7 Most Useful Degrees For The Future (2022)

Most useful degrees for the future this is going to be an updated list for 2022 right so these are going to be the exact degrees that when people get them they end up in jobs that give them a lot of meaning.

And meaning basically means that they think their job is positively impacting the world and this is a big component to your job satisfaction and your overall happiness with your career and some of these are going to be bachelor level degrees master’s degrees as well as doctoral degrees and i’m hoping this video will help you choose the degree that you want to get and go into the career that is the best for you.

7. Cardiopulmonary Science

On this list is going to be cardiopulmonary science and this is basically the science that has to do with the cardiac system which is your veins arteries and your heart as well as your lungs this one has an 89 meaning score and by the way this is data from pay scale and to put that in perspective the degree with the lowest meaning score is Japanese studies at 21.

So it might be something you’re interested in obviously a lot of people would be interested in Japanese studies however it doesn’t necessarily positively impact the world right so you’re not directly helping other people with your career and therefore it has less meaning.

So i might enjoy video games but that doesn’t necessarily mean that i’m helping the rest of the world when i destroy 12-year-olds and make them rage on call of duty what you didn’t even like now on top of that cardiopulmonary science you can expect to make forty five thousand eight hundred dollars a year starting out and seventy-two thousand six hundred and mid-career pay so not bad.

6. Cytotechnology

The next one on the list is going to be Cytotechnology so this is basically going to be where you look at cells under a microscope with the specific intent at least usually of detecting cancer this one has a 90 meaning score.

You can expect to make 58,000 a year starting out and 7, 000 in mid-career pay so both of these are kind of health science-related degrees so far and the next one is also going to be a health degree but it’s kind of mixed with technology.

That’s going to be cardiovascular technology this one has a meaning score of ninety percent you can expect to make around fifty-six thousand dollars a year starting out and seventy-two thousand in mid-career pay.

So cardiovascular technology might be something like a heart monitor and you can definitely see why this one would have very high meaning score you’re definitely helping people out if they have heart issues.

5. Physical Therapy

The next one on the list is yet another health care-related degree big surprise physical therapy now this one is usually going to be either a master’s or a doctoral level degree but it has a 90 meaning score you’re going to start off with around 53,000 in pay early on in your career and then mid-career pay is 93,000. 

4. Occupational Therapy

Next one on the list which is occupational therapy are very similar now with occupational therapy it also has a 90 meaning score on top of that you’re going to make around 55,000 a year starting out and the mid career pay is going to be about 89,000.

This is another one where generally it’s going to be either a master’s or a doctoral level degree now one great thing about physical therapy and occupational therapy and i know this because i’ve worked closely with them

And i also know people who are physical therapists is that you basically get to work with people and you see them in the state where maybe they just got injured something along those lines and then you work with them all the way through until they make a recovery right so other types of health care you’re helping people just as much but you might not get to see them get better.

So you might not actually get to see the fruits of your labors so as a nurse or a doctor for instance you know someone comes in they’ve got you know something wrong with them you take care of them at that time.

Then maybe you refer them to a different doctor right so you never really know what happened to them but with physical therapy and occupational therapy it can be very rewarding because you get to kind of see them all through that process.

3. Radiation Therapy

Now the next one on the list can be very tough on certain people but if you have very thick skin it can be a good option for you and that is going to be radiation therapy it has a 91 meaning score and this is one that you can actually get into sort of at the associate or bachelor level.

Depending on the state you live in it’s going to take somewhere between two to four years and you’re going to start off making around sixty five thousand dollars a year and eighty nine thousand in mid career pay.

2. Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound

The next one on the list is going to be diagnostic medical ultrasound very similar to sonography if you’re familiar with that and this is another one where depending on the state you can live in you can actually get into it with just a few years so two to four years.

Now this one also has a 91 meaning score and on top of that you can start off making around fifty-three thousand dollars a year and seventy-seven thousand in mid-career pay i think these two also have in common with you know occupational and physical therapy that you keep seeing the same people over and over again.

So you see them when they first come in they’ve got some kind of medical problem and then you take care of them for maybe several months or even up to like a several years in some cases and then you get to see them out until you know the problem gets solved.

So that can be extremely rewarding and unfortunately some types of healthcare you don’t really get that and so i think that probably is the main reason why it has such a high meaning score now with radiation therapy specifically you’re going to be working with people most of the time who have cancer right so that can be a very tough job.

Hopefully, you’re not the type of person who brings it home with you hopefully you can kind of just block things off and you also have thick skin but for the right type of person extremely rewarding.

1. Alcohol And Drug Studies

The next one on the list the last one is going to be alcohol and drug studies this one has a 93 meaning score the highest on the entire list now doesn’t pay nearly as well as a lot of the other ones starts off around 35,000 a year and mid-career pay is 48,000.

But again the types of jobs you would go into would be the types of jobs where you work with someone uh for a long period of time you know they’re probably an alcoholic or they’re addicted to drugs and you would help them all through the process of getting clean.

So what did we learn here tons of health related careers when it comes to meaningful degrees and meaningful careers pretty much every single one on this list was health related so this is one of the many reasons why health careers health degrees are so highly sought out. there are a lot of positive perks and benefits to getting into a healthcare related career.

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