Top 15 Jack Ma Great Advice for Business 2023

Jack ma This name must have been heard by all of you because in 2020 this name became a trending topic. If you haven’t heard of this name, be sure to recharge this name. This post will discuss Jack ma great advice for business.

There are countless companies in China because most of the electronic products in the world are made in China. In that case, Alibaba company needs a lot of hard work and smart work to become so popular. Please keep reading this post patiently and Jenin 15 Jack ma great advice for business.

1. Learn a Skill that Sets you Apart from Others 

Jack ma is from hong shu the capital of xi Jiang a visit to his hometown by president Nixon in 1972 saw an influx of tourists to hong shu and ma as a young teenager saw this as a golden opportunity.

he would wake up at 5 am every morning and take the 40-minute trip to the city’s main hotel and greet all the tourists in English from there he started offering tours of the city in exchange for English lessons.

it was one of his tourists that called him jack and it’s stuck ever since find out what skills could set you apart from your peers learn something new that could put you at an advantage down the line.

a simple example stops scrolling social media and downloads a language learning app when you’re a bit bored or waiting in line to learn a new language instead of wasting time on other people’s drama. 

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2. Let Your Success be Everyone’s Success

don’t make it about you and your prophet no doubt about it jack ma is a successful guy he’s worth 50.6 billion dollars and yet is described as being humble down to earth and approachable.

that’s something one doesn’t hear of every day his main purpose from the beginning was to change the lives of his consumers for the better most e-commerce sites are there purely to generate profit,

but ma’s approach was to have a successful and profitable site for retailers and ensure that the customers were happy and being offered items that would improve their lives money is the byproduct for mob the real wealth for him is seeing the customers happy and businesses doing well.

3. Don’t Let Your Beginnings However Humble They May be Dictates Your Future

write those words down because their important jack ma came from nothing he wasn’t overly bright he didn’t get into Harvard despite trying 10 times he was the only applicant of 24 people to not get hired at KFC and he doesn’t know about tech.

well he knows enough but he hires the right people who do know their stuff and that’s why it works he is resilient and he truly believes that your hearty spirit and grit will be the determining factor between succeeding and failing.

so when an opportunity comes your way give it your best shot at least you can look back and say with 100 convictions you gave it you’re all.

4. Operate With Ethical Business Practices 

with 60 million transactions taking place every day, there’s certainly room for unethical behavior somewhere in between all that cash flow but jack ma is not about that life Alibaba and sister companies small and Taobao are behind anti-piracy laws all the way.

pirated goods are not allowed to be sold on their platforms and they have deleted over 370 million product listings and assisted authorities in arresting more than 400 illegal traders on their sites.

each seller is subjected to a trustworthiness rating system providing the buyer complete transparency with each transaction as he puts it today making money is very simple but making sustainable money while being responsible to the society and improving the world is very difficult.

5. You’re Not Going to be Able to be Good at Everything

we’d all love to be great at everything but it’s just not possible even jack ma is not good at everything he firmly believes that we should acknowledge our shortcomings and hire someone to do the things we’re not able to do.

but don’t make the mistake of just hiring someone with the best qualifications because as ma says you need the right people with you, not the best people.

so maybe you’re torn between two people one has more experience than the other but the latter is the perfect match for your company you should totally opt for the latter.

you can always improve their skills or experience but changing someone’s attitude can be pretty damn difficult we’ll go into more depth about this important business lesson a little later.

6. Consider all Business Options

having a dream or goal is wonderful but we all know it’s not all a straight line from point a to point b the line to the end result looks more like a toddler was let loose on your wall with a permanent marker.

jack ma advises one to not get fixated with just one idea because you could be missing out on an even bigger better opportunity and sure maybe you started off wanting to become a doctor and you’re worried that people will think you’re a failure if you change your course and end up breeding quail eggs.

the real question is are you happy then that’s all that matters this Chinese billionaire encourages you to go way beyond your professional and financial ability,

he believes you should identify all potential business opportunities explore each one of them and what they need from you to be a success and that way you’re bound to find the perfect match for you.

7. Don’t Wait for the Right Time 

there is no right time the time is now jack ma said when we started Alibaba the market was really cold yet he and others involved in the startup persevered and they went from starting a small company in man’s apartment to being one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world.

ma suggests finding a problem and working on a way to fix it never stop learning never stop innovating don’t crumble when you get rejected and most importantly take the first step.

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8. When Getting a Team Together Don’t Hire the Best People Hire the Right People

everything else will fall into place jack ma hires a team player over a Harvard graduate in most cases not to say an ivy league graduate can’t be a team player but their qualification doesn’t matter as much to him as their ability to work together and inspire each other.

he believes his success was only possible through the people that he was working with he seeks out people who share his vision and mission that’s a point of someone’s character,

not something you can learn at school he avoids people who are self-serving and bully or disrespect their colleagues he looks for people who will be a motivating factor to those around them and they’re to spur on the team. 

9. Giving Up is Not an Option

jack ma doesn’t settle for failure his career has more dips and roundabouts than a roller coaster but one thing is for sure in all of his failures he was honing his skill and growing into the business leader he is today.

before Alibaba, he had already benched two businesses namely hope translation and china pages in 1999 at a risky point in the dot-com era he started Alibaba the original business focused on connecting Chinese factories to overseas markets.

the business made good initial progress until the bubble burst the media was not kind and public opinion leaned toward jack ma accepting another defeat.

even ma himself considered returning to teaching instead he drew strength from the struggles of the revolutionary mao Zedong after the long march,

and started his own recertification movement to set Alibaba on a new course he decided a shared purpose of Alibaba and defined the company’s values and then began the process of pivoting.

10. Global Intelligence is Key

GQ or global intelligence is a non-negotiable skill needed to exceed as a global leader today this is something that jack ma has mastered he is comfortable and adaptable to different cultures places and spaces and is able to adapt his business practices to optimize his success.

if you want to increase your global intelligence it’s as easy as working on these seven elements that will build up your GQ like a successful global leader be adaptable.

be aware and be curious show empathy and alignment partnered with collaboration and integration with these skills you’ll be able to succeed in serving new markets the same way jack mall has.

11. Look at Your Business from the Eyes of the Customer

jack ma stands apart from other tech giant founders due to the fact he doesn’t have a background in coding and building technology on the back end he looks at his business from the front end the user experience.

as Jack ma puts it I’m not a tech guy I’m looking at technology with the eyes of my customer’s normal people’s eyes this approach has led to a user-friendly practical and universally appealing online marketplace with a customer focus.

12. Employ a Lot of Women

in 2015 jack ma spoke at the world economic forum in Davos Switzerland there he gave up what he considers to be one of the most important ingredients in his recipe for success and it was women.

in his address ma explained one of the secret sauces of Alibaba is we have a lot of women 47 of his staff members are women and 33 senior positions are held by women much higher than the usual paltry figures we hear of other big companies,

and what is the special flavor he thinks that women bring to the business well according to ma women think about others more than themselves this is the key value of Alibaba and how it’s able to serve its users. 

13. Have a Purposeful Vision and Align your Business to your Values

jack mall has no small vision for his company and he certainly doesn’t see Alibaba as a flash in the pan he plans to have Alibaba around for 102 years so how do you plan for that kind of business longevity in an uncertain future well.

jack ma has created a clear approach he calls it the six vayne spirit sword a clear set of values that he uses to build the strength his company needs to overcome business challenges these six values that ma holds in high regard are customers first teamwork embrace change integrity passion and commitment.

14. Run your Business with Future Generations in Mind

jack ma isn’t just about building up a business but building forward he’s been known for several initiatives that are building up future generations before Alibaba became a megalith,

it is today maul had high school students working for him he gave them equity in the business which is part of his inclusive growth mindset which was part of the success of Alibaba as we know it today.

in 2015 he had a telephone conversation with then president of the USA Barack Obama he explained that 0.3 of the company’s total revenue, not profit but revenue was earmarked for younger generations to address environmental issues and had already been in operation since 2010.

 according to ma, this should be part of every business culture saying I don’t want people to have deep pockets but shallow minds that is well said.

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15. Take your Competitors Seriously However Small They may be

business people tend to either be paralyzed by their competition or ignore them completely but the truly successful like ma will tell you it’s important to take competitors seriously this doesn’t mean you should be intimidated by them and worry about their every single move.

however if you’re aware of what they’re doing you can continue to compete with them but not so fast don’t go off and price drop now jack ma has a very different way that works when it comes to cleaning up after the competition.

he focuses on competing on services and innovation price wars come and go but service and innovation create customer loyalty.

There is a lot of hard work behind creating this post but this hard work will not feel like anything if you share this post with everyone. I hope you find out Jack ma great advice for business.


one thing is for sure even though he’s one of the richest people on earth jack ma isn’t about the money according to ma I always tell myself that we’re born here not to work but to enjoy life.

we’re here to make things better for one another and not to work if you’re spending your whole life working you’ll certainly regret it and this sentiment is certainly echoed in the lifestyle and business that jack ma created that helps people. if money is your only motivator you’ll never be a true success.

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