Technical Sagar free fire bekar hai video news (2022)

Technical Sagar free fire roast

Technical Sagar is a YouTuber. Which has 2.63 million subscribers. A few days ago Technical Sagar made a video about the free fire. He made technical videos. And he makes videos on ethical hacking.

The real name of Technical Sagar is Abhishek Sagar. He has five or six YouTube channels. Such as technical Sagar, Abhishek Sagar, Sagar ki Vani, etc.

Technical Sagar free fire

The roast started after making a video about Technical Sagar Free Fire. All the information provided in the video is good and bad for different people. From there the technical sea roast begins.

From here, various YouTubers start roasting with Technical Sagar. Because he said something about a free fire in the video.

Technical Sagar free fire bekar hai

 What Technical Sagar has to say in the video…

  • Why don’t more people like free fire yet? Because says the graphics in the game are not good and the sound of the gun is not clear. All the characters that are there look the same in Free Fire.
  • And he says the grass shots in the Freefire game are incomprehensible.
  • The concept of the game is very good, says Technical Sagar.
  • The technical Sagar says the method of shooting a gun is bad.
  • There is no reality inside the game.
  • He also said that the free fire game is improving now that the faces of all the characters used to look the same.
  • You can bring the cloud in front of you to avoid the bullets, it can never be in reality.
  • There are no chairs in the forest for sitting.
  • He also said that such games are more popular nowadays.
  • The sound of gunfire in Pubg Game original.
  • The Pubg game seems realistic.
  • You can ride a sports bike in the jungle in a free fire game
  • The Free Fire game expels the Pubg game from India, a misconception, says the technical Sagar of ​​all people.
  • He also said that now those who are opening new gaming channels are uploading videos of free fire games and their channels are growing very fast.
  • The free fire game is in high demand.

Technical Sagar free fire video

  1. Free Fire Baker Hai This video has got 544k views so far and the video is trending.
  2. The video has 42k likes and 66k dislikes.
  3. The video has 81k comments.
  4. Although it will continue to change with the day.

Free fire bekar hai

Original video: view

The technical government has roasted the cake and the link to their videos is given below:

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All the information that is inside the Technical Sagar original video that is bad about free fire is true. The free fire game is proven in the Technical Sagar video. Although various YouTubers roasted it, they never said that thing.

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