plenty of fish dating app full review (100% success rate)

Hello i’m Sourav your certified online dating expert and today i’m going to be….

reviewing plenty of fish.

The year 2003 saw the birth of what would eventually become the most popular free online dating site plenty of fish.
It’s estimated that there are about a hundred million users on plenty of fish dating app yeah a hundred million.
making it the second largest dating app.
It’s also estimated that plenty of fish get six billion views every single month.
So plenty of fish has a big bond for you to choose people you can look for…
friendship hookups long-term relationships
It’s all there.clearly plenty of fish is huge and one of the most popular dating apps out there but..


There are pros and cons to the site so i’ve actually broken down this review into five aspects to make it easier for you to decide if plenty of fish is the site for you.

what happened to plenty of fish dating site

The five sections are 
  1. ease of use
  2. The user base
  3.  success rates
  4. the cost and
  5.  the features of plenty of fish
Before we get too detailed in this review of plenty of fish are you keeping sure that this is the site that you should be researching.

Easy to use

so let’s get started and talk about the ease of use of plenty of fish 
The first thing that you’re going to notice about plenty of fish is that it’s just not very pretty.
So the site design could use some work i mean it’s not the ugliest thing i don’t want to over exaggerate.
but it’s just not easy to use it could use some money or some more care into its design.
There are some hidden features on different pages you kind of have to figure out how to get to your features that you want to get to because it’s not very clear the pictures are also very small.
When you’re swiping on there and it just doesn’t compare with the design and layout of the come of the other big dating apps around right now.
Plenty fish also has frequent updates so things are always changing around which means that the app lacks consistency.
So they’ll change a few things here and there but maybe what they should focus on is like a whole slight overhaul.
Because it’s just updated it’s slow it’s things are in strange places and hard to find if you are someone who is not internet savvy.
Like someone maybe who is older or just doesn’t like to use apps it could be difficult for you to use i could see people getting frustrated and like just quitting altogether.
So unfortunately i’m gonna have to give the ease of use of plenty of fish a thumbs down it’s not very good it’s not the worst ever it’s not like the end of the world.
You can figure it out not that hard but it’s just so lacking comparison to the other major dating apps that it’s just uh it’s just too behind.

why plenty of fish is a waste of time

The user base
Now let’s talk about the user base of plenty of fish so as i mentioned earlier it’s definitely one of the largest out there it’s the second largest actually in the world behind the dating app.
 It’s also estimated that about 52% of the site’s demographic is male which makes it a fairly even split people can look for anything from friendship to long-term relationships and everything in between dating hookups friends with benefits all sorts of stuff it’s all there for you on plenty of fish.
It seems to be that the majority of the people and plenty of fish tend to lean towards mid-20s to mid 30s not so much younger or older than that.
 Plenty of fish is not quite a hookup site and it’s not quite a forever love kind of site it’s something in the middle people are usually looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend maybe casually maybe forever.
But it’s just somewhere in the middle of super serious and super casual.

Success rate

So that’s the user base now talk about the success rate of plenty of fish.
It’s kind of difficult to determine the exact success rate of plenty of fish for several.
 Reasons one they don’t post exact statistics about this like a website like eharmony does where they give out exact examples and quotes of how big their successes are.
 It does post success stories on their site and i mean they’re all over the web as well of course this is one of the biggest dating websites in the whole world.
 It’s got a massive amount of people on there so of course it’s going to be success rates i mean it’s just in the numbers.
 so there are a lot of happy people with plenty of fish but again it’s also hard to determine the success of it because it offers a wide range of opportunities and things.
 it’s not just a website for only long-term relationships or only casual dating or only this or only that it offers so many things.
so success is kind of objective of what you’re looking for but if you want a good chance that love i would say that plenty of fish is worth trying um as far as a success rate goes.

Because it seems like you’ll have a good chance with the hundred million people on there and six billion monthly views and it’s free.

So i’m going to say the success rate seems like it would be amazing although it’s kind of hard to tell.

 Something that would infinitely help your success rate though is if you went to online for love dating app guide for men and women.
 It’ll help you set up your profile and teach you all the best tips on what to say and what not to say and what to do about your profile it really helped me set up mine and make it the best it can be.
Now let’s talk about the cost of plenty of fish so it’s actually free you can use it free or you can choose to pay for memberships.
 The great thing is that you can utilize so much of the app without having to go through a pay wall which is unusual.
Because a lot of other major dating apps and websites put that paywall there and you can only experience the site if you pay but for plenty of fish you can use the best parts of the site for free.
However you can opt to decide to pay for a premium membership on plenty of fish and you will get extra perks that you don’t get by just using the free site.
But keep in mind that the perks are just that perks they’re not something extremely different

but we’ll talk about all that in the futures which is coming up next..

The prices of plenty of fish’s premium memberships look like this they can be..

19.99 per one month
38.99 for three months or
 53.99 for six months or 
71.99 for 12 months 

Please keep in mind that the prices i’m talkin about now ar only accurate at the time of writing this post.

If you want to get the most up-to-date and accurate pricing for plenty of fish or any other dating website actually go to the link in the post and check out online for love.

The features

The features of plenty of fish so again the great thing about plenty of fish is that it is free and offers so many of its features for free..
  • so you can message people 
  • you can swipe left or right on people 
  • you can create your profile 
  • you can answer all the questions your 💜 desires
    you can upload your photos you can do
    like basically the basic most important features of a dating app you can do for free which is amazing.
you can do some basic searches to find specific features of people when you’re looking for them it’s easy to see details about other people on their profiles you can see all sorts of information about them that they’ve chosen to fill out which is great.
 something really amazing plenty of fish right now so you can see people live streaming and you can choose to engage with them.
If you want to you can talk to them so you’ll both be having sort of a looks like a skype conversation but everyone can watch you and comment on your conversation or people just live stream and
It’s really cool it’s actually a really unique feature that i don’t think many other dating apps have so as far as the premium memberships are any of them worth it.
what do you get differently with the premium so let me explain that once you pay for your membership for plenty of fish you can see if people have read or deleted your message.

You can get highlighted in the search results you can get priority placement and meet me which is the place where you swipe left or right.

And then you can see exactly when a user checked out your profile and you have the ability to change your plenty of fish username.

Also you can search for other people’s username on the app are those features worth premium to you that’s up for you to decide but it is cool that there are so many features for free on the website so now for the..

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Plenty of fish is it worth?

It is it good?

Let’s talk about the ending to the review so basically when you open up plenty of fish your first instinct is to close it and undownload it so it’s not the most amazing site it’s crazy because,

It is one of the biggest most successful and largest dating apps in the whole entire world but it still has work to do when it comes to it’s it’s layout it’s site design it’s ease of navigation the whole look of it.

It’s actually kind of unfortunate because it is such a huge site with such a large user base and it is free which is amazing but it just has so many setbacks that put it behind other dating apps that are less popular.
But they really have the site design set up i mean this is online dating after all the design means something if you can’t understand how to use it if it’s hard to use if it’s just if it doesn’t look good if the user experience is bad then it just breaks down Everything it really brings everything down a whole notch.

Which again is unfortunate because it is such a big site i do again need to acknowledge how amazing it is that it does allow you to use the site for free and you get a lot of features that are free that other dating apps don’t allow you to use for free so that is a really good thing

And it does have some unique things like the live videos i think that’s really cool if you just want to dabble in the world of online dating see the type of fishes in the sea and plenty of fish then that could be fun for you to do it is free after all it’s harmless unless you choose to sign up for premium.
But i would say if you’re really serious about finding love especially if you want long-term relationships or just good success at finding something i think you might be better off with something more like e-harmony or match or even okcupid which is also free but has a great web design.
 So i would say plenty of fish isn’t the best site out there unfortunately even though it is one of the biggest it’s worth checking out you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket so spread them around i mean you’re not going to lose anything if you don’t pay for it.
 So check it out but i would say it’s just a mediocre app that’s my opinion though what do you think have you used plenty of fish do you agree with me that the design is outdated or do you think i’m just being way too harsh and that i just need to accept that it’s one of the biggest websites in the world and it’s doing its job right i’m just being way too picky what do you think let’s talk about it in the discussion below thank you so much for complete post.
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