Technology Degree Tier List (2022)

The Technology Degree Tier List updated for 2022 and we’re gonna be basically ranking bachelor level technology degrees from s tier which is the best to f tier which is the worst now i’m not gonna to drag the intro on too long.

So this is going to be a relatively quick one now one thing i will say about technology degrees is there’s a lot of them and you know some of them are very similar to each other there’s like very subtle differences.

Now i’m not going to have time to explain all those differences and i’m also not going to go too much into the numbers because i’ve made many post in the past that dive into the numbers but overall technology degrees are very solid when it comes to the statistics like how much you get paid job satisfaction etc.

Now first of all let’s get computer science out of the way that one is obviously asked here..

Information Technology

Next on the list is going to be information technology and i think everybody knows what like it guys are information technology people they basically help businesses with the technology side of things now overall when it comes to the numbers this one is pretty solid there are better ones on the list but i’m going to go ahead and put it into b tier.

Information Technology Management

Next on the list is going to be information technology management so this one is very similar to information technology but it also adds in the leadership and management side of things now talked about this many times on the website,

But if you go into management level positions you tend to make way more money so if you’re able to combine your information technology skills with some business and management skills companies are going to love you so this one is going to go into a tier.

Cyber Security

Next one on the list is going to be cyber security now this is one where in my opinion i could see it exploding and becoming even better in the next five years it’s still pretty good right now last year i think i ranked it a tier i could see this one going into s tier you know you see all these scandals where people’s information gets leaked from you know equifax or target and this ends up costing companies millions of dollars directly,

And also indirectly because their brand takes a hit so i could see this one being s tier soon but right now i’m gonna go ahead and put it into a tier very similar to cyber security as information security and assurance this is a rare degree not many universities have it but the statistics on this one are slightly better than even cyber security so for that reason i’m going to go ahead and put it into a tier.

Information Science

Next on the list is going to be information science now this is a really interesting one because it’s taking something that is booming right now which is you know information science data science and you’re combining that technical aspect of things with a social science side of things as well,

So this basically studies how people and societies interact with information and technology so it’ basically studying how humans interact with the digital world so you can see why this one would be extremely useful in the modern world and for that reason i am gonna go ahead,

And put this one into b tier actually you know what i think i put it b tier last year i’m gonna put an a tier this year all right so.

Computer Graphics Technology

Next on the list is going to be computer graphics technology now this one kind of combines your technical skills with a little bit of creative skills as well and basically it’s all about analyzing and communicating ideas visually.

So for instance you might get this degree and then go into video game creation so can be a decent one but compared to the other uh technology related degrees the statistics aren’t as good i have to be honest with you could be right for you know a certain person a certain type of person,

But this one is going to go into deter next one is going to be telecommunications and this is basically a combination of a communications degree with a i.t degree a technology degree so it’s going to be all about communicating using technology.

So for instance communicating over the phone communicating via video sometimes it’s like a live stream sometimes it’s like youtube where it’s one-way communication so overall when it comes to the statistics this one is okay it’s kind of middle of the pack.

It’s not as bad as some of the other ones but it’s also not on the you know b or a tier level i’m going to go ahead and put this one into c tier.

Network Administration

Next one on the list is going to be network administration and this is going to be very similar to an information technology degree now a lot of the time if you get a network administration degree you’re going to be competing for the same exact jobs as people who get an i t degree.

Except the problem is network administration is more limited than information technology so it’s that old problem i’ve talked about many times on this channel where certain degrees kind of pigeonhole you into careers whereas other degrees are much more flexible and that’s probably why the statistics on this one aren’t as good as information technology, so for that reason i’m going to go ahead and put this one into d tier.

Computer Information Systems

Next on the list is going to be computer information systems now this one is very similar to management information systems which is a really good business related degree that’s kind of combined with technology,

But it has a little bit more of an emphasis on the technology and the information side of things but overall the statistics are very good uh with this one i’m going to go ahead and put it into a tier now i didn’t put anything into f-tier this year but i will say there are a lot of super random technology degrees out there right.

And they have the word technology in them that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re a legit tech degree right so there’s one i saw i used this as an example in the you know top five worst technology degrees it was like printing technology that is way too specific.

So one thing you want to look out for if you are looking to get into technology is degrees that are too specific that’s one weakness that i see over and over again with a lot of these tech degrees so like printing technology for instance unless you 100 110 know that you are just obsessed with printers it’s just like your,

Your life goal is to be the best in the world at printing technology then you probably don’t want to get that degree you want to get a different degree that’s very similar maybe information technology something along those lines maybe even an engineering degree might be better like an electrical engineering degree.

And then you’re going to be able to still do the same job but you’re also going to have a lot more flexibility as well okay so those types of degrees in my opinion would go into f tier unless you really know what you’re getting yourself into you’ve done your research.

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