Who has the Most Wins in UFC History

Records are consistently something intriguing to study, whichever field you may inspect. Whether it’s the most focuses or objectives scored throughout the entire existence of a games association or the very greatest number of pies eaten shortly, records are consistently a tomfoolery piece of random data, which is the reason, today, I will discuss records.

Which UFC Fighter has the Most Wins

Fighter Wins
Donald Cerrone 23
Demian Maia22
Jim Miller 21
Jon Jones20
Michael Bisping 20
Georges St-Pierre 20
Diego Sanchez19
Andrei Arlovski19
Rafael dos Anjos19
Dustin Poirier19

The subject of records isn’t new to this site. I’ve proactively had comparative texts about contenders with the most wins in MMA overall and one about longest series of wins in the UFC.

Since MMA is a somewhat wide term and the battles are coordinated by a few associations, tracking every one of the numbers is quite difficult all the time.

You have positioned battles, non-positioned battles, authorized and non-endorsed ones, title sessions, standard sessions, and so on, yet the overall thought is that the numbers are huge, scattered, and difficult to stay aware of.

For that reason it wasn’t not difficult to snag them and I needed to invest some huge energy to support the information coming from various sources.

Having said that, we can now continue on toward the UFC, where things are somewhat, indeed, unique. In particular, UFC is a smaller term and it just incorporates battles coordinated by the UFC.

These numbers are considerably more modest than the real MMA numbers since non-UFC MMA battles are various. An immediate outcome of this is the way that UFC’s numbers are simpler to follow and are finished, not normal for the general numbers for MMA.

In this manner, the numbers I will present to you are both right and exact, as they are true numbers given by the UFC, the association in control.

Which Contender Has the Most Wins in UFC History?

Which UFC Fighter has the Most Wins

The record holder for most wins in the UFC, is – Donald “Rancher” Cerrone, a 37-year old American MMA warrior who effectively partakes in a few battle sports starting around 2002.

He has one expert boxing battle and a strong vocation in kickboxing, however has, starting around 2006, been dealing with his MMA profession and is as of now the contender with the most wins in the association.

He has a record 23 successes in the UFC and a general record of 36-14-1 from a sum of 51 battles.

His UFC profession began in 2011, following three years with the WEC, and his general record is strong, yet all at once not unreasonably splendid. For instance, his ongoing streak stretches out to three misfortunes in succession beginning around 2019.

Warriors with the Most Wins in UFC History

Not at all like a few different records in the UFC, Cerrone’s 23 successes aren’t just protected. In particular, his immediate devotee has just a single win less and is as yet dynamic, as a portion of the warriors who have 20 successes and a smidgen lower in the general table, as you’ll see toward the finish of the article.

As may be obvious, UFC occasions, albeit not so uncommon, don’t consider huge streaks like MMA by and large, which is the reason Cerrone’s 23 successes are actually a breathtaking accomplishment.

Similar applies for each of the warriors who’ve figured out how to snatch at least 20 successes in their professions.

Number two on the rundown is Brazilian contender Demian Maia, with a sum of 22 successes. His general record, from 38 battles, is 28-10, which is perfect for a 42-year old warrior.

Maia’s MMA vocation begun back in 2005 and he is as of now the best Brazilian UFC contender as far as profession wins.

The third spot is involved by Jim Mill operator, with 21 win to his name.

The third spot is involved by three contenders who gathered 20 wins each. Michael Bisping and Georges St-Pierre are presently resigned and likely won’t expand their success count, however Jon Jones may, as he is as yet dynamic.

Jones is likewise important on the grounds that he’s the record holder with regards to most brings home in title sessions; he has 14, only one a greater number of than the resigned St-Pierre, who is likewise the main contender in the highest point of both these rundowns.

The seventh spot is divided between four warriors with 19 successes to their names. Those are Dustin Poirier, Andrei Arlovski, Rafael dos Anjos, and Diego Sanchez.

Before I give you a last outline, I’ll examine a few noteworthy notices.

Right off the bat, I’ll specify the ongoing record holders for most wins in a single schedule year and they are Americans Roger Huerta and Neil Magny, both of whom have five successes in a single schedule year.

Huerta is currently resigned, gathering his successes during 2007, while Magny is as yet dynamic, with his record tracing all the way back to 2014.

Different notices are connected with the most noteworthy winning rate in the UFC. Most warriors don’t accomplish an especially high rate in their vocations (>90%), yet there are some that figure out how to have (after retirement) or hold (while still dynamic) such big numbers.

Be that as it may, there are as of now just two MMA contenders who have an ideal (100 percent) winning series, with the principal standards being at least 10 battles battled.

The best are Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov, whose streak currently stretches out to 13 successes out of 13 battles and the Nigerian Kamaru Usman with likewise 13 successes out of 13 battles.

Since I have broke down the contenders and the numbers in printed structure, I will provide you with a little outline of what I have discussed in table structure so you can have a superior perspective on everything.

Furthermore, that is all there is to it for the present investigation. In the event that you have more inquiries regarding the UFC, look at our amateur’s manual for the UFC where you will likely track down the response!

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