Top 15 Richest Models in The World 2023

If you want to know the top 15 Richest Models in the world then you have come to the right place. Keep reading this post. There are currently countless people who are modeling and thinking about modeling.

Modeling is not an easy task or it is not easy to find because there are a number of things you have to follow to do this job. there are a number of conditions that you have to be involved in.

For your convenience, some examples are given that your height should be more than 5 feet 9 inches and your weight should not be more, etc.

The number of models you will hear in this post includes all the conditions and also surpasses countless people.

Being a model is one thing but turning modeling into a lucrative long-term career is completely different supermodels like Gisele Bundchen Naomi Campbell and kate moss spent their early days on the runway and have taken their success further to attain enormous personal wealth.

We’ll also tell you what might be in the cards for former first lady Melania Trump with some suggesting it could include a return to the catwalk.

15. Linda Evangelista

(40 million dollars) 

Linda Evangelista might not be a household name anymore but she inspired generations of women to be a little sassy when it came to owning their value in terms of salary negotiations.

You see in the 90s she famously declared I don’t get out of bed for less than ten thousand dollars a day I guess with that kind of straightforward approach to her rates it won’t surprise you that she has a net worth of 40 million dollars now that’s an amount worth taking a day off for.

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14. Christy Turlington

(40 million dollars)

Another 90s show stopper Christy Turlington was as recognizable as Kendall Jenner is today she is retired from modeling but in 2019 she made a special runway appearance for the marc jacobs autumn winter 19 show.

Now in the autumn of her career she’s a full-time wife and mom to her actor husband Edward burns and their two children and living it up with the wealth she amassed through her modeling career.

And if you’d love to see where the richest people are in each area.

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13. Kendall Jenner

(45 million dollars)

Kendall Jenner is often overshadowed by billionaire little sister kylie Jenner when it comes to talking big money but Kendall Jenner has done well financially in her own right by the 25th birthday she had already had 45 million dollars to her name.

Her wealth lies in the massive social media following and her blossoming modeling career.

12. Kate Moss

(70 million dollars)

Kate Moss is one of the most famous models in the world just play a game of 30 seconds and say she’s a model and everyone will shout either kate moss or Naomi Campbell first.

When kate the great was first discovered at 14 years old at JFK airport her life changed forever she quickly featured in campaigns like Calvin Klein jeans and fragrances.

And often top lips all of this took a toll on kate though who in recent years revealed that she was traumatized by many of her early modeling experiences.

Now at 41 years old she continues to command huge fees with global brands and has a net worth of 70 million dollars already banked.

11. Alessandra Ambrosio 

(80 million dollars)

Alessandra Ambrosio is best known as victoria’s secret angel a role she held from 2004 to 2017 but that’s not the only title she holds in 2007 she was named one of People magazine’s 100 most beautiful people in the world.

She’s known as one of the world’s sexiest women Forbes named her on their list of the highest-paid models with an annual income of 6.6 million dollars.

Her appeal is certainly recognized across the board and she’s modeled for Armani Ralph Lauren and Christian Dior. 

10. Naomi Campbell

(80 million dollars)

Naomi Campbell is one of the six supers of the 90s this was a group of gorgeous supermodels of this generation that the fashion industry and international press couldn’t get enough of.

If you could afford her you could barely find a gap in her back-to-back schedule miss Campbell was the belle of the ball she began her career at just 15 years old and this British model has been in high demand ever since.

She launched her modeling reality show the face which has been franchised all over the world and she’s been heavily involved in charity efforts throughout her career too.

She’s netted herself 80 million dollars and continues to make appearances and have a strong public profile at 50 years young.

9. Tyra Banks

(90 million dollars)

Another runway queen that bridged the modeling reality tv show world is Tyra banks in 1991 during tyrobank’s breakout year she walked in 25 shows she quickly got herself supermodel status and was compared closely to Naomi Campbell.

She’s had a career packed with tv and film appearances and even 24 seasons of a popular talk show the Tyra banks show although she’s amassed great wealth for herself to the tune of 90 million dollars.

She’s also founded t-zone a charity aimed at building self-esteem and positive body image in young girls.

8. Adriana Lima

(95 million dollars)

Moving from south America to north America Adriana lima is another of brazil’s most famous modeling exports she also holds the title for the most valuable victoria’s secret angel in 2017 and the brand’s longest-running model from 1999 to 2018. 

She entered the international world of modeling by winning the ford’s supermodel of brazil competition at 15 years old since then the modeling world’s been her oyster.

And the brand endorsements have kept coming in she’s a Maybelline cosmetic spokesperson and has been featured in Kia motors super bowl commercials.

7. AL McPherson

(95 million dollars)

Al McPherson has one of the most diverse careers on this list not only did she appear on the cover of sports illustrated swimsuit issue five times in the 1980s.

She’s also acted in films including big hits like batman and robin the mirror has two faces and a lead role in the edge she’s had recurring roles on friends and hosted everyone’s favorite sketch comedy show SNL.

She also hosted the UK version of next top model created a successful series of workout videos and enjoyed a very successful fashion swimwear,

And wellness label, and a skincare range called the body after her own nickname given for her swimsuit covers. 

6. Christy Brinkley

(100 million dollars)

Christy Brinkley is another supermodel who appeared in sports illustrated magazine she’s probably one of their most well-known models appearing on three back-to-back covers but her big break began in 1976.

When she became a spokesperson for Covergirl a relationship that lasted decades she also appeared in the film national lampoon’s vacation and another appearing in Billy Joel’s uptown girl music video.

The two hit it off and got hitched she has her own skincare line and if you look at her at 65 years old her products must work she was an astute businesswoman investing in real estate estimated to bring in 60 million dollars overall though she’s reportedly worth 100 million.

5. Iman

(100 million dollars)

With the same amount banked as christy Brinkley is Somalia born iman she’s considered the world’s first true supermodel of color joining the industry in the early 80s she’s modeled for donna Karen Calvin Klein and Versace.

as well as starting her own makeup company iman cosmetics with a collection of makeup for women of color she’s designed clothing that appeared in the film star trek.

And dedicated her time to targeting poverty by supporting charity work in east Africa eve sailor all described iman as his dream woman because of her tall dark and well shit-hot looks. 

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4. Heidi Klum

(160 million dollars)

Another 90s angel Heidi Klum walked the runway for victoria’s secret later in the 90s but her tv appearances hosting America’s got talent and project runway made her a household name.

The fashion industry was wild about her right off the bat she appeared on covers across newsstands and even beautifying the cover of Time magazine like most of the mega supermodels on this list.

She walked for victoria’s secret and was also an angel all of this has earned her a solid income of 160 million dollars.

3. Cindy Crawford 

(400 million dollars)

Forget the blue-eyed blondes Cindy Crawford popularized a more sultry brunette with brains charm and professionalism to spare according to designer Michael kors blonde or brunette preferences aside.

Who can deny the sexiness of her famous beauty spot she was an engineering student but had always modeled on the side since a teen she first went mega-famous with her Pepsi and Clairol campaigns.

Her net worth is estimated to be 400 million dollars she shared all the same honors as the supers on this list and now spends her time focused on her home decor and furniture business.

In 2015 she published an autobiography called becoming and her daughter Kaia Gerber seems to be following in her mom’s it girl footsteps earning her own mega fame at an early age.

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2. Giselle Bundchen

(400 million dollars)

Ironically Giselle Bundchen was discovered while eating at McDonald’s, since that fateful day in brazil the world hasn’t been able to take its eyes off her and we don’t have to because she’s appeared on 1200 magazine covers.

Since 2001 Bundchen was the highest-paid model in the world signing victoria’s secret’s biggest contract to date something she’s credited with is the horse walk it sounds kind of terrible.

But it isn’t the model walk is defined as a stomping movement created by a model lifting her knees high and kicking her knees as she steps Bundchen pioneered and popularized this runway trend.

Bundchen retired from the catwalk but continues to earn through her fragrance contracts with Chanel and Carolina Herrera and designing shoes for brands.

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1. Kathy Ireland

(500 million dollars)

Kathy Ireland isn’t known to most as a household name as a model these days but in the 80s and 90s she was among the supermodel elite she had a stellar run as a model in that time being featured as sports illustrated swimsuit model for 13 years and netting three covers too she also appeared on the covers of vogue cosmopolitan and Forbes just to name a few.

She appeared extensively in reality tv and hit scripted shows too like melrose place as a teenager she was way ahead of the hashtag me too movement and took matters into her own hands when a photographer crossed the line.

She decked him you go girl now her wealth pours in from the company Kathy Ireland worldwide that turns over billions annually in creating products from toys to jewelry furniture to media all netting her an impressive wealth of 500 million dollars.

And we’re going to leave you with her wise words beauty comes from the inside always remember that so what’s the best ad campaign you’ve ever seen these models in share with us in the comments.

Richest Models in the world The answer to this question will continue to change every year because if you have read this post in full, then you must know why it will change every year.


What do you think Melania trump’s next move will be Leah Simpson wrote for the south china morning post stating that secret recording from her former best friend

And advisor Stephanie Winston walk-off to reveal that she may still yearn to return to modeling the chances of her making it onto this list is slim to none but if it makes her happy then that’s all that matters.

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