Top 15+ Road Trips in the Netherlands

I was born and raised in Lisse, where the Keukenhof is located. The bulb fields bloom only a few weeks in the spring and only then is Keukenhof open.

Crazy times, lots of tourists and a flowery smell all over the village. As a kid I never got what the fuss was about, it was just flowers. Now I can appreciate the beauty of it though 🙂


The Delta Works is a progression of development projects in the Southwest of the Netherlands, comprising of various dams, locks, storm hindrances, and levees. Every component is intended to safeguard an enormous piece of the Netherlands from the ocean.

In any case, as opposed to simply fabricating exhausting boundaries, a progression of Delta Parks were made to give schooling and diversion.

Delta Park Neeltje Jans is one of the greatest and the best, and you can investigate the delta, wonder about the sights in the aquarium, sprinkle out in the water park, and partake in a water safari boat trip. There’s likewise the intriguing Hurricane Machine, where you can encounter winds of as much as 133 kilometers each hour!

Whenever you’ve gotten dry, travel south to Middelburg, a little city saturated with custom and somewhat off the fundamental vacationer trails. Investigate the twisty back streets, walk around the waterways, and remain in a notable store lodging.

on the other hand, in the event that you’d favor a night under material, there are a lot of campgrounds in the encompassing region.


This is a discretionary day for daredevils hoping to partake in the biggest amusement park in the Netherlands.

At 130km, the drive requires something like an hour and a little ways from Middelburg, going through the homesteads and towns of the southern piece of the Netherlands.

That passes on a lot of chance to partake in a decent breakfast in one of Middelburg’s provincial bistros.

The Efteling is home to thrill rides and an abundance of exciting rides for experience searchers, as well as a few additional manageable choices for the little ones.

There’s genuinely something for everybody, and with cafés and convenience, you can truly make a day of it. Other than the authority lodgings, you’ll find guesthouses and camping areas in abundance close by.

On the off chance that amusement parks aren’t your thing, you could make a trip rather straightforwardly to Utrecht, which is around 170km from Middelburg.


The next stop is Utrecht, a beautiful ancient university town known by locals as the lively beating heart of Holland. From Efteling it’s around 75km directly, or an extra 20km if you stop off at Loevestein Castle.

This medieval castle is situated in a stunning nature reserve, surrounded by rivers and lakes, and is home to a wealth of wildlife. There are also tours through the medieval museum, which showcases a number of interesting exhibitions.

After the castle, drive through more scenic Dutch countryside for another 60km before reaching Utrecht. There’s lots to see in this small university city, and if time allows, it’s worth spending an entire day.

It has a lively vibe, and is famous for its historic center, wharf cellar bars along the canals, and the iconic Dom Church. A calm oasis compared to Amsterdam, it’s a great place to soak up some Dutch culture before driving on.

weekend road trip from netherlands


Appreciate breakfast in Utrecht prior to driving the brief distance to Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park. Here you can appreciate climbing or spinning through huge forests, finding old palaces, and loosening up in a spot that feels 1,000,000 miles from the city, notwithstanding being only 30-minutes away!

Next up is Hoge Veluwe National Park, home to rambling heathlands, approaching sand ridges, and obscure forests.

There are significantly more opportunities for climbing or spinning through strange view where you could go over lovely untamed life. You’ll track down a lot of campgrounds, lodgings, and visitor houses in these districts, so if you have any desire to remain longer, it’s handily finished.

On the off chance that not, the following stop is the waterway town of Kampen, around 65km north on a street that takes you through grouchy forests and, surprisingly, really loosening up open country.

Kampen is a humble community well off the traveler track, however you’ll track down a lot of convenience and what should be done.

Home to delightful notable canalside houses, well disposed bistros and eateries, it’s one more incredible spot to loosen up following a difficult day out and about.

Pay special attention to noteworthy cruising ships along the waterway, or take a mobile visit to find the in excess of 500 memorable landmarks dissipated all through the town. Once more, assuming you like to camp, there are a lot of choices in the encompassing region.


The following objective is Giethoorn and Weerribben, known as the Venice of the Netherlands. You can either get straight there, or drop by Weerribben-Wieden National Park.

Comprising of lakes, lakes, and trenches, this staggering swampland is an extraordinary spot for kayaking or drifting. Look out for otters and cormorants, among other magnificent untamed life.

You can lease boats in Giethoorn, so it’s ideal to head there first and afterward go through the day on the water. There are likewise various other decent towns and towns that merit coming around, like Hasselt, near Kampen.

Giethoorn is likewise an extraordinary base for investigating the Drenthe region, which is home to the famous ‘Hunebedden’. Hunebeds are ancient burial chambers worked by the Funnelbeaker public utilizing gigantic rocks.

Drenthe is home to 52 old hunebeds, all inside a 30km sweep. You’ll see as 3 close to Giethoorn, which are named with letters and numbers.

The three you find closeby are Dolemen D52, D53, and D54 (there’s a pleasant teahouse close to the last 2, suitably named ‘Theehuis ‘t Hunebed’). Yet, you’ll find favoring the following leg of the excursion!

weekend road trip from netherlands


As you’ll be passing generally through the Drenthe district, there are a lot of Hunebeds to find. The biggest, D-27, is situated in Borger, which is likewise home to the Hunebedden focus, where you can become familiar with these captivating landmarks.

The present objective is the braced city of Bourtange, situated on the boundary with Germany in the Groningen territory. A stop at Assen is a decent spot for lunch, and the encompassing region is loaded up with hunebeds!

Bourtange is a reestablished star-formed fortification town that traces all the way back to 1580. Submerge yourself in the middle age climate, remain the night in the memorable military enclosure, get a notable reenactment, investigate one of the 4 galleries, or essentially walk around the channels.

There’s no deficiency of convenience in and around the town, including 2 camping areas that are inside strolling distance from the memorable focus.


From Bourtange, now is the ideal time to get back to the coast, or all the more explicitly, the Wadden Sea, an area of shocking regular excellence.

There are around 50 Islands in the Wadden Sea, yet the initial 5 Dutch islands are the absolute generally fascinating. Each has its own air and energy, and it merits looking at them everything if possible.

To arrive you can either circle around the coast (a somewhat longer course), or inland through Groningen. A decent spot to stop for an espresso in this city is before the extremely old Martinitoren clock tower.

The 3 islands that are most straightforward to visit with a vehicle are Ameland by means of the vehicle ship at Holwerd, Terschelling through the vehicle ship at Harlingen, and Texel by means of the vehicle ship at Den Helder. There are various sailings each day on each line.

You’ll track down a lot of campgrounds and other convenience around these towns, so you can investigate the islands effortlessly.

We propose making a beeline for Holwerd and cruising to Ameland. Ship intersections run basically consistently and require 20-50 minutes. On the off chance that you like, you can remain on the island, or return that very day and set out toward Harlingen, prepared to visit Terschelling island.

Some Wadden Island exercises incorporate mud-level strolling, loosening up on flawless sea shores, and enjoying neighborhood treats, specifically new fish and fish.


To investigate Texel Island, it merits requiring your investment, as there’s parts to do. From Holwerd, it’s around 110km to Den Helder, where you can take the ship which runs basically like clockwork over the course of the day.

Before you arrive however, you’ll cross the Afsluitdijk, a significant dam and thoroughfare that has been safeguarding the Netherlands from seething oceans for the beyond 90-years. The perspectives past the brink are perfect, and it’s a decent spot to observe nature conflicting with human resourcefulness.

On the off chance that you show up in Den Helder early enough, it merits getting the ship to Texel to go through the day investigating and enjoying neighborhood luxuries, for example, Texel sheep and the privately prepared Texel Skuumkoppe brew.

There are puts to remain on the island, or you can get back to the central area to remain in Den Helder.


The present drive takes us back towards Amsterdam, however not prior to investigating some a greater amount of the more modest towns and towns first.

Traveling south, the principal stop of the day is Alkmaar, the city of cheddar. For cheddar darlings, it’s an unquestionable requirement and you must catch the incredibly popular verifiable cheddar market each Friday (March through September).

In any case, there’s something else to Alkmaar besides cheddar — however a visit to the cheddar gallery is suggested! This verifiable town has a beguiling focus, clamoring bistro culture, and phenomenal cafés.

There are additionally a few other extraordinary historical centers, like the Beer Museum and the Beatles Museum. It’s a decent spot to remain the night too, however on the off chance that you might want to continue on, the day is as yet youthful.

The present objective is the curious fishing town of Marken, which is arrived at by driving along a slim bit of land to the island. It’s natural and beguiling, with a couple of decisions for convenience and a comfortable harbor-side bar and eatery. Then again, there are a few other fishing towns close by, for example, Monnickendam where you can eat on a fishing boat, or Volendam, a lovely town loaded up with limited roads and a clamoring harbor.


Situated on the banks of the stream Zaan, Zaanse Schans will set aside some margin to the eighteenth and nineteenth hundreds of years. Other than the notorious windmills, there’s likewise a memorable, working bread shop, a cheddar manufacturing plant, a pewter foundry, and a wooden obstruct stockroom where you can perceive how they’re made. You can recruit a bicycle and cycle the cobbled roads, visit the galleries, or loosen up on a bright patio.

From Zaanse Schans, it’s simply over 20km back to Amsterdam, where you can find the intriguing nightlife of the city in the event that you didn’t as of now have an opportunity to.

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Amsterdam is brimming with extraordinary activities, from exhibition halls and craftsmanship displays, to the famous Amsterdam Canals. You can either go through the entire day investigating the city, or drive out to the close by Muiderslot Castle.

The palace is a wonderful illustration of middle age engineering exhibiting north of 700 years of history, set in dazzling grounds. Home to different presentations and assortments, there are directed visits and exercises to appreciate. At the point when you’re finished, you can either get back to Amsterdam for the night, or set up camp at the palace.


Go through the early daytime enjoying Amsterdam’s bistro culture, prior to raising a ruckus around town street to The Hague.

in Dutch we say Den Haag, which is likewise the name you will see on the signs. The course takes in both Bloemendaal and Zandvoort sea shores So, on the off chance that you extravagant a day and night at the ocean side as opposed to in the city, you can continuously stop at possibly one toward the finish of day 1. Both are sandy with an energetic nearby scene that takes in bistros, bars, and unrecorded music.

On the off chance that you’re visiting between the finish of March and the start of May, it merits dropping by Keukenhof to see the well known tulips. You can undoubtedly go through a portion of a day taking everything in, prior to traveling south back to The Hague.

On the off chance that not, proceed with directly to The Hague, and appreciate all that the little city brings to the table, like Binnenhof (the Dutch parliament structures), and Madurodam — a smaller than usual copy of the Netherlands. You can likewise appreciate Scheveningen and Kijkduin sea shores, the two of which are pretty much inside as far as possible.


This is another short drive, so you can either partake in a relaxed morning in The Hague seeing the sights you missed the other day, or go to Rotterdam to go through the whole day in the city.

The street goes through Delft, a little college condo to lovely holy places, waterways, extraordinary bars, and historical centers. Delft is likewise well known for its blue stoneware.

In the event that you’re into this, you could get a kick out of the chance to look at the Royal Delft plant where you can see ace painters at work or join a composition studio yourself.

Rotterdam is an extraordinary city that merits remaining basically an entire constantly in, so on the off chance that time permits, consider remaining 2 evenings.

you can investigate the renowned Rotterdam Harbor, the biggest in Europe, and home to the staggering Euromast. The city has an astonishing night-life and bistro culture, as well as galleries, visits, and adrenaline prompting exercises.

From Rotterdam, you can likewise drive out to the windmills of Kinderdijk, around 30 minutes away. The little town exhibits various notable eighteenth century windmills, in addition to an organization of channels and siphoning stations.

It’s a charming evening out, and you can get back to Rotterdam later to partake in the nightlife. Remember to look at my aide Things to do in Rotterdam.

Hi im from the Netherlands and i approve of this list. I was born in Utrecht and go there usually on my bday not during covid though. Nice to see my own country.

While not traveling around unless for work during the covid era. And by the way there is a lot of stuff in the east too. And our country isnt just called holland that’s just where our capital and government are. Its the kingdom of the Netherlands.

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