Best Science Majors Tier List 2022

1. Aerospace Science And Aeronautics

Science Majors Tier List, The science major degree position list all right aerospace science and aeronautics so this is a degree that you might get if you wanted to become a rocket scientist obviously not a super common degree but i thought it was funny the statistics on this one are amazing probably not everybody can do it but this one is going to go into ester.

2. Agriculture

Next one is going to be an agriculture degree and this is going to be the science behind farming i have potato blood in my events statistics on this one are not very good and there’s a reason for that in my opinion farming is one of those skills where it’s pretty difficult to learn it in the classroom there are many skills in the world,

That are perfect for the classroom setting for you to learn farming is not one of them and that’s why the statistics on this one are not amazing but with that being said they’re also not horrible this one is going to land into sea position one that is very similar to agriculture

But slightly different is going to be a little lower on the list is going to be animal science so this is going to be similar to you know farming but it’s going to be focused on animals right so specifically animals that people tend to consume we’re talking about cows poultry pork etc.

And this one has a very similar issue where these are the types of skills that are just best learned in real life on the job training and the statistics on this one are even worse than agriculture so for that reason it’s going to go into d position.

3. Biochemistry

Next one on the list is going to be biochemistry and this is basically a combination of chemistry and biology so it’s basically going to be studying the chemistry inside of living organisms now when it comes to the statistics on this one it’s going to be better than both chemistry or biology,

And it’s also more flexible there’s a lot more jobs out there you can get with this degree it also makes a really good pre-med or pre-health type degree so for instance you might get a biochemistry degree go to medical school maybe you go become a pa or a nurse practitioner so this one has pretty good statistics i’m going to go ahead and put it into a position.

4. Biology

Next one on the list is going to be biology on its own this one has a lot less flexibility a lot less job prospects it doesn’t make as much and on top of that the thing that really sucks is it’s a very popular degree,

And unfortunately when something gets really popular the downside to that is it also can tend to get saturated so biology is actually one of the most common degrees that people graduate with and in my opinion one of the most overrated so you know 10 20 years ago this one might have been higher on the list

But right now this one is going to go into c position and the reason for that is because a lot of the time you’re not going to be able to get a job with just a bachelor level degree that has anything to do with biology and if you are able to get a job that has to do with biology it’s usually going to be very low paying but with that being said if you’re very

Passionate about something you know what you’re doing you’ve done your research and you’ve looked ahead this one can still be okay it can be viable next on the list is going to be a chemistry degree and it has better statistics than a biology degree but not quite as good as biochemistry so this one is going to be going right in the middle in b-position.

5. Environmental Studies

Next on the list is going to be environmental studies this is one that unfortunately does not have very good statistics there just aren’t that many jobs out there that are available not to say that it’s not a valuable skill but it’s not necessarily an employable skill i think a lot of people would be better off if they’re really passionate about this subject which a lot of people are getting an environmental engineering degree instead so this one um i guess i’ll be nice and put it into c position.

6. Exercise Science

Next on the list is going to be exercise science and this is another one that is very very popular lots of people every single year graduate with an exercise science degree and many of them become personal trainers the only problem with that is you do not need a degree to become a personal trainer

And i’m not saying that that’s right or wrong maybe you should need a degree maybe there would be a lot less injuries out there of people who try to work out without you know proper guidance but the unfortunate reality is you don’t

And so for that reason an exercise science degree when it comes to an employable skill is a little bit redundant and that’s why the statistics on this one are not very good um this one is going to go into d position.

7. Food Science

Next on the list is going to be food science and this one is actually surprisingly useful there are a lot of jobs out there in the food industry for people who have food science degrees the statistics on this one are pretty good the only thing that i would say is a lot of the time

You can get the same exact jobs as somebody who graduates with a food science degree if you graduated with a biochemistry degree or a chemistry degree however biochemistry and chemistry are going to be much more flexible than food science but i’m kind of nitpicking there this one does have pretty decent statistics and so for that reason it’s going to go into b position.

8. Forestry

Next on the list is going to be forestry and this is going to be studying you know how to not only preserve forests but to utilize the wood in an efficient manner that doesn’t basically destroy whatever ecosystem that wood comes from a lot of jobs involved in forestry are going to be you know outside all day which can be extremely attractive to certain people

But the numbers here again are not amazing they’re also not horrible so this one is going to go right in the middle in c position.

9. Geography

Next on the list is going to be geography this is going to be studying primarily the surface of the earth as well as its history and when you look at the numbers on this one it’s actually not that bad now one of the main reasons why the numbers are pretty good much of the time people who get geology degrees will end up working in the natural gas industry natural gas industry is known for paying people really well but the other thing about natural gas

And just energy industry in general is it is extremely volatile and it fluctuates all the time so for instance this last year the pandemic absolutely destroyed natural gas companies now they are starting to recover um and it’s looking up a little bit uh so for that reason i am going to go ahead

And put this one into b-position actually you know what it’s recovering pretty well i’m going to go ahead and put geology into a-position if i’m being fair the numbers for geology are pretty good and there’s other jobs outside of the natural gas industry it is a relatively flexible degree.

10. Neuroscience

Next one on the list is going to be neuroscience and you’re going to be studying probably the most complicated structure in the entire universe which is the human brain and this focuses more on the structure and function of the physical brain itself whereas you know something like psychology

Focuses more on the kind of like the social science aspect of it now one thing about neuroscience is i think this is one where the numbers are okay right now but it could be a lot better in the future i think there’s a lot of things coming out you know you see elon musk with his neuralink company for instance

You see a lot of stuff with virtual reality augmented reality and i do see a lot of things coming down the pipeline that would make a neuroscience degree incredibly valuable but it’s not quite here yet so this is one where i think it could be a dark horse candidate um i’m gonna go ahead and put this one into b position

But it could end up being a position or honestly it could also end up being like c or d position this is kind of a dark horse candidate i really don’t know what’s gonna happen with this one.

11. Physics

Next on the list is going to be physics and when it comes to the numbers this one is the best on the entire list by far this one is clearly going to go into esposition i will say about physics.

It’s probably the most difficult degree that you can possibly get the average person is basically a genius i talked about this in the video i went over where i talked about the hardest degrees so yeah physics when you look at the numbers it’s fantastic um the only thing that’s a little bit of a knock to it is again you know very difficult.

And then the second thing is it’s going to teach you skills but they’re not necessarily employable skills now the thing is companies are going to know that you’re extremely smart and extremely hard working so they’re probably going to hire you anyways even though you don’t necessarily have the talents that they’re specifically looking for.

But a lot of companies have this concept or this way of hiring where they basically just try to hire their smartest people and then they think that they can just train them later on see this is very common in the finance industry for instance so a lot of people who graduate with physics degrees might end up working in finance or they might end up working as computer programmers software developers, but yeah this one is clearly going to go into s position when it comes to science degrees.

12. Psychology

Next one on the list is going to be psychology and this is one where you could classify it as like a science degree or a social science degree i believe this is actually the most popular degree over a hundred thousand people graduate with psychology degrees every single year and so because of that it is very saturated

And i can see why so many people like it it’s very interesting psychology is super interesting but the problem is is a lot of other people think the same thing and so it’s become saturated there is almost no jobs at the bachelor level you pretty much have to get

Like a master’s degree just to get like an entry-level job and a lot of the time you’re going to have to get a doctorate just to be able to get a halfway decent job and even then there’s a lot of competition okay so you really want to look into it if you get this degree

Guys you have to have to have to do your research and figure out a path for yourself if you decide to get a psychology degree so overall this one is going to go into d position now i reserved one for f position and that is basically these like random science degrees

It’s like they just take a random subject and then they just put the word science on the end of it so i’ll give you a few examples,

  • wildlife and fisheries science
  • mortuary science
  • library and information science

Now some of these to be fair aren’t necessarily science degrees they just kind of like tack that word on to make it sound good i honestly don’t even know why universities call it that but a lot of these have literally the worst statistics out of all the degrees on this list right out of all the degrees on like any list these things have horrible horrible statistics,

The numbers are awful for these don’t fall for this guys be very careful make sure you do your research if you go into any degree if it sounds weird like they just kind of tacked science onto the end of the degree that’s a bit of a red flag you see this with other degrees like studies or engineering technology

Just be very careful out there you know college is a business at the end of the day guys so you know these universities it seems like sometimes they just create degrees just to meet certain demand and these degrees don’t necessarily teach you employable skills

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