Top 10 Most Brutal Knockouts Fights In UFC History

For many years the UFC has become the top promotional avenue in the world for mixed martial arts and has hosted some of the bloodiest and most brutal fights in history. like boxing, the beauty of the UFC is that anyone can be beaten on any given night.

sometimes with nasty consequences remember when the unbeatable Ronda Rousey nearly had her face kicked off by holly holm or when heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar got wickedly opened up by Cain Velasquez.

while those examples would certainly be considered a little nasty by anyone’s standards those were pretty tame in comparison to what we’re looking at today, there are some fights that have gotten just downright disgusting we’re talking injuries that get your stomach twisting and knots we’ll go ahead and call that a warning as we take a look back at a few of the most brutal UFC fights in history starting with

10. Stefan Struve Versus Dennis Stoznik UFC 99

with a height of 7 feet tall Stefan Struve is perhaps the tallest UFC fighter of all time throughout his career he enjoyed great height and reach advantage but always had a hard time defending the takedowns and this almost proved lethal in his fight against Starznick at UFC 99.

starjnick scored an opening takedown and spent most of the round controlling struve on the bottom in the closing minute of the round a hard hammer fist opened a big cut on Struve’s bald skull the dutchman would survive the first round but stochnick would continue where he started in the second.

with blood pouring from his head things became urgent for the skyscraper fortunately for him he was able to reverse the position and pull a hail mary submission the scenes of stru squeezing the choke while the blood was showering out of his skull will forever glaze the list of bloodiest MMA fights.

9. Jon Jones Dislocated toe Against Chael Sonnen at UFC 159

just 23 years old when he defeated shogun Jon jones became the ufc’s youngest ever world champion jones has successfully defended his light heavyweight title in a division record eight consecutive fights.

he’s also finished nine opponents by either knockout or submission it was his fight against Sonnen where jones broke his toe at ufc 159 in April 2013 Jon jones took on chael sonnen for the light heavyweight championship heavily favored jones put a beating on Sonnen earning a TKO victory at 4 minutes and 33 seconds of the first round.

following a barrage of punches and elbows, however, on the way to victory jones dislocated his big toe but was able to fight through it he was somehow still able to get through his post-fight interview with joe Rogan while the toe was being fixed facing adversity jones still emerged victorious.

Most Brutal Knockouts Fights In UFC

8. Eight Jim Miller v/s Joe Lauzon UFC 115

among all of the ufc fighters we’ve seen miller and Lauzon are arguably the toughest fighters that ufc fans have ever seen perform with 15 post-fight bonuses on his record Lauzon is one of the most exciting as well at ufc 155 fans quickly got what they asked for with both fighters throwing their defense out of the window.

biting their mouthpieces and exploding in the pocket shortly in the first round miller connected with a big knee and an elbow hit this instantly opened two big cuts on Lauzon’s forehead the following scenes were not for the ones with a sensitive stomach Lauzon spent the rest of the round on his back with blood all over his eyes mouth and nose.

between the rounds the doctor gave a green light for Lauzon to continue shortly after miller received a cut under his eye and the fight became a pure bloodbath the memorable war ended in a decision for miller but they have both won the fans hearts.

7. Frank Muir Snaps Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira’s Arm UFC 92

a former two-time ufc heavyweight champion frank mir holds the record for the most finishes and the most submission victories in ufc heavyweight history mir posed the longest uninterrupted tenure of any fighter in ufc history.

competing for the company from 2001 to 2016. nearly three years after earning a TKO victory over Antonio Rodrigo Noguera at Ufc 92 frank mir again took him on at ufc 140 in December 2011.

many thought that mir had simply gotten lucky in the first fight but the former heavyweight champion put that nonsense to rest slapping on the kimura lock in the first round and bending Nogueira’s arm in ways that it shouldn’t be bent until he tapped out.

6. Kane Velasquez V/S Antonio Silva UFC 160.

after Velasquez lost his heavyweight belt to junior dos Santos he desperately needed a fight that would launch him back in the mix but standing on his way at ufc 160 was the Brazilian Antonio silva the fight would go down in history as one of the most one-sided maulings in history.

as expected Velasquez scored an early takedown and started exploding with the relentless ground and pound shots with heavy elbows landing silva’s face quickly got covered in plasma the doctor checked the cut and somehow allowed silva to continue.

further Kane continued to target the cuts which caused the blood to spray even more, as a result, the referee stopped the fight shortly after with blood all over the place it looked like Velazquez was leaving the crime scene.

5. Leslie Smith’s Ear Explode at UFC 180.

ufc fans might not consider themselves a squeamish crowd but even they were shocked when a cage match had to stop after a fighter’s ear exploded at ufc 180 in November 2014 Leslie smith took on Jessica i in the women’s bantamweight division which began as a fairly even fight.

however, things took a nasty turn in the second round when i hit a big right hook on smith’s cauliflower ear which just exploded spraying blood everywhere referee herb dean who has often let fights go on longer than they probably should had no choice but to stop the fight giving the eye the TKO victory.

4. Renato Sobral v/s David Heath UFC 74.

the bout between Sobral and health is surely one of the bloodiest MMA fights in history in the buildup both fighters showed huge animosity towards each other and we expected nothing but fireworks the opening round passes without any specific action.

however the second round saw both fighters pulling the triggers from all weapons Sobral opened up a serious cut on heath’s head after landing some vicious grounded pound shots as the blood was pouring he went on to target the same spot over again.

I mean it was painful to watch it may sound bizarre but it looked like Sobral had a knife in his hand it was that bloody ultimately so brah placed the anaconda choke and submitted heath in the second round shortly after Sobral would get cut from the ufc for holding the submission after the referee stopped the fight.

ufc brutal knockouts fights

3. Matt Mitrione’s eye and shoulder Injuries Against Travis Brown UFC Fight Night 81

former NFL veteran who played for the new york giants along with the Minnesota Vikings matt Mitrione gained recognition in MMA. when he competed on the 10th season of the ultimate fighter reality show more than his athletic ability or technical proficiency Mitrione was known for his violent outbursts and temper tantrums.

earning him the nickname meathead matt Mitrione came to ufc fight night 81 in January 2016 for his heavyweight bout with Travis brown with a 9-4 record he left at 9-5 and had a lot of proof that he had taken a beating brown was a top 10 heavyweight at the time but Mitrione actually held his own until the third round anyway.

brown landed a right cross that instantly swelled Mitrione’s right eye and then it just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger to make matters worse Mitrione dislocated his shoulder during the bout and it got to the point where the bone nearly came through his skin.

2. Edwin DeWeese v/s Gideon Ray

tough four the comeback ultimate fighter has always represented a proving ground for many upcoming talents so slugfests and bloodbaths are very common at tough season 4 it seemed like we had a bloodthirsty psycho sitting behind the cage instead of a medical staff.

although fighters were playing it safe in the first the violence would escalate in the second deuce advanced to the mat and started punishing Rey with nice short elbows this opened up the cut on ray’s forehead and the blood sprayed the doctor came in but apparently this wasn’t enough to satisfy his thirst.

although tough bouts were set for two rounds each the judges declared a draw and the two had to fight one extra round duise continued where he started in the second smashing and targeting the cuts on Rey’s head the most fascinating thing was seeing Rey stopping the blood from spring with one hand while fighting back with the other.

1. Anderson Silva Snaps His Leg Against Chris Weidman at UFC 168.

unofficially recognized as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the Ufc Anderson silva is to mix martial arts what roger Federer has become to tennis embodying a sense of grace and ease inside the octagon silva’s style was once dubbed a ballet of violence by co-commentator joe Rogan.

but perhaps the most infamous injury in ufc history came in December 2013 when Anderson silva took on Chris Weidman at ufc 168. Weidman had shocked the world five months earlier when he knocked out Silva in the second round to win the middleweight championship and this was silva’s chance at redemption it did not end well.

in the second round, silva threw one of his signature leg kicks which Weidman blocked perfectly the block was so perfect that silva’s leg kept going after his footstep resulting in a broken shin silva dropped to the canvas,

and the fight was stopped immediately mixed martial arts have gained a huge following among many of us and sometimes what we love can become something we fear this is probably why the fans love these fights.

but we sure hope we don’t ever get the chance to suffer the injuries we saw here today what do you think about these bloody and brutal ufc fights we’d love to hear what you think about them by commenting below.

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