Top 10 Jobs That Don’t Exist Now But Will In The Future

Top 10 Jobs That Don’t Exist Now But Will In The Future, Jobs in industries that don’t exist now but will be 10 years in the future that’s what I’m going to be talking about today this was something I stumbled upon the other day and I knew about this but I didn’t realize how many people were really passionate about it.

There is a subreddit called r futurology and this is basically about the speculation of future economies technologies civilizations etc basically they are trying to figure out the direction that humanity is headed and how fast we’re going to get there but they have a bunch of very interesting threads on there some of them are kind of personal finance-related a lot of them aren’t but yeah that is what inspired me to make this post.

And if you think about it this is incredibly important you know a thousand years ago most people in the world would be born into villages and small tribes and if your dad was a fisherman and you were born a boy you were going to be a fisherman and your son was going to be a fisherman and the grandson and the great-grandson and the great-great-great-grandson all the way like 20 30 40 generations.

Then in the last 150 years or so we graduated to the point where if you were born into a fisherman’s family maybe you could go and become a blacksmith or a soldier or something else and that’s great and

That’s basically transitioning from this first very primitive type of job market to a second job market where you have a lot more choice well what i believe we’re transitioning to is a third job market where let’s say your dad is a fisherman and you were born to them you’re likely going to end up doing a career that doesn’t even exist yet.

Because many careers that exist right now are going to get phased out through automation as well as streamlining of processes and technology has been advancing so fast that people companies and the economy can barely even keep up with it.

So that’s what this post is going to be about careers jobs and industries that don’t necessarily exist right now but they likely will 10 years in the future and also i’m gonna be going over how you can prepare yourself and maybe if you have kids your kids for the changing job market.

So voice command has gotten more and more popular a lot of people have Siri they’ve got google they’ve got all kinds of different things like Alexa from amazon and what most people don’t realize is a lot of these can actually be programmed to control pretty much all of the electronics in your home.

Alexa unplug wi-fi now this could be as simple as simply just telling your home to turn the lights on all the way to in the very near future telling an automated robot to fix breakfast for you however a lot of people have trouble simply even just like setting up their tv right setting up the tv a lot of the time requires somebody to come in or at least somebody to be on the phone to help you get it started.

So if you think people are going to be able to easily set up these home automation systems which are going to be rapidly developing and getting better and better then chances are unless you’re like a genius or you’re really good at it you’re going to have a lot of trouble doing it.

Now, these systems are not only extremely convenient but they can also be used to save a ridiculous amount of time I mean think about if there’s a robot that washed your clothes and cooked for you all these things that take up a lot of your time think about all the things you could do with that time.

So having somebody come in and help you to set up these systems and tailor them to the individual that’s going to be a central theme here that i think is going to be huge is specialization and optimization tailoring systems to individuals for their individual needs is going to be huge.

So yeah that is definitely going to be a job it’s basically going to be like a technician type job where you go in almost like a technician consultant you figure out what the person’s needs are and then you figure out exactly you know what tools can get those done and then you give them those tools show them how to use them and there you go.

The next job that i think is going to exist in 10 years is going to be a medical mentor and this is somebody who’s basically going to work with your doctor nurse-physician etc and make sure that you are following up on what their recommendations are.

I work in healthcare and one of the biggest problems you see over and over again you know the patient and the doctor they get rushed through like a meeting the doctor’s got to you know do it really fast 15 minutes a doctor tells the patient something but it just for whatever reason they don’t remember it maybe they’re taking the medication wrong maybe they’re not following through maybe they don’t change their diet they’re not exercising etc etc etc.

There are so many different things and so what a medical mentor would do is they would read the notes from the doctor visit you know figure out what the doctor’s suggestions were and then follow up with the patient to make sure that they’re properly doing it and they’re comfortable with everything that the doctor suggested now on top of that I believe that medical care is going to be extremely specialized.

And by specialized i mean it’s going to be personalized for every single person that the doctor takes care of this is already sort of starting but it really hasn’t caught on very much pharmacogenomics is basically where you look at a patient’s DNA and that is able to tell you in many cases what therapies are going to be best for that patient so on a very simple level you know

Medication a versus medication b patients who have certain genes maybe medication a will work better for them and there’s no need for them to even try medication b.

That’s gonna save a lot of cost it’s gonna save a lot of time waste and potential adverse events as well and it goes beyond medications a lot of the time diets are that way as well a person with a certain genetic makeup.

Maybe this type of diet works really well for them or maybe you know it doesn’t really matter the diet it just matters how long they eat during the day so things like intermittent fasting and then for another patient you know they really do have to stick to a strict type of diet if they want to maximize their lifespan. so yeah I believe this is another profession that’s going to pop up and it’s going to be big.

Along the same lines this is going to be the next one I’m going to call this one a genetic specialist this is also going to be in healthcare and this might be a little bit further down the line I think we’re going to start doing it relatively soon we’ve got this technology coming out called CRISPR and CRISPR is essentially a gene-editing tool.

And I’m sure you can imagine all the implications of this uh there’s you know potentially some bad things that could happen but there’s also a lot of upsides as well so for instance if someone is born with a predisposition to have breast cancer you can use the gene-editing tool especially when they’re young it’ll probably work even better when they’re young to take out that gene.

And there have actually been movies that have taken this to the extreme there’s a movie called Gattaca for instance really good movie actually where almost everyone is basically born perfect so they’re all born like tall handsome perfect health super athletic genius IQ etc.

I don’t know if it’s necessarily going to be that extreme but there are definitely some practical uses.

the next one on the list is going to be a human-technology integration specialist and this is basically going to be geared specifically towards work life where you can actually use technology in order to make yourself more effective and more efficient.

So an example of this a few years ago when they had that experiment where they came out with the google glass didn’t really catch on but basically you know the implications of the google glass and what you can actually do with it are incredible so one really obvious example uh anyone in the medical field will know that what I’m saying is absolutely true a lot of the time when it comes to medical school pharmacy school nursing school pa school np school etc.

A lot of it is just blunt force memorization it is a ridiculous amount of memorization what if instead of focusing on memorizing stuff which is honestly a little bit archaic in my opinion I mean i know there’s some stuff you absolutely have to memorize but a

A lot of the stuff you memorize you just end up forgetting right after your test what if instead of medical schools and pharmacy schools focusing on that they were able to focus on problem-solving instead of using information that you can easily access with something like a google glass immediately.

And then you know using that information to solve complex problems that would in my opinion really improve medical care and patient outcomes would be much better people would be living longer more people would be living etc.

Now would have to get to the point where the google glass essentially is reading your mind so you know you wouldn’t be like blinking or anything to open stuff it would literally, just be like you’re thinking okay I need to know what the first line the second-line treatment and the third line treatment is for this disease or something along those lines.

I also need to automatically look up what the stats are for the latest studies and the google glass would just open that in front of your eyes so yeah it would definitely be incredibly valuable and it would make things a lot better.

The next one on the list kind of steering away from medical stuff and there’s a lot of awesome medical stuff but the next one on the list is going to be a food engineer and this would basically be someone who has a background in chemistry and biology but specifically,

They would be an expert in 3d printing food now not only would this make your food potentially look a lot better and more appealing but on top of that it would be more efficient it would taste better and it could also be healthier.

Another one that I thought was really interesting was a personal web manager and this is essentially a pr person so public relations person but for individuals right so you know in the age of cancel culture everybody’s like

Getting canceled for a tweet that they made when they were like 11 years old totally ridiculous but you know personal web manager you would maybe hire them as a consultant something like that they’d go through all of your past posts and they’d tell you hey you need to delete this, you need to delete this, you need to delete that, etc.

So they would basically make sure that your reputation stays really good online this is something that would be pretty difficult to automate with a robot and so you likely would have to hire someone to manually go through your past accounts and do it for you so automation and the streamlining of processes are going to be disrupting pretty much every industry out there,

And they are going to be replacing millions maybe even hundreds of millions of jobs in the united states alone, however, these robots are going to need technicians that work on them to steve stark i am above this star they are going to inspect the robots do maintenance they are going to repair them when they break down they’re also going to help engineers.

And other professionals out on how they can make the robots more efficient this is basically going to be somebody who makes sure that drones are operating the way they should be so there are so many different uses for drones in the future one really obvious one you know amazon, for instance,

They’ve got like the one to two-day shipping which is amazing everyone thinks that’s awesome well maybe 10 years from now one to two-day shipping is going to be really really slow because you might be able to order something on a drone right so you would order something on a drone it would be at the store where you need it and five minutes later it drops it off on your doorstep.

So in the future cairns across the united states might be complaining I’m gonna need to speak to your manager because of the fact that they had to wait a whole 12 hours to get their new makeup or whatever.

They ordered on amazon so these are basically going to be people who try to monetize idle assets right so assets that aren’t moving aren’t doing anything aren’t producing and you basically want to take advantage of that.

And monetize them so an example of this on a business level is let’s say you have a big office building and you know you’re taking up like 80 of it well the excess capacity broker would be somebody who would maybe try to rent out the other 20 for some type of conference or something like that maybe storage like a warehouse.

And so instead of that area basically just going to waste you would end up making some money from it another example of this is you know let’s say you’ve got an extra bedroom in your house and you want to rent it out on Airbnb but you don’t necessarily want to do it yourself well excess capacity broker might come in there you pay them a certain amount,

And they will take care of everything else they’ll rent the room out for you and they’ll pretty much automate everything so yeah those are just a few ideas that i had a few things that i thought were really cool that popped up that i definitely think are likely going to happen in the next 10 years

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