Top 50 Android Apps – Very Useful & Unique

If you want to know more about fun apps then read this post in its entirety. Here are some of the funniest and most usable or startling apps you can learn about.

Best Android Apps To Use 2023

Live Water Peaper

If you download this app, you can surprise your friends or your family members by showing it because the job of this app is to change the wallpaper of your mobile and a water picture will come in the place of that wallpaper and that group will take your mobile wherever you go.  You can surprise anyone by showing this live wallpaper application. Click here

Meteor Swipe

The function of this application is that you can put shortcuts of any app or any file on the home screen of your mobile.  And you can use this shortcut even if you are playing a game or you can use this shortcut while you are inside an app.  The main function of this app is to always have all the applications that you need in front of your hands. Click here

Clock Locker

You may not have downloaded this type of application because we always watch the clock.  But this watch is a little different. This watch allows you to set a password with a timer and then you can lock all the secret files or photos or videos that you have.  And no one will be able to see it in this app unless you enter the password.

And you may be afraid that if this application is deleted, not all my documents will be lost.  You have to sign up with your email. If you have never forgotten your password, you can delete it, and then you will see it all. Click here

Scos Camera

You are all looking for such an application because the function of this application is that if you want to take video footage of a secret place then you can use this application. Because with this application you can take video footage, even if you have locked your mobile, it will continue to shoot the video automatically, so no one will know which video you are taking. Click here

Magic video maker

With this app, you can create different types of effects in your video.  From here you can easily create different types of videos. You have been given video tutorials and you can easily do it by watching them.

Here you will get a lot of effects.  If you like one of them, you can give the video effect at your convenience and if you show it to someone, they will tell you how you did it. Click here

Best Android Apps For Students

Anti-theft Alarm

You have heard the name of many types of Elam but this application is completely different. You can set the alarm with the help of this application but that alarm goes off when you charge your phone.

And if you want to turn off that alarm, it’s not that pressing the power on-off button will turn off the sound, it’s not that the alarm will go off until you open the password with this app.  The alarm will stop when you enter that password.

And there are different types of alms inside this app like if you take the phone down somewhere and if someone works then alum will play. There are options to set different types of alms inside the app. Click here

Net Guard

If you download this application, you will get a different feature.  All the applications that you use through the internet or maybe the website will be blocked if you download the lock inside this application.

So if you have YouTube Facebook WhatsApp Twitter or Play Store all the things that you shoot through the internet will be shut down.  And if you turn off the lockdown mode, you can use everything again. Click here

Wifi Ear

If you want to talk on the phone for free with the help of WiFi, then this application is for you.  If we download this application, one has to turn on WiFi and the other hotspot.  Then you can talk according to that rent for free. Click here


If you want to put your face in any movie scene and make a short video clip, you can download this app. This app is very fun for those who like to do new effects or editing. You can put your face in any movie site clip from here, it can be in any movie scene of Avenger.  Or you can take your face in any kind of movie scene. Click here

Ar Moscow City

The job of this application is to give you a sticker. If you scan that sticker, you will see a building being built in front of you.  While it is you will see your camera.

You can surprise your friends or anyone else by downloading this application.  You only need to scan the Witch vaccine once. If you turn on the sticker and hold the application in front of the camera, you will see a building being built in front of you. Click here


With this app, you will get videos of all kinds of Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities. From here you can change your face by selecting your photo.  You can save that video to your phone. Click here


All sounds and music name finder.

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