15+ Made in India app list (Most popular apps)

 Made in India apps for android 

And they are constantly developing the necessary apps. Today you can find out the names of some of the apps that are made in India and are more usable in India. In the last few years, the number of smartphone users in India has increased tremendously. As a result, Made in India app list all the countries in the world that have benefited in one way or another  As a result, our country has improved a lot in one way or another. One of them is the need for different types of apps for today’s smartphones and those apps were mostly from foreign countries.

Indian apps list made in India 2023

Maybe you have heard the names of some apps here and you may not have heard the names of some apps.  However, some apps have bought shares in foreign countries. If it is made in India and is used more in India, you will find the name here.

If you read this post after many years, it means that after many years, if you see the name of the app here, the owner of the app is a foreigner, but this app is not made in India.  Maybe in the future an app is sold which makes the owner a country.

Indian app lists 2023


Paytm is made in Noida, India. You don’t have to say much about Paytm. You all know the use of Paytm. What can you do with the help of Paytm? But now I have bought some chairs from Paytm, but it was made in India.  Owner of Indian Company.


One of our Indian companies has come up with the idea of ​​creating such an app. that you can book a taxi.  You will find it in almost all the towns in India.


 Surely you all know about this app. Thoughts come to the mind of a very young boy and he makes a little space by working hard on his own. Now this app runs almost everywhere in the world.  This is an Indian app.

Which apps are made in India?


 This app was created in India to order food at home for the convenience of your food. From here you can order food online and it will be delivered to you within a time. This app was also made in India.



If you do not know anything about this app, you are informed that this app has thousands of usable features. For example, you may want to create a PAN card or you may use this app for various types of police complaints or government work.  From here you can complete all kinds of government work through one app.


Now we hear the name Flipkart for online shopping.  Student India own a company online shopping site.  You all know more or less about Flipkart because you have shopped from it at some point. It can be in the case of buying a mobile, it can be in the case of buying other things.

 wynk music

 You can listen to songs through this app. We will get songs in different languages ​​from here. And from here you can set the caller tune for free from time to time. This app was also made in our India and we must have heard the name of this app.


 You have all heard the name of this app.  Now, this app has partnered with Disney. Now you can see all the contact hostel VIP members of Dismiss. If you want to share the Hotstar VIP account with everyone or someone in your family or you have any need, then if you want to see his account in person, click on the link below. You will know the methods.

 Click here


 From here you can listen to different types of songs and you can listen to all the songs that have these songs in your own language and make this app. I mean this app is made by Geo Company and we all know that jio Company is from India.  If you have a jio SIM, you can set up CallerTune for free. If you are looking for a  funny prank caller tune you can check it out by clicking on the link below.

 Click here


 It was also made from an online shopping platform in India. The name of this app and you will hear more or less, from here you can buy clothes of your choice.  But this app is not as famous as Flipkart.


 You can also shop from here. It is an Indian website or app. From here you can order different types of products.  You may have heard of Snapdeal.


 You can easily book a bus ticket from here.  Now you can book any bus ticket sitting at home. And this system has not yet reached all the places but the policy has been introduced in many parts of India and with the help of this you can buy your own ticket and pay online.


 If you don’t know this app, you must know that with this app you can know about any kind of medicine. And you can live chat with different types of doctors here. And if you have any test, you can book through this app, it will come to your home and fix the settings. If you want to know more about this app, click on the link below.

News Hunt

 You will get different types of news from here. You will also get that news in different languages. Blood was made in India. There are more such apps that you can get in the Play Store but you will see the names of all the apps that are more popular in this post.


If you have any old electronic things.  Or you can sell anything old here. You may have heard the name of OLX. You can buy some things from here. This app is very useful for those who want to sell some things or want to buy some old things.


 If you do not have this app on your mobile, then you must not know its work. If you have heard the name of Paytm or have used Paytm, all the work that you have done in Paytm.  You can do all those things through this app. You can do different kinds of work starting from online transactions through this app.


 Hearing the name of the app, you can understand what the job can be. You can listen to songs from here. It can be a song in any language. You can listen to that type of song from here after selecting that language.


 You must have heard the name of free recharge.  You can recharge or transact online from here.  And this app is a bit like Paytm. One was made in India.

 Which apps are made in India List?

 These were some of the apps made in India which are very popular in India. You will know the names of other different types of apps that can be made in India. Here are the names of the apps that are very popular these days. If more apps are available in the future, you will find their names here.

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