Top 5 Highest Paying Medical Specialties in 2022 ($700k+ Salary)

In this post, we are going to be talking about the Top 5 Highest Paying Medical Specialties in 2022 because we all know that doctors make bank but how much bank is the question and we all know even if we don’t want to become a medical doctor we’re all extremely curious about which specialties make.

The most and it’s surprisingly difficult to find the answer to this because most of the data out there is really bad but after doing some research i found the best resources for accurate information on physician compensation that are available out there and that is exactly what we’re going to be going over in this post which doctor specialties make the most,

Orthopedic Joint Surgery

The first one on the list nber five is going to be orthopedic joint surgery now orthopedic joint surgery is going to come in at about $756,000 a year that’s according to mgma data which in my opinion is the most accurate when it comes to sub-specialties,

However if you look at medscape which is more of just general orthopedic surgery it says they make around 511,000. now orthopedic surgeons are going to specialize in the musculoskeletal system that’s going to be bones ligaments tendons muscles and joints an orthopedic joint surgery is of course going to be a sub-specialty of that where you focus on joints specifically.

Now in order to become an orthopedic joint surgeon it is a very long road so of course you’re going to start off an undergraduate that’s about four years or so then you have to get into med school which is very difficult and you got to do four years of med school,

So already even if you got in on your first time that’s eight years right off the bat then on top of that you have to do a five year residency and you’re going to start off just doing general orthopedic and then as the residency goes on you’re going to get more and more specific.

If you want to go into joints now when it comes to orthopedic joint surgery pretty much everybody is going to be doing a fellowship as well and the fellowship is going to be an extra year on top of that so that is a total of 14 years at least from the time that you graduate high school to the time that you become an orthopedic surgeon.


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Moe’s Surgery

next on the list is going to be nber four moe’s surgery now this is a precise surgical technique used to treat skin cancer so you’re basically combining the expertise of three different types of doctors so you’re going to be kind of like a dermatologist a surgeon,

and an oncologist all in one this is also known as moe’s micrographic surgery and it was named after its founder dr frederick mose now most cases of this surgery are going to happen on the head and the neck and of course being a surgeon who is operating on somebody’s head you know you definitely have to know,

what you’re doing so in some cases you’re going to be doing really complicated surgical techniques almost like a plastic surgeon doing flaps and grafts now in terms of the residency length in order to get into mohs surgery you’re going to do a dermatology residency which is about three years,

and then another one to two years in order to specialize in moh’s surgery so that’s about four to five years overall with the option to do a fellowship afterwards now as a mohs surgeon you’re gonna make around 784 thousand dollars a year,

and on top of that most surgery and really just dermatology in general is well known for having a good work-life balance this is of course extremely rare when it comes to becoming a physician usually physicians don’t have good work-life balances,

so this can be a great one for the right person the right personality now medscape didn’t have any exact data on mohs surgery because it’s just too much of a sub-specialty for them to keep that data they basically just bunch it all together into these groups but plastic surgeons on medscape make around 526,000 a year and dermatologists make around 394,000.

Cardiovascular Surgery

next on the list is going to be cardiovascular surgery and they make around 795,000 a year now cardiovascular surgeons are going to operate on your heart as well as your blood vessels throughout your body now i was lucky enough to be able to see several open heart surgeries,

and watch cardiovascular surgeons do their thing and it’s truly amazing i saw a quadruple bypass surgery where they take the vein out of the the knee area and then they put it onto the heart and i just watched the whole process it was several hours and it was just awesome.

now the money here is fantastic but unfortunately there are some downsides to this one first of all the work life balance isn’t great a lot of the time you are going to be basically doing emergency surgeries so you’re going to be on call all the time you’re going to be working very long hours.

and on top of that the residency training is usually six to eight years and because of how competitive it is it’s usually more on the seven to eight year range you know becoming a heart surgeon is not very easy it takes a long time to master.

now again medscape data did not have this sub-specialty they showed cardiologists making around 459,000 a year and general surgeons making around 373 thousand.

Spinal Orthopedic Surgeon

next on the list is going to be a spinal orthopedic surgeon so before we talked about the orthopedic joint surgeons now we’re going to be talking about an even higher paid type of surgeon,

which is the spinal orthopedic surgeons and they make $835,000 a year now the residency here is usually going to be around five to six years so relatively long but not as bad as a cardiovascular surgeon and really just any type of orthopedic surgeon is going to make quite a bit of money but if you want to make even more then you want to specialize,

and you can even specialize further than this there’s one doctor i heard about who is a specialist in shoulder orthopedic joint surgery and he would only treat athletes so people who had issues with their shoulder and like let’s say you’re a pitcher for a baseball team,

you would only treat athletes who have that specific problem and this guy made around 15 to 20 million dollars a year right so there is big money to be made in orthopedic surgery especially if you look at the top level but

 highest-paid doctors specialty in the world


number one on the list is probably no surprise you actually do have to be a brain surgeon to do this job and that is neurosurgery and they makearound 875,000 a year and this is going to be surgery performed on the nervous system specifically the brain and the spinal cord so in order to become a neurosurgeon it’s going to be five to seven years of residency probably,

more on the seven-year side plus a fellowship in many cases this is a very difficult and demanding job you’re going to be seeing tons of patients and doing lots of surgeries as well this one definitely does not have the best work-life balance,

but you have the best opportunity to make the most money cerebrovascular surgery is almost like a sub sub sub subspecialty of neurosurgery and you can easily clear over one million dollars a year if you just focus on doing cerebrovascular surgeries now of course as with all of these different surgeons a lot of the time it’s going to be advantageous for you to have your own business you have your own private practice

fortunately, there is really good demand in this field you’re never going to be out of the job if you’re a neurosurgeon in fact you’re probably going to be constantly bothered to do more surgeries when you’re just trying to get some sleep and as with a lot of different specialties you’ll likely make bank if you go to more,

undesirable areas this is another one where i’ve had the pleasure of seeing spinal surgeries a lot of the time these surgeries will take a very long time we’re talking like you know 12 hours plus so if you’re somebody who wants to specialize in cerebrovascular surgery work a lot own your own practice and move out in the middle of nowhere it’s going to be hard for you to not make millions of dollars a year doing this.

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