Top 10 Highest Paid Employees In the World

Top 10 Highest Paid Employees In the World because everybody knows the people who make the most money are those who start their own businesses however that is not going to be an option for everybody some people just don’t want to start their own business whether it means they don’t really want to have all that responsibility they want to have a better work-life balance.

Or they’re just risk-averse enough to where they just don’t want to take the risk of starting a business, so I’m really going to break this down I’m going to look at it on a large scale and then I’m also going to zoom in and look at individual careers individual industries, etc that can lead to you making a ridiculous amount of money while still being an employee.

So before we get into the exact people who made the most money as an employee over the last year let’s look at this on a more broad scale and let’s talk about careers specifically that make a lot of money and when you’re looking at careers on a broad scale the one that makes the most money is without a doubting doctor right becoming a medical doctor you can make a ridiculous amount of money,

And again that’s another one of those things where depending on how far you zoom in there’s different types of specialties and subspecialties and it gets all the way up to 800,000 plus dollars a year sometimes even over a million dollars a year.

If you really niche down and you figure out what your subspecialty is but with that being said generally speaking plastic surgeons do get paid the most at 526,000 a year now again this is plastic surgeons that are working 20 hours a week semi-retired and plastic surgeons that are working 80 hours a week.

It’s the average of all of them some plastic surgeons are going to be much better known than others so there are plastic surgeons that make millions of dollars a year another profession that can be extremely high paying i would say this one is quite a bit more risky than becoming a Doctor and that is Lawyer.

Now with doctors most of them are making a pretty good income with lawyers a lot of them don’t make very much or they completely drop out of the career altogether but the ones at the very top can make extremely good money richard shruggs for instance also known as the king of torts is reported to be worth 1.7 billion dollars.

He basically participated in different class-action lawsuits against giant companies and in some cases huge industries so for instance he sued the tobacco industry he also spent like six years in jail and just had a really interesting,

And weird life in general but yeah in extreme cases somebody like Richard Scruggs can make hundreds of millions of dollars a year as a lawyer another career where you can make a ton of money is as a salesman.

So for instance ben cayobaro is a real estate agent based in texas and in 2018 alone that was his record year he sold 5793 new homes totaling 2.27 billion dollars, so if you do the math on that just to make it easy assuming he got a four percent commission that would be 88 million dollars a year.

So yeah there is a huge amount of opportunity for high ticket sales people out there you can make a ridiculous amount of money. another position where you can make a ton of money without being an entrepreneur and without being a CEO which would be basically like the president or the head of a company is becoming an executive.

So this would be something like a vice president so for instance mark Anderson worked for many years as the senior VP at Palo alto networks which is a company that sells software in order to basically prevent cyberattacks.

And he was able to make about 9.5 million dollars in a year another executive position would be Jeremy burton who works as a marketing executive and he works for EMC and according to their website he made about 9.6 million dollars a year.

So there is a lot of high paying positions in marketing sales uh management and becoming an executive now before we get into the highest type of executive which is CEO we’re going to talk about one other type of career where you can make a ridiculous amount of money.

And it really just has to do with the industry that you’re in and that is hedge fund manager now hedge fund managers of course are going to be managing people’s money investing it and trying to get a better return than the market does most of them end up failing but some of them are exceptionally good at it one of those is Israel Englander of millennium management,

He earned 3.8 billion dollars last year so hedge fund manager was likely the highest-paid career or job if you can even call it that that isn’t a CEO or entrepreneur and i think a lot of these jobs are basically great for people who are not entrepreneurial.

But they’re intrapreneurial and that’s basically somebody who has very similar skills to an entrepreneur but you like to kind of work within the confounds of something that’s already created right so you like to be creative within the box so to speak,

And then on top of that maybe you don’t want to take on as much responsibility or risk now the top-earning entrepreneur out of all of them by far is going to be CEO chief executive officer and this list is updated for 2022.

It was just updated um and it’s over the last year and here are the top five earning chief executive officers joseph Levin works at interactive corp and he earned 189million dollars last year chad Richardson works at paycom software and he earned 211 million dollars.

Eric wu works for open door technologies and he earned 370 million tony zoo works for doordash and he earned 413 million and the highest paying CEO so far this year is alexander carp and he earned 1 billion 98 million dollars.

He works for palantir technologies which is an extremely popular stock right now a lot of people are very bullish on that company and they have invested in it heavily now even though alexander carp was number one by far on this year’s list he wasn’t even close to the person who got number one on last year’s list,

And that was Elon musk Elon musk earned 6.6 billion dollars as an employee as a CEO on last year’s list and that doesn’t even count his net worth going up because of all the stock options and stuff like that that he owns that is just that’s crazy.

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