Top 5 Science Degree Majors (2023) for science lovers

Top 5 Science Degree Majors now I know this one should have been posted earlier with all the rest of them with that being said stem degrees in general when you look at science technology engineering and mathematics.

Science is the weakest out of those four the jobs you get tend to have lower pay there’s less opportunity and depending on the person the job satisfaction can be lower just because of the fact that you know if there are less jobs out there the supply and demand imbalance is going to be there and so companies tend to not treat you as well.

And a lot of the time for many different science-related degrees you have to be prepared to get a master’s and sometimes even a doctorate in order to get a really good job but with that being said it is still a stem degree and chemistry does have some of the better statistics out of the science degrees.

And it is relatively flexible you can work in a lot of different industries with a chemistry degree it doesn’t really pigeonhole you into one thing.


Geology is the study of the earth’s physical structure as well as its history now with the geology degree you do have several different options you might become a geologist for instance they do tend to spend quite a bit of time outdoors so that can be attractive to some people a lot of people who graduate with a geology degree also end up working in the natural gas industry now.

Natural gas is one of those industries where it has some positives and some negatives so the positives are they tend to make a lot of money and you see that at almost every level so people who work in natural gas whether they you know have no education whats oever like,

they haven’t even gotten a high school diploma they just have a ged for instance or maybe even no ged sometimes they can work in the trades and they can still make six figures a year working in the natural gas industry.

And then all the way up to higher levels like a bachelor degree people who graduate with petroleum engineering degrees can make over $200,000 a year petroleum engineering is actually the highest paying degree out there.

So yeah you can basically see that at every level whether you are somebody who’s kind of working hands-on or you’re more behind the scenes you can make a ton of money in the natural gas industry.

Now the downside to working in natural gas is it’s extremely unstable uh you can get laid off of your job very easily something happens in the world for instance what did happen in the last year and a half two years a lot of people ended up getting laid off a war happens a war doesn’t happen like a war stops that can end up getting you laid off as well.

So there’s a lot of things that are totally outside of your control that are going to influence whether you can have a job and how much you would make in this industry but with that being said geology does have other options outside of natural gas that you can explore so it can be a decent degree and career for you to go into.


Now the great thing about biochemistry it’s kind of a combination of biology and chemistry is that it’s more flexible than just one or the other and when it comes to the statistics they are better than just biology or just chemistry as well so you’re going to have a lot more opportunities and it’s a lot more flexible than either one of those degrees on their own.

It also makes a fantastic pre-health degree so a lot of people will get like a bachelor’s in biochemistry and then they end up going to med school or maybe they want to become a nurse practitioner something along those lines you are going to be way ahead of the curve because they study a ton of biochemistry and pretty much any health-related career that you get into after that four-year bachelor degree. so a lot of positives to getting into biochemistry pay is pretty decent not horrible by any means but it’s not going to be anywhere near the next two on the list.


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Aerospace Science / Aeronautics

And this is basically what you would go into if you wanted to become a rocket scientist you could also do it with aerospace engineering but this one is a little more targeted so yeah this is the study of all different things that are going to be flying through the air rockets satellites airplanes helicopters jets etc.

You name it if it flies through the air that is what you’re going to be studying except for superman a wonder woman and they tend to make ridiculously good money with this degree actually one of the highest paying degrees out there.

It’s also very rare not a very common degree not very many colleges are going to offer it so this is one where you would really need to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into you have to be somebody who’s very passionate about airplanes and flying objects and stuff like that in order to take the chance of going for this degree.

And generally speaking, I advise people to go for more well-known degrees just because of the fact that it kind of has that brand name factor to it so if a hiring manager or a business owner is more familiar with a certain type of degree even though the other degree might be just as good it taught you just as much.

And it prepared you just as much just that familiarity is going to give the person who got the more well-known degree and advantage so I generally say you should probably go for the more well-known degree but in some cases, if you really do your research you know what you’re getting yourself into this can be a very good choice.


Now physics is a high-paying degree as well uh doesn’t pay quite as well as aerospace science or aeronautics but it’s just such a more well-known degree it’s also one of the hardest degrees that you can get and because of that companies know that when they hire somebody with a physics degree whether it’s related to physics or not it could be totally unrelated like finance for instance they know that they’re getting somebody who’s very smart and very hard-working.

If you can get through a physics curriculum you are a survivor you’re very smart you’re very hard-working and companies are going to love to hire people like that very common in booming industries like finance and technology you’ll see them hiring physics majors for jobs that may not have anything to do with physics and it’s because of that they just want to hire the smartest possible people.

And they can kind of train them to do the on-the-job stuff later so yeah that was my list kept it nice short and sweet for you let me know what you think down in the comments below.

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