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The way new apps are being created for new Android phones every day.  They are for our convenience. The problem with this is that we don’t know which application is the best, so if you read this article, you will know about the top 10 android apps in 2022 that is very necessary and very good.
Top 10 Android apps
If you always want to know about new websites that you use if you tell someone you like it very much and it will be very useful.  There are some such websites. You can read about it by clicking on the link given below the top 10 Android apps.
The work of the application is very fun. You will see it a lot of the time. You have not been to your neighborhood. Someone has come from Amazon to deliver a product. You have a question in your mind. What is inside it?  But if you download and use this application then you can tell what is inside that packet.

After you get permission to install this app, the Delivery Boy will have a bar or any other kind of cup, 
if you want the code will tell you what is inside the box and with it, the price and  You can see more such products by opening a link de link in front of you. Then you can surprise anyone by telling them what is inside and then they will ask you for a long time how you did it.


This app has become very famous these days because nowadays you can find various applications for photo editing in the Play Store but this ticket is one of them and we will always get new features that are all the features you need when editing any photo.  You can get mine here. With the help of this app, you can edit any photo very nicely and give different types of effects.  In the case of editing, you can do all those things through the app. Click here

Wi-Fi analyzer

With the help of this app, you can tell the range of any WIFI.  The app is very useful for those who use the Internet by connecting to WIFI. Many times the problem is that a lot of WIFI signals are coming from where you are.  But sometimes it goes away.  
There is a problem with the signal. If you install this app to solve this problem, you will be very useful. Once you install this app, you will know how many signals of WiFi you have on your side, you will be shown through the map and you will also be informed about the speed of any WiFi.  The app is a very important app. Click here

Google opinion rewards

This app is what everyone needs to keep as long as they have Android or iPhone users because with the help of this app you will get free money from Google. Just by answering some questions and that question will not be a tough question you will be asked very simple questions.

 For example, if you watch a video on YouTube, you will be asked about the video there, or if you download an app from the Play Store, you will be asked about it and you may be able to rate it there.

And if you answer all of them, then you may be here every week from Google or one day you will get a question. 
According to the survey, you can earn a lot of money from here and the question may come to your mind where you will use that money.

With that money, you can buy any app from the play store or watch any movie on YouTube with money or
you have to pay somewhere like you can buy royal pass here in all the games like pubg free fire or you can buy other things with this money. Click here

Direct chat

This app works very differently. This app gives you some shortcuts so that you can use your mobile very fast. You can shortcut all the applications on your mobile.  For example, if someone sends a message from Messenger, a pop-up message is sent to your Messenger. We will see that the work of the app is the same way you can turn on the shutter of any app.
You can keep shortcuts on such popular applications as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram here. If someone sends a message or a notification comes in front of you, a popup window will appear in front of you. Click here

Price history

Nowadays everyone is shopping more online. Shopping online is very convenient and very profitable many times. Suppose you bought a product today for a thousand rupees and that was during the offer. When the offer ended, you saw the price of the product was 900 rupees. In this case, you have lost. Exactly this thing will be explained to you through an app.

 You can check the product history of all e-commerce websites in this app. Lifetime will show you productive history. That is, what was the price of the product when it came to the e-commerce website.


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