Is an Architectural Engineering Degree Worth It?

is an architectural engineering degree worth it that’s what we’re going to be talking about today is it going to be worth going 40,000 in student loan debt and spending four years of your time grinding away studying the way to answer that question is to first ask

What Exactly is Architectural Engineering?

Well architectural engineering is going to focus on the construction of buildings with a focus on the technological aspects it’s very similar to architecture with more of a focus on the structural aspects and there’s also a lot of similarities between architectural engineering,

And structural engineering and depending on the program you go to there’s going to be more or less differences so for instance with structural engineering you might focus on designing bridges and skyscrapers buildings that really have to be sturdy whereas with architectural engineering you’ll focus more on the design of the inner part of the building and,

Maybe even focus on what happens after the building is built but the truth is with both of these different types of degrees you’ll likely be going into the same career paths and competing for a lot of the same jobs now with these posts i like to consider four important aspects that you should consider with any major and those are going to be salary satisfaction demand and then x factors.


Now when it comes to salary you can expect to make around 62,000 a year starting out and 98 000 in mid-career pay you can compare this to a really good one and a bad one and,

You’ll see that it’s above average but not that impressive when you compare it to a lot of other engineering degrees however generally speaking of course everybody’s different i usually recommend going for a career where you can make at least 70 to 80,000 a year just because,

Studies have shown that that is going to maximize your happiness now one career path you might go down is becoming an architectural or engineering manager and they make around a hundred and forty four thousand dollars a year or sixty nine dollars an hour.

Another one you might end up going down is becoming a construction manager and they make ninety five 000 a year or 45 dollars an hour so as you can see they all pay really well and when you look at engineering degrees over a lifetime over their entire career you see that they make more,

Than any other type of major so according to the latest u.s census they make around 3.5 million over a lifetime versus all other degrees and all other types of careers making around 2.4 so engineering degrees in general make a good amount of money and there’s usually quite a few different options for you.

So for instance if you want to make a ton of money you can go in more of a leadership direction and become a manager they always make more or if you’re someone who wants more of a chill type 9 to 5 job you want to enjoy the rest of your life you can go for more of a chill job and make a little bit less but overall i’m going to give this one a score of 9 out of 10 when it comes to salary.


Next we are going to be talking about satisfaction and this is a very important one but it’s also extremely subjective, and by that i mean it could be different for everyone for one person this could be a 10 out of 10 maybe buildings you just absolutely love them i mean you could just study architecture all day long and,

For another person it might be a one out of ten it would bore you to death however with this one i like to focus on two things and the first one is going to be meaning or how much you think your career positively impacts the world and,

With architectural engineering you can see that it has a meaning score of 58 percent you can compare that to a really high meaning score and a really low one and you’ll see that it’s a little bit above average if you go to a specific career like construction manager for instance you’ll see that’s around 58 which again a little bit above average and,

If you look at the job satisfaction it’s 74 which is well above average if you compare it to a really good one and a really bad one so it doesn’t really pop off the page you know the meaning score is just decent slightly above average but at the same time it’s not horrible either now when you look at the percentage of people who regret getting their college degree engineering,

Also scores really well so they’re the third least regretted type of major only about 15 percent of people regret it and the main reason is because the best jobs require advanced degrees so as long as you watch my posts and you do your research and you make sure,

That you’re not getting into a career where you’re gonna have to get a master’s or a doctorate you should be okay now i will say here it’s extremely subjective like i said it depends on all sorts of different factors the company you work for the career you’re in the industry you’re in etc are all going to have an effect on your happiness or your job satisfaction however with that being said i am going to give this one a 7.5 out of 10.


Next we’re going to be talking about demand and this is basically how much demand is going to be out there on the market for somebody who has the skill set that this particular major teaches now if you look at architectural and engineering manager there’s 198 000 jobs right now,

And it’s growing at 3 which is average meaning over the next 10 years 5 100 new jobs will be created if you look at construction manager there’s 476 000 jobs and it’s growing at 8 which is much faster than average however i will say that this is a relatively new and,

Rare degree so there aren’t that many people out there that you would specifically call an architectural engineer there’s architects and then there’s engineers but there’s not that many architectural engineers and this is a relatively rare degree and,

 architectural engineering salary

So most of the people who become architectural engineers are basically just going to be consultants now when you look up architectural engineering degree on something like you’ll see that around 9 500 jobs pop up now you can compare that to computer science which is a great one in anthropology,

Where there’s not much demand and you’ll see that it’s somewhere in the middle however this is not a very well established degree and just because of the fact that a lot of business owners and hiring managers aren’t going to know exactly what you do they’re probably going to give precedence to some more common degrees that learn skills,

That might not even be as good as the skills you’ve learned but they’re just more familiar with hopefully that changes in the near future but at this point a lot of the time they’re probably just going to hire somebody that they’re much more familiar with to do the same types of jobs so overall for demand i’m going to give this one a score of 7.5 out of 10.


Next we’re going to be talking about x-factors and this is anything that’s important that i didn’t already go over so like i mentioned before when it comes to engineering you’re going to make around 3.5 million over a lifetime which is the best by far and that’s a really good sign,

But it gets even better because there’s something magical about engineering related degrees even if you go into a career that has nothing to do with engineering like an artist for instance you’re still going to make around 3 million over a lifetime and that’s higher than any other type of degree out there same if you go into community service,

And legal you’ll make 3.2 million over a lifetime so there’s something magical about engineering degrees where even if you don’t become an engineer you’re still going to make really good money and i think that has a lot of different things that go into itbut it’s well respected for one and,

It does teach you really important practical problem solving skills but on top of that people who go into engineering tend to be really smart so there’s probably a little bit of correlation and causation but whatever caused it you can’t deny the fact that engineering is a very well respected degree and,

A lot of the time people will end up just hiring engineers because they know what they’re getting they’re getting somebody who’s really smart and hardworking or at least that’s what they think now when it comes to skills ziprecruiter has a skills index and of course architectural engineering wasn’t on there because,

It’s so rare but civil engineering is somewhat similar and it scored 61 out of a hundred you can compare that to a really good one like software engineering is 88 out of 100 or one that’s not so good like industrial sewing at 8 out of 100 and you see that it’s definitely coming out on the higher side now another thing is very important to talk about is automation and,

Engineering degrees are pretty much some of the most automation proof types of majors that you can go for i’m not going to get too much into the details but as an engineer a lot of the time you’re going to be on site you’re going to be touching things,

You’re going to be helping people with things you’re going to be communicating with all kinds of different people within the company and so for instance architectural engineering manager has about a 1.7 percent chance of being automated construction manager is 7 chance that is very very low and,

 is architecture engineering hard

When it comes to automation and outsourcing as well i don’t think you have too much to worry about when it comes to engineering degrees even if that career for whatever reason was automated or outsourced the skills that you learn are going to be easily applicable to all kinds of other careers,

Out there and one thing that’s also amazing about engineering degrees is they tend to make great entrepreneurs and that’s why engineering majors create the most millionaires and billionaires engineering is basically just practical problem solving and,

That’s kind of what entrepreneurship is as well now another thing you should consider here and i don’t want to scare you or anything but engineering degrees tend to be very difficult and architectural engineering is one of the most difficult ones so keep that in mind i don’t want to scare you by any means sometimes being difficult is a good thing,

But it also does have a very high dropout rate but overall when it comes to x factors i’m going to give this one a score of 8.5 out of 10. so when you add everything up and divide by 4 you’re going to get a score of 8.125 out of 10 and,

That is excellent of course this is extremely subjective it depends on the person for one person it might be the greatest degree ever and for another it might be the definition of hell so one thing that i have to assume with this post this is an assumption that i make is that you are going to do your due diligence and,

Make sure that you research contact people who are in the careers that you’re trying to go for and ask them if you should get the degree and ask them other relevant questions however if you’ve done your research you know what you’re getting yourself into this one can be really good if you’re not a hundred percent,

Sure what you’re doing you kind of know what you want to go for maybe you should consider getting a civil engineering degree or maybe a mechanical engineering degree and then just take extra classes this isn’t one of the more flexible degrees and it’s also not that well known and.

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