Top 50 Dutch Rappers | Dutch Hip Hop Artists List

This rundown incorporates all new dutch hip jump groups and fills in as a precise gathering of the best instances of dutch hip bounce, as well as a decent spot to begin on the off chance that you’re asking yourself (or companions) precisely how to get into dutch hip jump music.

Particularly since the groups at the first spot on the list will in any event be the most ideal decisions on the off chance that you’re searching for a rundown of good dutch hip jump groups with which to begin. No reason for paying attention to them on the off chance that they aren’t great or even mostly respectable dutch hip bounce groups.

Ali B

Ali Bouali, referred to expertly as Ali B, is a Dutch-Moroccan rapper. He is quite possibly of the most notable rapper in the Netherlands and he has performed along with Akon and Dutch craftsman Marco Borsato. In 2007 he made an Arab Remix of Akon’s tune “Ghetto.”


In 2002, he joined rap arrangement Tuindorp Hustler Click (THC), yet chose to go it alone. He is known for the political substance of his verses and analysis of patriot MP Geert Wilders. He likewise firmly relates to the social issues of Moroccan young people.

In November 2007, his most memorable collection called Straatfilosoof (Street Philosopher) showed up. In a meeting he refers to the collection as “self-portraying” and a “client guide for individuals who don’t grasp us

Baas B

In 1997, Zeilstra was an establishing individual from a band close by rapper kin Lange Frans and Brutus Frederiks as he was a lifelong companion of the two. After a free-form meeting on a b-ball court in Diemen-Zuid, they made hiphop aggregate D-Men.

The English way to express “D-Men” is like the Dutch way to express the name of their old neighborhood. As D-Men they delivered their most memorable single named “Zoveel Mensen” and in 2001, they won an ability challenge that was coordinated by Stichting Grap (“Joke Foundation”) in 2001.

In later years, numerous specialists joined D-Men, in particular Brace, Yes-R and Soesi B, Negativ and DJ MBA.






Def Rhymz



Feis Ecktuh


Gers Pardoel



Kraantje Pappie

Lange Frans & Baas B


Lil’ Kleine

Mr Probz

Murth The Man-O-Script



The Opposites

Osdorp Posse

Patrick Tilon

Pete Philly and Perquisite



Ray Slijngaard

Remon Stotijn

Salah Edin

Tony Scott







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