Top 3 Royalty Free Background Music For YouTube Videos

Where you can find Royalty-free Background Music for YouTube videos. I get a lot of questions about where I find my music for especially for my vlog videos and some of my other tutorial videos and I’m gonna show you my Top 3 sites that where I go to get free music for my YouTube videos.

Free music for your YouTube videos, the first thing I want to debug really is when we toss around this word free. We have something we call free music and then we have something called royalty-free music and there’s a difference there.

if you’re looking for free music where you can just download a song for free and use it in your YouTube video well you can find sites like that some time they will be illegal sites and you never really know if you have the copyright to use that in your video then we have a royalty-free site.

where you can download royalty-free music where you can be sure that okay I’m gonna use this in my YouTube video and I’ll be able to monetize it and I won’t you know worry about it. I’m going to talk specifically about sites where you can get free music you don’t have to pay for it and you can be sure that it’s royalty-free.

so that you can use it in your YouTube videos and can monetize those videos. can jump into my favorite free music sites that I use for my YouTube videos and then at the end I’m going to mention other sites that have royalty free background music but you have to pay a subscription fee but right now let’s focus on free


My first and favorite one is SoundCloud I find a lot of my royalty-free and free download music on SoundCloud by reaching out to independent artists I like this one and I mentioned this one first because the other sites that I’m going to mention are really great too but because they are free they’re oversaturated and don’t have maybe so much of a variety and other people are using the same song.

so yeah I’m sure you’ve come across other YouTube videos and you’re like I’ve heard this background song before, there are so many independent musicians on SoundCloud that have music and a lot of these independent musicians are willing to give you for free and royalty-free to use in your YouTube video.

you looking for you can even search so much as just free music or royalty-free background music and so search for Royalty free music see what we get and I’ll show you kind of the process of what I would do I mean already there’s a royalty-free background music account the other option is you’re interested in or maybe another similar artist that you’re interested that you want to use in your YouTube video.

any pop music spell music right let’s say in terms of simplicity that we really like Jacobs music okay let’s go to his profile he’s from Austin Texas he’s got some tracks here we can see at this box this little envelope right here we can send Jacob a message so you typically would say something like hey Jacob I really like your music I mean you can write this in any way you’d like,

But you get the idea you know be respectful reach out to the person gives them credit for their music so you like their music oftentimes musicians will say yes because they’re interested in getting more awareness for their music.

so you may be saying like is this official right can’t the artist just say you know a week after that they never gave you credit or they never gave you consent well make sure you keep records of them either in an email chain or in a message change just to add that as safety.

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YouTube music library

Number two for free music totally free royalty free background music using your YouTube videos would be well simply put the YouTube music library YouTube you’re on YouTube already you’re uploading YouTube videos every year the YouTube music library gets bigger and better.

In my honest opinion it’s not the best I find the music just to be a little lower quality and I get then again just because it’s on YouTube and YouTube has such a massive audience of creators they’re definitely not the only one to use those songs and your YouTube videos so you’ll likely see a lot of other videos using the same soft.

you’re only uploading videos you know every month it’s or if it’s just a one-time thing and you just don’t want any worry about royalties and you want something free nit’s a great choice for you the YouTube music audio library and they do have a lot of options here’s.

your free music section you know waiting this song called right here here’s a song by Andrew Langdon want to download it right there and we can use that in our YouTube music video as easy as that and just a couple of filters here the genre  mood instrument and duration

And then you have the search if you know exactly what you want another cool thing about the audio library is the sound effects section so if you want to make some you know if you have a cool scene in your YouTube video and you want to make just a bit of a sequence and you need some,

I don’t know some different sound effects yet these sound effects for free or right in the audio library so a little bit great of a side bonus there to the audio library a good segue to the YouTube music audio library to find free music for YouTube videos would just be well YouTube itself as well and there are a number of channels on YouTube where you can get free and royalty-free music for YouTube videos.

they have a couple here one would be audio library so we can simply just go to YouTube and search the audio library and then right away here’s the channel here audio library music for content creators 2.5 7 million subscribers.

so right there you know something’s going on there it’s legitimate click into this and we have some really cool sound electronic dance music vibes or really good for background log videos height videos and it’s very well produced okay.

so how do you get these songs to go to audio library YouTube channels search their YouTube videos and what songs you like and then look in the video description and it will tell you where to download it or how to download it and where you need to give credit to likely all you have an artist or creator on the other end that wants a bit of credit.

you don’t have to pay for it but you do have to mention them in your YouTube music videos description so let’s say you go and you use this song underwater ok so here’s your free download link so we just have to click this link here we go you’re free to use this song in any of your YouTube videos but you must include the following in your video description copy and paste simple as that copy and paste this and then when you’re going to upload your YouTube music video be sure to put that there and then you’re good to go free royalty-free and no problems.

now a couple of other YouTube channels that offer free music and royalty-free background music for YouTube videos another one would be trap nation and the third one that’s really great is just called no copyright sounds it has its own feel and vibe to it depending on what type of music you want so we just looked at the audio library that’s very mainstream well-produced great for vlog videos trap nation obviously trap and more of hip hop more urban and then no copyright sounds kind of just has a bit of everything process to download is very similar across all those.

Free music archive

They claimed to be the number one resource for free music and royalty-free background music I don’t know whether to believe any of those taglines but you get the idea if I need a quick song I often go to free music archive because I know it’s trusted,

and I can quickly download music right away and just pop it into my video they’re not going to really get like great catchy mainstream pop music that you’ll find in something like no copyright sounds or the YouTube audio library or like trap nation to even Sound Cloud those are my top sites to find free music for YouTube videos and it’s all free problem with these free music sites that I just

mentioned are well because they’re free that’s just inundated with people downloading these songs so they’re not as distinct or unique with these paid sites it’s a little more unique and there’s a greater variety have better filters to find the music that’s right for you that couple are epidemics sound art list and sound stripe would be the ones I use most let me know what you think in the comments below.

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