it is kind of a sign and if it’s not good that’s a little bit of a red flag,

So overall i’m going to give this one a score of 7.5 out of 10 when it comes to earning potential or salary.


Next we’re going to be talking about satisfaction and this is the most subjective section and i like to break it down into meaning and job satisfaction,

So meaning which is basically how much you think your career positively impacts the world you’re going to see that political science has a score of 48 you can compare that to a really good one and a really bad one and,

You’ll see that it is on the lower side i was honestly surprised to see that i figured people who are really interested in politics and they go into political science would have higher meaning scores because they would be trying to make the world a better place.

Now one career path you could go down public relations manager you can see that the meaning score is a little higher at 65 percent and then when you look at the job satisfaction you see it’s 73 percent which again you compare that to a really good one and a really bad one and you’ll see that they are both on the higher side.

Now when it comes to how much people regret getting their degree social science degrees tend to be the fourth most regretted type of major and the main reason for that is because they’re too general impractical hard to find a job without further studies,

However i will say that political science is one of the more practical types of social science degrees out there there are quite a few jobs in the government for instance there’s lots of jobs in your local government and,

Then you know there’s at the state level then there’s the federal level as well on top of that you could work directly for different campaigns and different politicians or you could work for non-profits and,

If you are able to land a job the satisfaction for a lot of the different careers does seem to be okay now the key word here was if you are so if you’re not able to land a job which a lot of people aren’t then you know that could be completely different you might end up working in a completely unrelated career,

That you never saw yourself working in so for instance i knew a starbucks barista that had a political science degree i would talk to him all the time when i was studying super smart guy if i remember correctly he got a philosophy degree in undergrad and then a political science degree in graduate school and,

Just super smart guy but he wasn’t able to find a job and he ended up working at starbucks as a barista however if you are able to get a job i think your satisfaction is going to be relatively good with that being said satisfaction is extremely subjective it depends on the industry,

You’re in the business you work for your co-workers your boss all kinds of different things the area of the country that you live and so for one person it might be ten out of ten another person it might be one out of ten so just keep that in mind and take this with a grain of salt but overall when it comes to satisfaction i’m going to give this one an 8.5 out of 10.


Next we’re going to be talking about demand and i mainly focus on supply and demand so basically how much business owners and hiring managers need to hire people who have these specific degrees or the specific skills that are taught with these majors so for instance for a political scientist.

There are seven thousand jobs out there and it’s growing at six percent which is faster than average for pr specialists there’s a lot of jobs though there’s around 274,000 and it’s growing at seven percent which is faster than average and for pr relations and fundraising managers there’s 88,000 jobs and,

It’s growing at 9 which is much faster than average now of course i’m not going to show any data on this just because everything is happening in the world  right now it’s not accurate but generally speaking social science liberal arts degrees tend to have the highest level of unemployment rates and,

When you type in political science degree onto you’ll see that only around 1100 jobs pop up compare that to a really good one and a really bad one and you see that it’s on the lower side and when big companies are surveyed about what types of college degree majors,

They’re looking to hire you see that social science degrees comes in in the middle or even a little bit lower than average so it’s not one that’s you know super hot a lot of people are looking to hire so for instance around 83 of these big businesses we’re looking to hire business majors and,

Only 20 were looking to hire social science majors so overall when it comes to demand i’m going to give this one a 7 out of 10.


Next we’re going to be talking about x-factors this is anything that i think is important but didn’t make the list on any of the other ones now i talked about this before,

But how much you’re going to make over a lifetime social science degrees are slightly above average at about 2.5 million versus 2.4 for all types of degrees and all types of careers with that being said it is going to depend,

On what career path you end up going down so for instance if you work in the computer field in technology you’ll make around 3.2 million you work in management it’ll be 3.4 million but if you work in community service or legal you’ll make 1.8 million.

So it really depends on what career path you end up going down there is a lot of variance there it’s not one of those degrees where it does well no matter what career you go into now if you look at zip recruiter skills index public correlation comes in at a 46 out of 100 score you can compare that to a good one and,

A bad one and you’ll see that it’s very mid-tier this basically just means that public relations is somewhat of a valuable skill some businesses are looking to hire people who have that skill but it’s not a super hot one at least not at this particular time in history.

Next is something that liberal arts and social science degrees do really well in which is how easily automated that skill set is and usually it’s pretty much impossible to automate these types of skills because they’re soft skills that involve a lot of communication and,

Human to human contact which robots will probably never be able to do so for instance political scientists only have a four percent chance of being automated according to will now one thing that’s very interesting is political science was number 10 on the top 10 degrees that create the most millionaires.

However they say it’s usually not because of the salary you earn as a politician but rather your personal financial investments and that would make sense because in politics there is a lot of economics involved there and so you’d probably have an upper hand on a lot of people on the inner workings of the economy,

And you’d be able to better predict what’s going to happen and therefore make good investments when it comes to difficulty political science is not going to be one of the harder ones it ranks 34 out of 55 overall and that could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you’re looking for but,

Overall i am going to give this one a score of 8 out of 10 when it comes to x factors so when you take all of those and you divide them by 4 you’ll see that it’s going to come out to a score of 7.75 out of 10. this is definitely one of the better social science degrees.

Is it hard to get a job with a political science degree

However i will say that there’s a good chance that you’re not going to be able to get a job so one thing that i have to do in these videos is i have to kind of set some expectations i’m making the assumption here that you are going to thoroughly research this that you’re the right person for the degree,

You know you never want to go into something just because i say it’s good or because some website says it has a good salary you want to make sure that you’re actually interested in it so i’m making those assumptions here and with that assumption i could say that this is a pretty good career path pretty good degree for you.

To go down however if you want to be careful here i would highly recommend either minoring in political science or double majoring in something else that would also be beneficial for you because a lot of the time you might plan things out really well but things end up changing down the line you might meet somebody you end up moving somewhere,

Where there’s no political science jobs i mean there’s so many different things that could potentially happen so keep that in mind here you don’t necessarily have to get a political science degree in order to become a politician for instance or even a pr person there’s a lot of other degrees,

That you can get and still go down that career path so if you do your due diligence you do your research you reach out to people that are in the career that you’re trying to get into and ask them what they recommend that you do and this is what they recommend then,

I would say you know go for it however you still want to be very careful with this one and i recommend focusing on internships skills work experience and networking now if there’s a video you’re waiting for on a college degree.

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