What is Amazon Translate? Supported Languages, Features & Benefit 2023

I will explain to you about amazon translate services in AWS so, first of all, let’s understand at the end of today’s session, and then we’ll discuss the actual containers so first of all, we’ll discuss what is amazon translate?

Then benefit of amazon translate the use cases and the case study or you can see that the customer experiences which all customers are using at the end I will show you a practical demo of how you can use it and implement it in real life.

What Is Amazon Translate?

Amazing translate is a neural machine translation surface that delivers fast high quality and affordable language translation.

So this is the neural machine translation in the form of language transmission automation that uses deep learning models to deliver more accurate and more natural sounding translation than traditional statistical and rule-based translation algorithms.

With amazon translate, we can localize content such as websites and applications for our diverse users easily translate a large volume of text for analysis, and efficiently enable cross cross-lingual communication between users.

Recently ran amazon translate as the top machine translation provider in 2020 across 14 language pairs 16 industry sectors and each contained type which is a big achievement for any cloud provider who is online transmitting the content or the language. So we can also use it in our application as well so let’s understand the benefit of this and then move to the real demo part.

Supported Languages and Language Codes

LanguageLanguage Code
Chinese (Simplified)zh
Chinese (Traditional)zh-TW
French (Canadian)fr-CA


Highly Accurate and Continuously Improving

So amazing translate is a neural machine translation service the translation engines are always improving from new and expanded data sets to produce more accurate translation for a wide range of use cases.

Easy to Integrate Into Our Applications

So amazon translates removes the complexity of building real-time and batch translation capabilities into our application where the simple API calls. makes it easy to localize an application or website or processing multilingual data within our existing workflows.


We can see that so whenever we are talking about any application integration the organizations are always looking for is it customizable as per our need or not but amazon translate services are always very easy translation tools and is very much possible to customize our machine-translated output use customer terminology to define how our brand names model names and other unique terms get translated.

Use active custom translation to generate a custom machine translated output that is tailored for our domain-specific need we don’t need to build a custom translation model we can update our model as often as you need and we only pay for the number of characters we translate.


The power of machine translation amazing translate is about a 1000 x cheaper than having or contained manually translated by a professional translator.


so whether it’s just a few words or a large volume of text amazon translate easily scales to meet our translation with that fast and reliable translation.


So amazon translate can translate various content formats including what documents PowerPoint presentations and actual spreadsheets.

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Use Cases

Language Localization

So it’s very difficult for the human translation team to keep up the dynamic and real-time content with amazon translate we can easily translate a massive volume of user-generated content in real-time websites and applications can automatically make content such as feed stories profile descriptions and comments available in the user’s preferred language with a click of a translate button.

Text analytics

Amazon translate we are not restricted by language barriers understand the social sentiments of our brand product or services while monitoring online conversation in different language simply translate the text to English before using any natural language processing applications like amazon comprehend to analyze textual content in a multitude of languages.


Amazon translator can provide automatic translation to enable cross-lingual communication between users for our application by adding a real-time translation to chat email helpdesk and ticketing application an English-speaking agent or employee can communicate with customers across multiple languages.


So I’ve listed here three customers which are majorly using these services but a part of that there’s millions of customers who are still using this feature provided by AWS or amazon team photos.com lion brace one-hour translation these are still using the services in a variety of products but several other customers are also available and they have shared their good feedbacks with users.

So let’s understand how we can use it in real life in AWS login so when you will click on the uh sign in first you have to sign in if you don’t have your account you can create it and for some specific uh set or for some specific uses amazon is giving free of cost.

So either you can watch my initial sessions on how we can create our AWS login for you of course then you are easy to use that so once you create your account and you have to do the login once you log in you jump to AWS management console from here search services amazon translate firstly or you can find it out from this section as well you can see it here otherwise you can search it directly click on the service it will launch a new console for you from there you have to select your auto to contain or the language.

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So here I am giving English language content even you can select any of the languages from the drop-down list there are many of the languages are available here and the target language in which language you want to convert the data.

So if I want to convert to a dutch or german language I need to copy and paste the content here so let me take it from my slide some of the words or the sentence copy this paste it to here now you can see it’s it was automatically converted into dutch language or german language.

Hindi also is possible, uh you can see that so you can select so amazon translates a new machine translation that delivers fast quality and affordable language translation so in Hindi you can see by this way you can convert your content in any of the languages which you are looking for and its accuracy level is 100%.

100% because you can see that in English to Hindi exactly is converted and that is a power of news translation service so once you’ll con convert that you can also use it for the real-time translation, uh real-time translation is basically working on the scheduling model you can also integrate your services with any of the application by just adding this text.

So this is the JSON format, uh you can add it you can also copy it and paste it to your uh websites as well so click on this or patch translation so if you are looking for the bash the translation you have to create your job once you create on the job you have to provide the detail or job name and select the language and you can select the as3 location.

So you have to upload your content on s3 the simple student service and select the folder from this folder you have to select the file format on the data which is available in the pitch file format once you select this you will get the output data available on the same as the location you have to provide it customization is very much possible you can customize your content and prove that once you create that it will automatically trigger a job.

And that will be converted in a patch translation real-time or you can say that it’s a real-time you have to copy and paste the content and you will get immediately so which is very easy and too fast that so this is an AWS translation service which we are using uh so right now you can see that the matrix as well so whatever data you have looking for the batch translation which will be done on a regular basis so that’s all by AWS translation services hope you liked it if you really enjoyed this content consider Sharing.

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