Why are PC and Mobile Games Not Dubbed in Hindi?

This post is going to be very fun and very important because many people have questions in their minds about the different types of games we currently play. There are also lots of games in the Play Store or a variety of computer games.

Why are Games Not Dubbed in Hindi

But today’s question is why are PC and Mobile games not dubbed in Hindi? You will find the answer to this question is a very simple language, a request to you to keep reading this post in full.

We all know how hard it takes to create a game. Also, different types of developers are required and the thing that the game will not play or the game will not be created without is coding.

For those of you who know to code, understanding is possible. But the real question is Why are PC and Mobile Games Not Dubbed in Hindi or any other language. That is why every game is played in English.

Now, this question may come to the mind of many people that may be a lot of money is needed to make a game that is why maybe every game is made in English. If this is the question you are thinking, then you are wrong.

Nowadays making games in the English language is very easy and takes less amount of money. Because the game will be made in English first then you can add any language. In that case, you have to create the game in any language with dubbing artists’ voice shots.

But the answer to this question is not the correct point of these points. The points above can be said to be ten percent correct and 90% is the correct answer.

One of your advantages, when you create the game in English, is that people from all over the world can play the game.

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That is, you are meant as an example.

The Pubg game was first launched in Chinese for China. And was launched in English for other countries. In other words, two languages ​​were launched, one is Chinese and the other is English.

The Chinese language only applies in China. But the English language is being played all over the world and even in China, the English language pubg game is being played.

Now this answer seems easy to many of you. If a game is launched in Hindi, you will not get much use. Also if you launch the game in any other language then the people playing the game will be fewer.

But when you launch the game in English, the number of users is likely to be more than one.

You also need to know that there are games in as many languages ​​as there are languages ​​in the world. But those games are not popular. Because when someone plays the game in that language, those who don’t understand that language will never install that game.

All of the above points are important points for your convenience.

Conclusion: I hope I have been able to add a little value to your important time.Because you have got the answer to this question Why are PC and Mobile Games Not Dubbed in Hindi. If you like this kind of interesting and important post then you must stay connected with this website. Also, if you have any such questions, please let us know in the comment box.

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