Top 5 Technology Degrees of the Future (2022)

5. Information Technology

Top 5 Technology Degrees of the Future are number five on the list which is an information technology and also by the way i’m only going to be going over the very common technology degrees there’s some of them that are you know like maybe 500 or a thousand people graduate every year I’m not gonna be including those on this list.

But yeah information technology very common degree very solid choice when you look at the numbers on this one great employment numbers you get paid really well lots of job opportunities tons of jobs out there you can get a job just about anywhere you want to in the country or even all over the world, if you want to the only downside to this one, is a lot of it jobs out there you actually don’t technically have to get a degree for you can get into them with a certification as long as you can prove that you have the required knowledge.

But getting a degree doesn’t hurt that’s kind of overkill in many cases and there’s going to be some jobs out there where getting a degree is either required or at the very least it’s going to help you land the job, so yeah information technology very solid one.

4. Computer Information Systems

Number four on the list is going to be computer information systems now there are a ton of different ones that are kind of different versions of information systems you’ve got like management information systems which is more of the business side of things computer information systems is kind of like a combination of the business and the information systems,

But it’s more on the computer side of things right so it’s a lot more focused on the technology side of the company being able to efficiently store retrieve and secure information is incredibly important in the new economy.

And that’s what this one is all about computer information systems across the board looking very very good when it comes to the numbers and i’m very bullish on it going into the future.

3. Cyber Security

Number three on the list is going to be cyber security now this is one that’s very important because of the fact that with the growth in you know companies keeping all of this information that means that in many cases it’s people’s personal information.

This is the type of information that can be used to harm people to steal their money and to harm them and we’ve seen many times where companies have gotten hacked and people’s information has gotten leaked sometimes their social security number etc,

And that can really damage somebody’s life on top of that can also cause the company to get sued and take a huge hit to their brand which is going to result in you know directly millions of dollars of loss and also indirectly millions of dollars of loss as well.

So yeah companies are starting to realize this and they are investing heavily in cyber security so this is one of those growing skills uh very good right now and i think it’s going to be even better in the future

2. Information Technology Management

Next on the list is going to be information technology management now this is very similar to information technology but it’s going to have more of an emphasis on the business and specifically the management side of things so anytime you go into a career whether it’s nursing or becoming an accountant you know something along those lines even just working in a grocery store.

You’re going to notice that people who become managers make a lot more than the average person right so somebody who is an accountant versus somebody who is in a manager of accountants they’re going to make quite a bit more sometimes 50 more sometimes 100 percent more.

And same thing goes with information technology if you’re a manager you’re gonna make a lot more money but along with that comes a lot more responsibility as well but yeah super super solid when it comes to the numbers information technology management it’s fantastic, and there’s lots of job growth out there just really everywhere you look it’s really good.

1. Computer Science

Number one on the list is going to be computer science now this is no surprise to people who learning how to code probably one of the best skills you can possibly learn it’s one of the few types of skills out there where you can basically leverage the work that either one person does or maybe like a small group of people and put that in front of millions of people.

Think about how many skills out there can you do that with there’s not that many where you can actually you know do something like one single person could do something like create a website or some type of software program that millions of people can use.

You know if you become really good at programming it’s almost like having a superpower like being a wizard now this one you know statistics are fantastic across the board it’s also the one that i’m most bullish on into the future and i’d say just technology degrees, in general, are great because you actually are more likely to work in the tech industry.

Now i’ve made several videos about which industries you should work in on this channel and one thing about the technology industry is they tend to treat people really well there’s great benefits packages they tend to pay people really well there’s also lots to do while you’re in the office.

You know they’ve got like beanie bags everywhere a lot of the time you look at all these lists online that show which companies treat their employees the best which ones have the highest job satisfaction score you’re going to see that like 50 of them sometimes even more are going to be filled with technology companies, and the tech industry in general just has a ton of opportunity a ton of flexibility etc.

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