10 Useful Windows Apps and Software to Use in 2023!

Useful windows apps and software  

If you are using a computer or laptop, then read this post in its entirety because this post is about useful Windows apps and software that are very important. We all use computers or laptops but sometimes there are different types of problems and sometimes it seems that the computer lacks some features it can be any kind of judgment you please read this post in full I hope you will like this post very much.

 Want to know the names of useful Windows apps and software? Today I’ll be talking about 10 useful windows apps and software that I think every windows user should be using I think you’ll find these incredibly handy

File converter

File converter as the name suggests is a tool to convert files but there’s a twist so with file converter you can convert any file to a different format with the right-click context menu I can just right-click on a png file and convert it to jpeg or any other image format. now what’s even more awesome is that you can select multiple files at once right-click on them and batch convert.

Them now it takes some time when there are multiple files but yeah it works now as you can see there are a number of conversions presets and you can customize things for example in jpeg you can set the quality scale and even set it to rotate the image.

Now the default settings work for me and I think it’ll work for most people but yeah you can set things up now file converter is an open-source free app and it supports most image audio-video and document formats so yeah check it out.

Sound Switch

The sound switch is a very simple but super handy app that I found incredibly useful now this app lets you switch between multiple playback devices with a simple keyboard shortcut so say I’m listening to the audio on my speakers but I want to move the audio to my headphones.

well, I press the hotkey I’ve set that is alt f9 and the audio starts playing from my headphones I can again move it back to the laptop speakers with the same hotkey now this is very useful and I like that you can also set a hotkey to switch microphones and the sound switch also lets you create profiles where you can set the app to switch to your headphones or your laptop speakers depending on the app you open.

Taskbar X

The new windows 10x and one thing I really liked about windows 10x’s UI is the cleaner taskbar I mean let’s face it the windows taskbar can get really cluttered

When taskbar x moves the taskbar icons to the center just like windows 10x and that’s not on you can also make the taskbar look cooler you can enable a transparent taskbar a taskbar with a blur effect which I like the most and as you see there are a lot more themes here which look really cool.

Also, you can set the opacity colors, etc and you can change the animations on the taskbar when you open apps minimize them, etc so taskbar x is another open-source app so yeah you can get it for free.

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So the native clipboard feature in windows 10 is good but it’s not very feature-rich and while there are a lot of third-party clipboard apps out there I like ditto. this is the ditto clipboard and I know it does not look the coolest or very modern but it has some of the very important features first up it stores text links images and you can just double click on an item to copy it again.

Also, it lets you set the number of copies you want to keep I have set it to 5000 so whenever I need to go back to something I copied a long time back it will be here in detail, and as you can see there’s also a search option so I can even search the clipboard. now there are a lot more options including the option to set your own hotkey for the clipboard so yeah check it out it’s free.


The built-in search tool in windows 10 is good it’s decent but I think everything is the search tool you should be using on windows first up it’s crazy fast. so here’s me searching for a while on the windows 10 search and everything side by side and as you can see how the results are updated in

Real-time and everything just as I type is just way faster I mean everything returns results almost instantly and while I use it for just this fast instant search for files and folders you can customize things to make your search even better.

Plus I’m using the everything toolbar on my laptop which adds everything search to the windows taskbar along with the search box see everything is very popular among Windows users and if you still haven’t used it it’s kind of a shame so try it out.

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Sidebar Diagnostics

So if you’re someone who likes monitoring your pc’s hardware the sidebar diagnostics app is an app that you will like this app brings a sidebar to the right side of the screen with all the important data you need to monitor.

There’s time and date at the top and then there are CPU details like the clock speed voltage temperature there’s also the ram usage the GPU details and details on the drives and the network.

Now as you can see there’s a lot of data here but you can customize what data you want to see and what you don’t want to see for example here I can choose all the details I want to see of the CPU I can also disable other monitors if I want to change the location of the sidebar and yeah there are a lot more options so it’s an all-around handy.


Cannot delete a file the source or destination file may be news the file is in use by another program user make sure that the disk is not full or write-protected and the file is not in use now these are some of the errors that I as a windows user have faced time and again while deleting files or even renaming or moving some files.

And this is what unlocker fixes see it’s a very simple tool that kind of looks outdated but hey it works, so just open it up and browse to the file or folder which you are facing issues with now unlocker will remove any locking handles to delete the file or rename it whatever you want. Now I don’t have any issues right now so it says no locking handle found but I can use this drop-down to delete the file or you know rename it or even move it.

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Encrypto is a great tool to encrypt files I mean this is super useful because you can use this while sending things like bank statements personal ids and more so that not everyone can just open it up. see with encryptor you can either drag and drop one or more files onto this window or use the context menu on files and use the encrypt option.

Then you can just add a password and a hint which is optional and then click on encrypt and in a few seconds the files you chose will be encrypted with aes 256 encryption it’s that simple and as you can see you need the encrypt password to open up the file so yeah it’s very secure.

Display Fusion

So display fusion is an app aimed at

people who have multi-monitor setups now this is a software aimed at power users because it has a lot of features like literally a lot so first up it lets you have a separate taskbar as well as separate wallpapers for your different monitors which is very handy.

and display fusion also lets you move apps to different monitors easily I mean I can just hit this button to move the app from this screen to the other screen now apart from that it lets you split the two monitors into different sections so that you can snap more than two apps in a screen.

and it lets you set apps to directly open on a certain monitor automatically see there are a lot more features and honestly it’s kind of a little complicated but if you want to make the most of your multi-monitor setup you should try this it’s available in a free as well as the paid version but I think free will do so check it out.

Lively Wallpaper

Lastly, there’s a wallpaper app so lively wallpaper is an open source app that uses dynamic web pages 3d apps, and audio visualizers as wallpapers. i mean as you can see there are a number of cool animated wallpapers here and just look at this one this is my favorite and it’s so cool.

Here’s another very cool wallpaper and I like that there are different customization options depending on the wallpaper also you can add wallpapers on your own from a website or a video plus I like that when you have apps or games running in full screen on your pc wallpaper playback stops to make sure it’s not using up any resources.

So I think this is a very cool wallpaper app that you should check out well those are some windows apps and software that I personally really like but I’d love to know if there’s anything else that we kind of missed out on so if there are any other great windows 10 software let us know in the comment section below so that everybody can know.

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