Telegram Download Location (100% Solution)

Telegram Download Folder

If you also use Telegram and are downloading some of the Telegram, then this post is for you if you don’t know where the Telegram download location is. Telegrams were not so popular a few years ago but suddenly for various reasons telegrams became popular with every human being. Do you also use telegrams?

Telegram has now become a search engine for downloading everything you search on Google. Everything is present in the telegram. Telecom has different channels and groups where each user provides different information. You can download it completely free from Telegram.

Do you also want to know where the download folder of Telegram is?

If you download anything from Telegram, the download will be on your mobile. Even if you have a chip, you cannot select the downloaded file from the chip. So you understand from here that whatever is downloaded in Telegram will be stored in your phone.

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Where will the downloaded folder be in Telegram?

Your mobile will have a folder called Android which is present in every Android phone. There are different types of folders in the Android folder that are necessary and there are several folders that are not needed. Even if you follow the pictures as soon as you read this post, your problem will be solved.

  • After opening the Android folder.
Telegram Download Location (100% Solution)

  • You have to select the folder called Data.
Telegram download location

  • After opening the data folder, you will be presented with various types of holders in which you need to find this folder.
Telegram Download Location (100% Solution)

  • Also, if you do not have the folder with this name, after opening the folder called Data, open all the folders and see that the downloaded file of Telegram is somewhere.
Telegram app download location

  • You can also read the names of the folders. Even if you read the names, you will get an idea of ​​what a folder is for.
  • If you follow the pictures well, you will find the Telegram download folder.
  • After opening the folder, you will get all the files. If you have downloaded a video or the song or application has a separate folder, you can move or copy these folders.
  • By copying these folders you can paste them in the place of your choice, either in another folder in the Android mobile or in the chip.


Where can I find downloaded files in telegram?

If you have downloaded something from Telegram but can’t find the downloaded item. And if you have downloaded a photo or video that is not showing in the gallery, if you are looking for a solution to this problem, then read this post in full, I hope your problem will be solved.

Where is the telegram desktop download folder?

If you have downloaded something from Telegram Desktop and you can’t find where the download folder is, all you have to do is search the folder or file on your computer after copying the name of the file you downloaded. Will come in front of you.

How can I change the download location in telegram?

You will not be able to change the download location in Telecom. If there are any updates in the future, you will get the option to select the download folder in Telegram. But currently, Telegram does not have the option to change the download folder. If you use the Telegram folder from your mobile, you will need to find the Telegram folder from the folder called Data in the Android folder and after opening the folder, many holders will be removed.

Why is the telegram missing downloaded files?

If you also downloaded something from Telegram and it is missing, it seems to you because if you do not delete something, no file can be deleted automatically. If you have downloaded something from Telegram and can’t find it, you can read this post in its entirety and add various photos that will help you find the missing file if you don’t delete it.

Why videos are not showing in the gallery?

If you have downloaded a video from Telegram and the video is not showing in the gallery, the solution to this problem is to copy the Telegram download folder and paste it into another folder. In other words, all the files in Telegram are downloaded in the folder called Android, in that case, all the photos or videos, or songs that are downloaded, we do not see in the gallery in the video player. So you need to copy the folder and bring it to the font.

Can Telegram delete downloaded files?

If you have downloaded something from Telecom and you are wondering if Telegram deletes something from itself, then you are mistaken that Telegram cannot delete anything from itself. If you have downloaded something from Telegram, it will be saved on your mobile or if you use it from your computer until you delete it.

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