10 of The Hardest Video Game Achievements Ever

some gamers out there can’t stop when given a challenge and that’s really why they do it not necessarily for recognition but that’s exactly what we’re going to give them today on game ranks 10 more gamers who did the impossible.

 and before we get going we actually did a previous post of these in case you’re looking for some other equally impressive feats like beating every dark souls game without getting hit resident evil 2 remake no damage no save not pressing the a button in Mario 64.

i mean there’s a lot of good ones some pretty crazy stuff but without any further ado let’s get into this one starting out with

10. Someone beat every main assassin’s creed game without getting hit – that’s 12 games and it took 9 months to do, nearly 950 hours!

somebody actually beat every mainline assassin’s creed game without getting hit and you’re probably thinking like that’s a lot of games it’s a ton it’s 12 games it took him nine months the player goes by the name hayet and it just this is one that he started in 2021 and finished in april 2022 and it took 950 hours.

so again 950 hours 9 months zero hits did not get hit a single time like that’s absurd i’m assuming that if he got hit that he documented it on his youtube Channel which i don’t know exactly how much of it he showed but that’s just such an absurd long laborious difficult challenge.

he also offered some notes saying his favorite of all of the games the most balance between story mechanics and just coming together well it’s an odyssey and although he thought probably the least good game was assassin’s creed,

it probably had the best story in terms of explaining the assassins and then also the game with the worst story assassin’s creed unity was also the one the best stealth he actually detailed a pretty long post about this kind of stuff.

it’s i think pretty good insights it makes sense when you don’t get hit to have seen a few of the extra little third rail things about the games but that’s an incredibly dedicated challenge well done hey yet moving on to.

9. Beat Dark Souls 3 without taking a single hit with a guitar hero controller 

in the last post we covered a guy who beat every dark souls game without getting hit and today we’re gonna cover somebody who just did dark souls 3 without taking a single hit um with a guitar hero controller.

so there’s a lot of instances of people attempting dark souls with a lot of strange controllers and like it’s impressive when people win the game period it’s not even kind of easy to take on dark souls with a non-standard controller,

but the guitar hero controller is kind of a special beast it’s really really specific in what it’s set up for um the guitar hero game specifically and on top of that this guy mez plays didn’t just beat it like with the guitario controller.

he did it fast it was incredibly impressive the speed that he takes this game down with he did like skip all the optional bosses and did anything he could to make the story run shorter but that’s like a lot faster than an average story only run just to have done it without taking a hit on a weird controller it’s impressive and.

8. Beat Halo 2 on the highest difficulty setting, with every skull activated, without dying

a challenge that rcritical actually put a huge bounty out on he said if you could beat halo 2 on the highest difficulty setting with every skull activated without dying he would give you twenty thousand dollars.

now of course that is an absolutely totally absurd challenge known as the lasso deathless challenge so here’s the trick critical whose real name is charles white jr said you have to stream the whole thing because obviously there can’t be any cheating,

if anybody finds any evidence of cheating that stuff has got to be taken care offigured out just understand what’s going on you know now originally his bounty was only five thousand dollars though and it took a couple of months of nobody doing it for him to go all right i’m adding fifteen thousand of that.

so this streamer by the name of gervalin who is actually not like a big streamer or anything just somebody who had set a few world records in halo actually did it in critical’s opinion and this was actually the hardest challenge in all of gaming gervalin didn’t like freak out or,

anything when he managed it either he just kind of said you know i would have thought this was impossible and it wasn’t i mean i don’t know what’s more impressive that he was that chill about getting twenty thousand dollars or the challenge itself at.

7. Mined (almost) everything in Minecraft

a r by the name of mythical kind of did something like really really impressive in minecraft which to be clear isn’t really the same thing as a lot of other games you don’t have the same kind of accomplishments,

or i mean you have achievements and stuff but they’re not set forward with really finite goals mythical decided is gonna mine like all of the blocks which is just an insane goal and over the course about five years he mined away about 45 million blocks.

 it’s easily one of the most insane looking things of all time the map itself with him basically at bedrock and there’s like barely anything left looks insane it looks totally insane in the live stream he did near the end of it he talks about like how he had to store blocks.

and how he had to prepare the diamond pickaxes and i mean this is somebody who mined away 45 million blocks just cause that’s nuts and and really frankly sounds impossible but clearly where there is a will there is a way.

10 of The Hardest Video Game Achievements Ever

6. Luke Steelman obtained the ‘impossible arrow’ in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

a gentleman by the name of luke steelman obtained the impossible arrow in legend of zelda breath of the wild so let’s talk about what that is before we get into it so when you’re making any game there’s little things that get placed or forgotten,

or end up somewhere that you don’t expect and when you make an open world game the likelihood of this stuff being overlooked later and just left in the game is a lot higher now breath of the wild is probably one of the coolest most impressive open worlds ever built just in terms of not necessarily density but design,

 and despite all of the deliberate time put into the world it still has some impossible stuff for instance in April of 2021 somebody discovered that there was an arrow above Gerudo town just like up in the air something that you could never expect to get to unless you use glitches.

now the main glitch that people tried to utilize was a glitch involving a horse that allowed you to moon jump which supposedly works kind of like an infinite jump however it was too inaccurate to get there so an r by the name of steel man combined it with a glitch that allows.

you to use the guardian kind of as an airship and you combine it with a couple of other glitches like it’s really complex you can see like the whole thing’s totally insane and he managed to get the arrow which was thought to be just something that wasn’t going to happen at.

5. This Pacifist run in WoW reached max level by only picking flowers 

a guy did a pacifist run in the world of warcraft and reached max level by only picking flowers so this one requires just a little bit of explanation the guy’s name’s a double agent and he’s actually done this before back in 2016 he had spent like 8,000 in-game hours picking flowers to reach the max level.

which was capped at 110 for the legion expansion basically he had just gone on and on and on and then did the same thing again in 2018 when the battle for Azeroth expansion launched and the cap was raised to 120.

he said that was an additional 240 hours now so shadowlands launched back in 2020 and had a level cap down at 60. he started completely over and hit that cap without leaving the wandering aisle like the intro place the thing that you don’t stay in if you want to reach max level period but the double agent did it,

and again it’s totally insane blizzard was so impressed by this they made an npc of his character and i think he deserves that sort of recognition you know he came up with a totally different way of playing the game,

and reached the max level it’s really impressive actually also took an incredible amount of dedication frankly wandering around picking flowers is not the most fun thing you can do in that game.

4. The guy who got to level 99 without leaving the first area in final fantasy 7 – took years of dedication 

speaking of going to the max level without leaving the first area of the game somebody did it in a game that doesn’t have that same kind of introductory area final fantasy vii is a game that kind of places you right in the middle of the action although it still kind of uses that action to tell you about the game.

a guy by the name of circle master grinded both cloud and Barrett to level 99 in the first area before facing the first boss and probably the best thing about it is it took him years and did it literally to spite somebody by the name of dick tree on a forum not an open forum a private forum.

he said he decided to do this because this guy on this private forum named dick tree claimed that he would be able to hit level 99 in final fantasy 7 without leaving the sector 1 reactor well he couldn’t either he stopped tracking it probably means that he couldn’t and in 2015 circle master decided to and.

i quote express my hatred and more importantly, my disdain for dick tree began the task this took about 500 hours and not like on the pc or using emulation he did it on an actual ps1 he posted a message about this being a meaningless accomplishment but that life is meaningless,

and that we do these things to give meaning he said he wanted to prove to himself and others on the forum that he can persevere and wanted to express camaraderie for those who followed dick tree for several years and were ultimately disappointed by his not following through at.

Gamers Who Achieved The IMPOSSIBLE

3. Lynx Titan was the first ever to achieve a maximum 200M exp in every skill in the game, which took at least 30,000+ hours to achieve at maximum efficiency -Alek Anderson, youtube comment 

in old school Runescape not standard Runescape might i add the less advanced one a guy by the name of lynx titan got 200 million experiences on every single skill in the game which various people have done the math would take at least 30,000 hours in old school not standard old school Runescape the well i’m not saying,

that standard Runescape is the least clunky thing ever made but school Runescape wow there’s not really a lot else to say about this it’s incredible that somebody would take that much time in old school Runescape doing this at.

2. Asheron’s call had the ‘shard of the herald’ event where players on the Thistledown server managed to do the impossible and beat the devs 

asheron’s call had this event called shard of the herald and if we’re going to be completely frank there’s too much here to completely explain it’s not often covered in a way that really fills out the context i’m gonna go ahead and cop to the fact that i was not there.

i was not playing Asheron’s call at the time and therefore i do not understand the lord i did a large amount of research hoping that i was going to be able to condense it down into a short period of time that’s not possible but,

i can recommend you an absolutely fantastic post that does explain it from the point of view of an actual person who took part in it it’s narrated by somebody named Andrew ross who goes into all of these things that i don’t have a frame of reference for gonna be completely honest i played Asheron’s call a little bit and,

what ended up happening was one of the servers called thistledown managed to essentially create a situation where they were the ones that created the lore whereas in a mmorpg typically the developers do it and i don’t if there’s so much information it is totally insane and it’s really cool it definitely set a template for future MMORPGs to bring in players as part of the storytelling and finally at.

1. Turned Super Mario World in Pong using only button inputs 

this one, in my opinion, is one of the most impressive things i’ve ever seen in my life and it’s less about like an accomplishment that you can actually achieve in-game and more about breaking the game.

so using a standard super Mario world piece of software doing no memory hacking with like a game genie or any of that somebody used just regular button inputs into a super Nintendo and reprogrammed super Mario world to play pong and snake and like this needs to just be said it’s one of the most insane things you will ever see in your life.

if you’re unfamiliar it is tool-assisted so it’s not like somebody put in all of these inputs on a controller because it’s it’s literally at the level of like the frame rate like 130 of a second you have to input something.

]and then they dump a ton of code into the game itself after they just totally break the way that it manages memory now what’s cool though is they didn’t just run it on an emulator they ran it on an actual super Nintendo and they did this back in 2014.

so it was a while back but still that super Nintendo was probably nice and yellow by that point you know that plastic just ages to this fine p yellow color it’s just impossible that people even come up with this stuff for me i’m so impressed by it like this was a game that i played when i was a kid and,

somebody was able to totally break it on real hardware and program their own game into the console without like a game genie or modifying the code just like button inputs a machine did the inputs to be clear but it’s still just so impressive to even figure any of this crap out.

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