15 Most Expensive Homes of Politicians in the World 2023

There are many countries in this world, each country has a different politician. Today’s post will discuss the most expensive homes of politicians in the world. If you read this post in its entirety, you will learn a lot about politicians.

There are many politicians in this world, among them the 15 most expensive homes of politicians in the world. You will get the answer to this question. Would you like to know?

15. Kasur Saudi Arabia

(15.1 million dollars)

15.1 million is a paltry sum when you compare this property to our number one property located in Riyadh this site is being the home of the headquarters of various kings and prime ministers since 1901 when king Abdulaziz captured Riyadh.

khasir al-hukum also known as the justice palace is Arabia’s traditional seat of government and the official residence of Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud the current prime minister.

however, it must be noted the prime minister has chosen not to live there and resides in more modern palaces around Saudi it spans 11 500 square meters and has been rebuilt three times over the past century.

14. Mahlamba Ndlopfu South Africa

(15.4 million dollars)

Mahlamba Ndlopfu formerly called Libertas is where the president of South Africa resides it’s been the head of government since 1940 and is located in Pretoria.

when Jan smith was prime minister he arranged a national competition to find an architect to construct the new residence of the head of state.

at that stage, Gerard mordiak had already designed the war trucker monument and the University of Pretoria so his win was no surprise.

it’s currently occupied by president Cyril ramaphosa who took office on the 14th of February 2018. 

13. Los Pinos Mexico

(16 million dollars)

 the site where the official residence of the president of Mexico resided from 1934 to 2018 is steeped in history many things happened in between but in 1934 president Lazaro Cardenas took over the office and opted to stay in the big house as opposed to the castle of Chapultepec.

which he found to be too ostentatious it remained the home of the presidents until 2018 when the current president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador opened the grounds to the public and moved the presidential offices back to the national palace where he lives today.

12. Palacio De Alvarado Brazil

(21.5 million dollars)

the Palacio de Alvarado the home of jair bolserano the president of Brazil has also been the residence of Brazilian presidents since 1958.

it’s located in the capital Brasilia and was designed by Oscar Niemeyer with construction completed in 1958.

 the Palacio was the first official government building in the new federal capital and boasts a cinema games room auditorium medical center a chapel and a helipad close by the library noble lounge and a music room the perfect abode for a president and his family.

11. Quinta De Olivos Argentina

(24.4 million dollars)

located in Buenos aires this is just one of the official homes of Alberto Fernandez the president of Argentina in 1774 a prime section of the land was bought by Manuel de Basile basso.

his daughter just married a military officer who was responsible for establishing some of the first apiaries on the grounds.

after her death, her husband inherited the land and it was passed on to their son who converted it into an equestrian estate and so the land passed on through hands many times until it was eventually deeded to the Argentinian government.

they introduced a heliport chapel mini golf course and more the first president to live in the house was general Pedro aramburu.

10. The White House

(40.8 million dollars) 

George Washington can be credited for choosing the site for the white house in 1791 in 1792 the first cornerstone was laid and it took eight years to construct.

the house has 132 rooms 35 bathrooms 28 fireplaces and three elevators the kitchen can serve 140 guests with a plated meal and hors d’oeuvres to over 1,000 guests.

the white house has had a few other names since it was built including the executive mansion president’s palace and the president’s house.

9. Elysee Palace France

(121 million dollars)

This not so humble abode is where french president Emmanuel macron resides it was completed in 1722 and was originally built for Louisa de la tour de junior.

during the provisional government of the second republic, it became the official residence for the president in 1853 napoleon iii had the palace renovated while he stayed at Tulley’s palace.

he had a secret tunnel linking him to the Elysee palace which is how he managed to secretly meet his mistress sadly the tunnel has since been demolished.

the Elysee palace is private any visitors or foreign dignitaries stay in hotel de marine bought by former president Charles de Gaulle.

because he wanted to avoid meeting kings walking around my corridors in their pajamas.

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8. The Moncloa Palace in Spain

(158 million dollars)

Pedro Sanchez calls Moncloa palace home it hasn’t been the official presidential residence for very long only since 1977 when the official residence was moved from the palace to the Vietnamese floor by Adolfo Soares.

originally a farm Moncloa palace became a palace because of its perfect location it was bought by the Marquis of Carpio Gaspar de array Guzman and elish who own the orchard of la Moncloa close by there are 16 buildings a hospital and a bunker.

7. Rashtrapati Bhavan India

(568 million dollars)

 It’s a huge jump in value from Spain to India when we visit the official residence of the president of India Rashtrapati Buffon was the viceroy’s house before independence,

but now it’s the home of Ramnath Kovend India’s president it’s a sprawling estate of 130 hectares and houses the Mughal gardens and housing for residents staff located in New Delhi.

Rashtrapati Bhavan took 17 years to complete with the help of 29,000 workers and 700 million bricks it’s open for public viewing and you can really get lost in the gardens and be dazzled by the beauty and range of interesting things to see.

there’s the children’s gallery by the children for the children a kitchen museum that delves into the history of the meals prepared for the mansion.

including a display of the utensils used since 1911 when India’s capital changed from Calcutta to Delhi.

6. Presidential Complex Turkey

(710 million dollars)

Recep Tayyip Erdogan the current president of turkey built an entirely new palace on the outskirts of Ankara it was meant to cost roughly 350 million dollars.

but you know how these projects go one minute you’re budgeting 350 million dollars then next you’re dropping over 700 million dollars.

it has come under fire with ecologists claiming it to be an environmental blight and opposition stating it proves the president has autocratic tendencies.

ask the man himself and he believes it’s a drive towards the new turkey the original mansion san kaya presidential mansion is the prime ministerial compound.

the new palace is home to the country’s largest library with over 5 million books gracing its shelves.

5. Kante Japan

(768 million dollars)

shushokante or simply Kante is the official residence of japan’s prime minister he not only lives there but all daily duties of his cabinet are performed there too.

foreign leaders are entertained there and there is a national crisis management center after the Meiji restoration a national parliament was established.

and it was the first time there was a prime minister of japan it was decided in 1885 that an official residence for the prime minister was needed.

4. Quirinale Palace Italy

(1.285 billion dollars)

officially hit the billion-dollar mark and it’s this historic building located in Rome Italy this is just one of three official homes of the Italian president.

there’s also a villa Rosebery in Naples and another estate on the outskirts of Rome the palace is massive 20 times larger than the white house.

Sergio matarella is currently enjoying the spoils of this palace which has over 1 200 rooms and has been home to 30 popes four kings and 12 Italian presidents.

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3. The Kremlin Russia

(1.63 billion dollars)

The kremlin is a city within a city and it is monumental in size when translated kremlin means citadel a fortress it is the official residence of Vladimir Putin the president of Russia.

despite being the official residence Putin chooses to live outside of Moscow the history of the kremlin goes as far back as 1156 when prince yuri founder of Moscow had a wooden fortress built there.

the kremlin that we see today was only constructed in the 15th century and it was thanks to efforts by Yvonne the great who dreamed of building a capital that would be as great as Constantinople he hired architects from Italy and much of their work still stands today.

2. Chiang HWA Day South Korea

(1.5 billion dollars)

Chiang Hwa day translated means pavilion of blue tiles and is the official residence of Korea’s head of state located in Seoul Chiang Mai day is made up of many buildings incorporating mostly traditional Korean architectural style.

but also splashes of modern architectural elements and facilities the entire complex sprawls across 62 acres and is home to Moon Jae-in after Korea was liberated independent Korea’s first president Kingman re changed the name to Jiang muddy and it was changed to Chiang wade in 1960 by the then president Yun po-sun.

1. Song Man High China

(42 billion dollars)

Nothing can come close to the value of song man high the home of politburo’s standing committee members although it’s their formal residence on paper many choose not to live there.

xi Jinping current general secretary of the communist party goes into the compound to do all of his daily activities but doesn’t live there either how the compound looks is very similar to how it looked during the ming dynasty early in the 1400s.

the name means central and southern seas or lakes which refers to the two lakes found inside of the compound it was first built in the 10th and 13th centuries as a playground for the elite and their entourage.

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Someone who doesn’t need to reside in a home that’s worth millions is Jacinda Arden the 40th prime minister of New Zealand her abode is premier house which was originally a wooden cottage bought in 1865. 

up until 1990, it was a dentist clinic for children but it’s since been renovated and enlarged to incorporate a ballroom and conservatory.

there are current renovations underway that are long overdue the ministerial services confirmed the house needed significant investment for structural repairs and work including roof replacements.

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