Top 10 Richest Men in the Philippines in 2023

There are many billionaires in this world but we will talk about them later today you will know the top 10 richest men in the Philippines in 2021. There are many richest people in every country in this world if you want to know about them there is another post.

The Philippines is one of the most beautiful tourist places in the world with lots of islands that you can visit if you want. This country is considered the 72nd largest country in the world.

With more than 1 million people living in this country, the top 10 richest men in the Philippines can be answered very easily because it is very easy to find ten people out of so many people. A small fact is to inform you that this country has the largest number of coconut trees and coconuts are cultivated and all the coconuts are spread in different countries.

Each year Forbes releases an updated version of the richest people in the world this year was the 35th edition which saw 493 new people make this coveted list currently there are 2,755 people on the list including the following 10 Richest Men in the Philippines.

10. Elizabeth Sy

($2.4 billion)

The late business magnate investor and philanthropist henry Sy once said there’s no such thing as overnight success or easy money if you fail do not be discouraged try again when you do well do not change your ways success is not just good luck it’s a combination of hard work good credit standing opportunity readiness and timing.

Success will not last if you do not take care of it and he was right his second-born daughter Elizabeth sai is a testament to those wise words Elizabeth has been advisor of sm investments since 2012.

The SM group was founded by henry in 1958 as a small shoe store in Carriedo manila it’s now one of the largest conglomerates in the Philippines incorporating mall developments retail banking real estate and tourism in its portfolio and keeping it in the family let’s meet another Sy family member.

 9. Tarasita Sy Coson

($2.7 billion)

This is Teresita psychosis the firstborn daughter of the late henry Sy Henry has six children so we’ll be meeting some more of the siblings as they’ve been dubbed of the six children Taraceta has not only worked hard in her father’s business but is a successful and wealthy businesswoman in her own right making her the richest woman in the Philippines.

She was eight years old when her dad opened up his shoe shop and was already learning the tricks of the trade from a young age she had a particular love for banking and from just five years old would accompany her grandfather to the bank and would absorb everything she laid her eyes on.

Not only is she co-chairperson of sm investments but she’s also the chairperson of BDO Unibank a retail bank as reported by south china morning post Tarasita or Tessie is planning on studying architecture and constructing a building.

8. Henry Sy Jr.

($2.7 billion)

We cannot focus on henry Sy junior without sharing the tragic news of the death of his 29-year-old daughter Jan Catherine she died on the 18th of March 2021 from a bacterial infection Henry Sy jr is the first son to be born to siblings and is the co-vice chairman of sm investments.

He’s also chairman of sm prime which is the property branch of the group’s portfolio this includes malls residences hotels offices and convention centers henry side jr set up big boss cement in 2017 as explained by

Big boss cement inc boasts of a new technology that will enable the group to manufacture a stronger variety of cement at only half the cost of producing traditional cement and president gilbert s Cruz confirms that the cement was the most environmentally friendly cement in the world today.

7. Harley Sy

($2.7 billion)

Meet the baby of a family Harley Sy he’s the youngest of Henry Sy’s six children and possibly the cabling that’s in the spotlight the least he’s the executive director of sm investments director of china banking and sits as an advisor of BDO Unibank of which his sister taraceta is chairwoman as his sister Teresita psycho son confirmed we grew up in a very demanding environment dad expects us to prove ourselves,

So my siblings and I work hard to reach what we have today and I guess we have to continue working hard to maintain it now we break away from the Sy family and meet someone new.

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6. Andrew Tan

($3 billion)

If you’re after legit rags to riches story well you’ve got it Andrew tan was born in Fujian china and when he was young his family moved to hong kong he and his family shared a one bathroom tenement apartment his father worked in a transistor radio factory.

This hustler got a degree in accounting using any means available to earn money study he ended up working at Leonard and from there formed a mega world corporation that developed huge apartment complexes in and around manila.

Now tan shares alliance global which is a holding company with interests in several areas including gaming real estate and food and beverage alliance global owns the McDonald’s franchise in the Philippines and the listed brandy company Emperador.

Emperador has been the world’s top-selling brandy since 2006 in terms of quantity the confirms that despite sales dipping it’s still the number one selling brand in Spain Mexico and the Philippines.

5. Herbert’s Sy

($3 billion)

We’re back in the family business and herbert Sy is the fifth-born sibling not only are the six children of henry Sy all successfully running the portfolios and conglomerates he left behind but they are all set to inherit part of his 19 billion-dollar fortune.

Herbert is director of SM prime which is the group’s property developer herbert’s focus is on the retail side of the business and he’s currently the vice-chairman of the boards of super shopping market inc and SM hypermarket according to the Philippines

4. Hans Sy

($3 billion) 

On par with his brother in terms of finances Hans Sy is the last sibling to be featured on our list and the fourth born sibling not too long ago south china morning post called him superman for rescuing a baby from a trash can and it wasn’t just the news site that called him superman his high school friends also nicknamed him superman and called him a protective and courageous friend.

This art-loving billionaire is also doing his best to look after the environment as reported by SCMP Sy continuously pushed for sustainability efforts in company malls and in 2014 he made history by leading the largest solar installation in the Philippines.

A whopping 5760 solar panels were installed atop sm city north Edsa’s multi-level car park Hans stepped down as the president of the sm prime in 2016 but he’s still a director he’s also an advisor of sm investments chairman of china banking corporation and chairman of a national university.

3. Lucio Tan

($3.3 billion) 

Your ear is probably perked up when you heard tan thinking it was another case of keeping it in the family however Luciotan is not related to Andrew tan who we mentioned earlier at number six this business mogul has interests in banking airlines liquor tobacco real estate industries beverages and education.

His advocacy for education is well known and he’s been quoted as saying we cannot as a country improve economically socially and culturally without quality education his first-ever job was as a stevedore loading and unloading docked ships.

Tan is the founder and chairman of lt group focused on tobacco spirits property and banking he founded fortune tobacco corp in 1966 and established Asia brewery in 1982 which is now a branch of lt tan were accused of tax evasion in 2017 amounting to 600 million dollars but those charges have been dropped. 

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2. Enrique Razon Jr.

($5 billion)

His family has been in marine cargo handling for three generations his grandfather started the business by opening up a port in manila in 1916. 

After world war ii Razan’s father built the port and now Enrique Razon jr chairs the international container terminal services or ICTSI the country’s leading terminal operator his other investments include mining oil gas power hotels and casinos,

Razan is currently the chairman of Bloomberg resorts corp which specializes in amusement tourist facilities gaming and hotel businesses according to Wikipedia he developed Solaire resort and casino at a cost of 1.2 billion dollars which is part of the entertainment city.

1. Manuel Villar

($7.2 billion)

He’s come a long way from selling seafood as an impoverished child to the richest man in the Philippines this is Manuel Villar fondly called manny according to south china morning post you’d never tell that manny was Super Rich tycoon worth billions.

He flies economy drives a Toyota and does his business from coffee shops well I mean he owns the coffee shops coffee project with 40 branches but you know tomato Villar is chairman of vista mall one of the largest mall operations in the Philippines.

Other credentials include sharing vista land and landscapes and obtaining Bria homes and changing it to golden Bria which develops mass housing projects he has his own home improvement chain called all home which went public in 2019,

And his wife Cynthia is a senator we’ll leave you with some apt words from this successful businessman do not assume that if you are poor you cannot be a leader just show sincerity do your work well and your peers will see it and elect you as a leader.

If you have read this post in its entirety, then you must have known the top 10 richest men in the Philippines.


Today it’s all about a sneak peek for a video coming up soon titled 15 millionaire statistics we’ll fill you in on some tidbits like did you know that every day in the USA roughly 1700 people earn their millionaire status and did you know that roughly every 17 hours someone becomes a billionaire.

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